A Fiver Found In Norfolk


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Jan 19, 2013
Went for a walk around a Norfolk venue yesterday, twelve anglers (all related) fishing a snake lake.
As I walked round I found a fiver on the floor.
Anyone lost a fiver shouted I?
All twelve claimed it was theirs!
Ok this is how we can sort this I say, a raffle, pound a go, whoevers money I pull out of my pocket gets the fiver.
All twelve handed over a pound and into my pocket they went.
In goes my hand and out comes the fiver.
And the winner is me I declare!
Hows that then asks the smartest of the twelve?
I put the fiver in and had five goes is my reply!
He thinks about it, scratches his head and says- but it wasnt your fiver?
Ah your right but I would of given it to the winner if I lost!
He scratches his head and thinks about it, agrees, turns around and carries on fishing as do the rest.

I love Norfolk ???

Writen in Suffolk ?

Lee Richards

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Feb 19, 2019
When I saw "A Fiver Found In Norfolk" I thought it was a disbelief rarity thread and someone had the right number of digits on one hand. ??