a catch up on my last 3 evening matches


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Apr 21, 2018
my evening matches have been a bit of feast or famine for me so far with now 3 wins in six matches fished with a third ,a fifth and a sixth place ,
im currently second in the overall having missed a match .
my fifth place was fished at Bough beech res ,having not fished it for such a long time it was a bit different to how things used to be, its now six metre whip or long pole for roach not the long chuck with the feeder for the bream as it was in my day.
so not having taken anything other than my distance feeder rod i was as you can guess a little off the mark for catching too much .it turned out that my paltry contribution of two small skimmers for 1lb 9oz was as good as nowhere,with my main rival winning the match .
my sixth place finnish was on a small club lake that I won the last time we fished it ,so turning up was suitably confident of putting a few in the net again .
what I didnt expect was the only peg I didnt want,a bit trapped in by a couple of weed beds left me with very little options to fish ,I started off ok with two four ounce roach in two puts but then it just switched off and the only fish I could snare were thirty to the pound as mick the chippy would call eyes and arses.
once again my main rival took the honours with a very low weight but enough to win 3lb9oz my 1lb 9oz not being good enough.
my last match win was this wednesday gone ,again a small club lake was the venue and the one I made third on last time we fished it. I was beaten by two carp that day when I fished for bits up in the water.
the draw saw me next to Colin my rival and at the off we both potted in two pots of g/bait and went out with what looked very similar rigs light weight float with a spread bulk and two tiny droppers in about seven foot.
well I couldnt buy a bite and Colin was into small skimmers [2oz fish mainly]from the get go, twenty minutes of watching him put fish in the net was enough for me and a change of tactic was required as I was never going to catch him doing the same thing.
I had a small patch of lillies to my left and although they dont normally produce it was my only real choice left open to me.
I was definately not going to put g/bait in so fed white maggot and fished two of the same on the hook .
a slow start saw a couple of eight ounce hybrids [rudd/bream]show them selves but me being a total arse tried to swing the first one but it dropped off and the second had the hook pull at the net. it was now 45 mins into the match and Colin was still catching far too regularly .
I kept the maggot going in and a few skimmers around four oz showed up and got me off the mark ,then a very nice surprise of a crucian of 12 oz came my way ,things were looking up ,Colin was still getting too many though allbeit smaller than my fish.
a couple more hybrids then a proper elastic stretcher which turned out to be a brown goldfish of a couple of pound.
with Colin starting to slow as we reached the third hour I was hoping to keep my swim going ,the hybrids kept coming for me with the odd better skimmer one over a pound which is rare for the lake.all too soon the hooter went and after packing up and taking my tackle back to the car I wandered back to the lake to be told my fish had been weighed already as they started from the other end last time. I took the honours over Colin who unfortunately came second by one ounce by a clear three pounds .
this wednesday coming its back to Bough Beech but this time im ready as I have already tied up three rigs for the whip in readiness.