a light hearted short story from a local, What is it all about ?

Wise Owl

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Mar 29, 2015
My Bro in law today asked if id Tek our Gert round to see him, we've had our Problems with him but hey life aint meant to be Easy, today i took her round, first time she has seen him in maybe 2 years, on the way out he Hugged me and said Thank you, made my Xmas (y)

Pompous git

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Feb 2, 2017
The ability to let your mind go blank.

I have never thumped a woman but treated a few rather badly, as I have got older I realise guilt is a poison. Are these females
worrying about me? Of course not but I should have realised earlier.

Tomorrow morning my kids grandkids along with the maddest dog in the world will descend upon my humble abode and there
will be total mayhem, can`t wait.