A fishing mystery solved


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Oct 9, 2020
Like most things angling related very little is actually groundbreaking,most in one form or another has been done before and videos are just whoever is "flavour at the time"

Sometimes think we get too wrapped up in what others are doing and stop thinking and trying for ourselves.
You are probably right in that the majority of tactics have been used before and the Pro-Anglers just make small refinements to suit their needs.

Regarding your last point, I would say it also depends on how much experience and knowledge you have to fall back on, probably related to how often you fish too. Once an Angler builds up enough experience, has learnt various techniques, etc. you’d hope they’d put that into good practice and adapt to the situation they find themselves in on the day. But it never hurts to review what others are doing though with a view to brushing up your own technique/skills.