A kitten's tale


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May 9, 2008
My daughter lives in a small village in Spain, where there are usually a few feral cats hanging around. On Monday morning she jumped in her car and drove away. as she applied full lock to turn around, she heard /felt something and when she got out to look she discovered two dead, partly mangled kittens under the front of the car. It seems that the night before the kittens had climbed up into the engine bay and as she drove away, had become entangled in something and crushed. As you might imagine, she was pretty distraught. Later, she opened the bonnet to check for more and saw the face of a tiny kitten, staring up at her from deep in the bay. When she tried to reach it, it moved and disappeared. She left the bonnet up and put food and water out, but despite checking frequently, she never saw it again, so she had no idea if it was still in there or if it was alive or dead. Today, the car was booked in to fit a new AC Compressor and when the mechanic removed the plastic cover from beneath the engine, a tiny kitten jumped out, seemingly no worse for wear. It had been weaned and the mechanic's mother is taking care of it and they have decided to keep it and call it lucky.
Fair made my morning when my daughter phoned with the news :giggle: