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May 2, 2002
Four of us set off for our annual pilgrimage to hampton loade fishing the day ticket stetch managed by Kinver Freeliners.arrived at the caravan dropped of our kit something to eat then down to the river.
Decided to fish peg 1 which is some distancefrom the start of the stretch,the river was low & clear reports were the river was fishing slow,patience we were told was the way.
started to fish 15.30hrs.using garlic flavoured luncheon meat on a size 4 hook.zero till 18 00.when BANG the rod suddenly bends round you get no warning just a fast & violent take.
the barbel just set off taking line off the reel landed this fish which tipped the scales to 41/2lb.
that was it, retire for the night & return next morn at 08.00.fish all day till 19.00 for 2 more barbel 8.1/2lb & 4.1/2lb.halibut pellet & garlic meat again.happy with this as my 4 companions blanked.
back to caravan a few scoops trivial persuit a few more & more! hey guess what late up next day surprise!
day 3
same peg feed 1 pint hemp fish halibut pellet on hook = 4 barbel weighing 6 1/2, 6,6,&4lbs chuffed.
last day fiished morning till twelve just 1 weighing 6lb back to caravan dinner then home.
well thats it 8 fish this stretch of river & surrounding area is beautiful drop me an e-mail if you want more info,the stretch has 60 pegs but only 30 are really fishable.

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