A bit of whip fishing.


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Dec 26, 2006
I'm currently on holibobs in Devon,bulworthy forest lodges, great log cabin with a hot tub as well , great for her .
For me they have a few small ponds that are fishable ,so this morning it was a whip set at two ft and a banded 4mm fished over 4mm .
I had bet down the previous evening and threw a few pellet and straight away could see flashes of roach chasing them.
So it was with this in mind that the whip was set up.
It didn't take long to get them going ,less than a minute and the float buried and a perfect roach of around six ounces was swung to hand . This continued for a good two hours with the majority of the roach in the three to the pound size ,half a dozen or so we're half pound fish and all were in pristine condition.
I ran out of pellets so moved to another pond and used corn on the hook ,I didn't need to feed as it was a fish a chuck with most being six ounce and up ,but nothing over twelve ounces .
Was thinking of packing up and thought two more fish and sure enough the float disappeared and the strike felt something much heavier on the end ,a fun fight ended in my favour with a perch of about a pound and a half in the folds of the net . A surprise to say the least as it's not often a perch comes to a grain of corn . Well one more fish and that also was a perch but only a nuisance size of an ounce or two .
Three hours of fun with only a small tub of pellet and a tin of corn , about seventy fish and a big grin on my mush .