A break in the weather


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Jul 25, 2021
We have only had one day of rain this week but the main culprit stopping play has been the wind. Even though its been warm the wind has still been around the 25mph Mark, making it unrealistic to get out on the boat.

Today we have a mean wind speed of 19-25mph with gusts of around 35mph. Last time we cam home through those conditions most of the journey was spent unable to see dry land with waves crashing over the top of the boat. Not ideal! 😄

Thankfully Poseidon seems to have taken mercy on us and offered a few windows in which we can venture out. Tomorrow has forecasts of a much more reasonable 5mph mean and 8mph gusts of WNW winds. Perfect. Monday, Tuesday looks a little more questionable but Wednesday, Thursday looks good. Hopefully I can top up my pike snacks some more ready for winter.

I nipped out earlier to get some rigs in preparation. I wanted something a little larger than the Mackerel feathers as we hit some good pollock last time out. I want to see if we can hone in on the one or two larger fish in the kelp bed so I bought some muppet rigs.

It wasn't a bad view on the commute to the tackle shop either. A stark difference to the commute through the grey, concrete jungle I'm used to making.

No wonder I'm getting itchy feet. This place is just calling out to me.


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Oct 25, 2014
Good luck, looking forward to plenty of fishy pics Nat! I need reminding what they look like! 😊