A Beginners Guide To Paste Fishing

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Dec 1, 2009
Originally posted by fourmations

hi all

quick question

you have been saying to fish what you feed...

on the venue in going to tmw
betaine green swimstim is doing the biz well apparently

i picked up a bag of the groundbait today
(i could not get the pellets)

i have sonubaits findlay 2mm feed pellets
and have made a paste with them and some sieved
sonubait method mix, which has added crushed hemp and
whatever other goodies to my paste,

so, here my options as far as i can see...

1: scrap the swimstim and fish paste over pellet (same brand)
2: try a swimstim paste over the other pellets anyway
3: make a swimstim paste and feed smaller bits or let the paste do the feeding
4: add swimstim to the paste i have already made
5: stop worrying so much!


hi mate, i would have a bit of swimmstimm paste and a bit of sonubaits paste and see which one gives you the better results, when i fish paste i use special g green groundbait over 4mm the source feed pellets.[:T]

ross lad

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Jul 10, 2010
hi all new to this site,and slowly going through the forums to see what i can pick up.i have used paste for a good few years it used to be cheese paste was the rage,but years go by and new paste flavours come along.i make my own so you can do what flavours you want and how much you want.and it works good on the pole,obviously harder to cast distance with rod and reel but its still not impossible,works well if you roll them into balls and nuke them for a matter of seconds then use them on a hair rig,they float,have a go on the feeder.i have made strawberry paste,paprika paste,and pellet paste.and of course cheese paste,they all work.different ways of making them as well,with flavoured ground bait,or just brown/white crumb,it seems today paste is over looked by people.


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Oct 23, 2010
Yeah its a good Method, its a method that can be fished on when nothing else is catching,

Do alot in my Blog.




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Jun 23, 2012
started to make my own in the last few weeks,really great bags if you get it right,tried using loads of diff mixes and brands,now got one that breaks up really quick and the carp seem to love it,,its really tricky too get it right but keeping at it has done the trick..


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Jan 21, 2007
tommy how quick is really quickly as you should be looking for a breakdown but not a fast one as you will keep on having to rebait every couple of minutes.


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Jun 23, 2012
mabey im greedy but expect bites almost instant on the paste so i want it not to last more than a few mins,,,ive made a few mixes some will last for a while,but on the pole i want it to start to break up as soon as it settles to attract bites,,,it works for me but would not suit the waggler etc.....
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Tommy Boy

Feb 11, 2010
What about Water Temperture... Would you use Paste when the Water is Cold or does it have to be above a certain temp ??



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Jul 29, 2009
It amazes me how people think paste fishing is hard or difficult to prepare, once the summer temps come into play its all i fish in matches 99% of the time.

Any groundbait will work as long as you riddle out any particles that will stop it from binding.
If im using groundbait for paste wich i do most the time all i do is pour some groundbait into a bowl add water until sloppy leave an hour till its all absorbed, usually this will give you an immediate stiff paste, i like to mix 2 types so the first one will get rolled into a ball,freezer bagged and refrigerated, then i will repeat the process but after the hour absorbtion add more water to create a sloppy paste.

If using pellets i dont bother grinding i just cover the pellets in a bait bowl of water about 2inch above the pellet let them absorb and start to kneed the paste adding more water for a sloppier cosistancy.

I always prepare my pastes the night before as to create usually two balls of paste with 2 consistancys firm and slop.If you mess up you can adjust in the safety of home if this is done on the bank it can cost you especially in match conditions.

You dnt have to feed what your using i often feed 4-6mm hard feed coarse pellets and fish a green paste over the top.

sometimes i do just feed nuggets of my paste as feed.

The only way to get a grasp of paste fishing is just get out on the bank and try it and adjust to your liking this is why i say mix 2 consistancys because the sloppy mix can be hard to get used to. so start on the stiffer mix to get a feel for it.

Invest or make yourself a paste toss pot prestons are great.

The craziest thing is watching the float, again this will only come down to practice makes perfect as in paste fishing that float will move more than a granny on a washing machine, you have to sit on your hands in essence, you'll be dying to strike DONT. Fast bites and quick burys tend to be the smaller fish, ive noticed with the carp it tends to be a slower slide away or even a massive lift bite, all i do is gently lift the rig if the carps on the elastic will fly out of the pole.

As for rigs i dont use any shot on my line and the paste it self is the weight, i plumb up dead depth so that half the bristle is showing, so when the paste goes in the float again will settle with half the bristle showing, you will know if your paste has come off because the float will pop up nearly on its side.

Im no expert on this but fish this style alot and just explaining the way i fish my paste.

Almost forgot i also mix with warm water it gives the paste a silky texture,helps breakdown and releases all the oils and minerals contained in pellets and groundbaits.

My favourite groundbait for paste is prestons green super crush.

Pellets i just use screttins what almost every tackle dealer bags up themselves for a few quid.
May 14, 2014
I was watching a DVD of Neil machin where he was fishing small nuggets of stiff paste on size 16 hook what are the advantages of a stiffer paste apart from staying on the hook? Had a couple of goes at paste but just can't seem to get any confidence with it! Why is a really soft paste so good ?


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Jan 7, 2015
When the fish are having it ,fish it on a hair rig with the harder bit on the hair and your softer bits on hook slowly breaking up around the hook and its party time. The harder paste will last longer as it gets peckered and the soft paste goes. Its a balancing act realy. They should hook them selves ,just lift and net .[;)][:)][:D]

Come back summer .[:C][8D]


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May 22, 2014
Arise old thread!!!

Anyone got any recommendations for the best (opinions obviously) paste on the market at the moment - looking for something that has particularly good 'staying-on-the-hook' power...


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Mar 29, 2004
Gosh, I wrote this 11 years ago.
Ground pellet works really well. I'm going to have to go paste bashing again in the summer