3 days at Rolfs Lake with Maggotdrowning.com.

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Sep 18, 2001
What follows is my account of three days spent at Rolfs Lake last weekend in the company of a large group of reprobates fellow Maggotdrowners. [:D]


Day 1

Well today sees the start of what has become an annual 3 day trip to Rolfs, starting today with Dave the Fish's Invitation match that precedes the Maggotdrowning.com Rolfs Pairs Tournament over the Saturday and Sunday icon_smile.gif . This has become a match not to be missed as it's fished by a few less people and it normally sees the best fishing of the 3 days, and being a member of Dave's club (Marsh AC) ensures that I'm fortunate enough to receive an invitation every year icon_smile_wink.gif .
Being a weekday Maria was already up and had fed the cats and I'd promised to take her to work, so with that done I loaded the car up. It's surprising how much extra stuff there was, bivvie, bed chair sleeping bag etc, but it all slotted in without problem before I set off . It was a bit overcast, but warm enough and the forecast for the next 3 days was good with plenty of sun for the weekend. As usual I stopped off in Battersea for Breakfast Eating.gif , Al was hoping to join me, but got delayed and missed out on the delights of a "Full English" before I was back in the car and on my way to Rolfs.

A steady run down saw me pulling into the car park around 1015am to find a good few already in situ. Malc had taken Dai and Ann along with Beau up with their caravan on Wednesday and then come back up from Wales early today so we were due to face the might of the whole 'Doyle Clan' over the course of the weekend icon_smile_shock.gif . Others had also arrived early to ensure a good pitch in Maggotville, so it was out with the bivvie to secure a spot. My little 1 man bivvie has seen a fair bit of use over the years, and today one of the poles decided it had enough and snapped fit.gif . However with some gaffer tape from Scott and a hacksaw from Dai it was soon repaired and in place icon_smile_thumb.gif .

A stroll round soon came to an abrupt halt however as I came face to face with John's new guard dog icon_smile_shock.gif !!!!!!!, Black and Tan, was it a Doberman, Rottweiler???


No, Ollie is a Dachshund, and at around 8 weeks old the cutest bundle of fun you could imagine on 4 legs, and already proving a huge hit with everyone icon_smile_big.gif .

Well with 19 of us assembled. and only a single Rolfs Virgin in fellow club member Simon Watkins present, Midday signalled draw time. The general opinion seemed to be that the Big Lake was the place to draw today as the wind had been blowing up into it for the past 3 days, so you can imagine my delight to find Peg 38 in my hand icon_smile_sad.gif , I couldn't be further away if I'd tried.


As I made my way down to my peg I saw that Mitch had drawn Peg 34, while Dai was on Peg 40 with Kevin on Peg 2, so I was OK for a mid match coffee icon_smile_thumb.gif .
Opposite me on Peg 4 was Jon, with Scott for company on Peg 5. Alex had drawn Peg 7 while Simon was on Peg 8, a great draw for a 1st timer icon_smile_wink.gif .


Setting up was a matter of 3 rigs, A 02g NG XT Power Pencil on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 16 Guru MWG would be for straight out at 7mtrs where I had an even 3 feet of water in all directions, a NG 03 XT Sampson margin on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used to fish by the bush/grass to my left, and a 0.2 NG Edger on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used on top of the ledge tight to the grass next to Peg 37, while the waggler rod was on standby to have a search around if it got really tough. Bait was 6,8 and 11mm fishery pellets and a selection of various soft hookers, along with sweetcorn and some paste should the lumps turn up in the margin.

Clive popped round as we waited for the All-In with news that he'd ended up on Peg 13 icon_smile_evil.gif , I didn't laugh much though as I'd have happily swapped with him today.


2pm saw John ring the fishery bell for the All-In and 2 pots of pellet were deposited onto the 7mtr line along with a good handful into each margin. A banded 8mm pellet was shipped out to 7mtrs but unfortunately didn't provoke the desired response, in fact the Little Lake was proving hard for nearly everyone, with only Mitch appearing to take an early fish icon_smile.gif .......


A switch to 6mm pellet finally brought some action for me, but it was only in the shape of a couple of hand sized skimmers, that were welcome none the less to get me off the mark, and looking across it was obvious that Jon was resigned to a hard session as he was already out with a maggot rig in a bid to hunt down some silvers icon_smile_help.gif ......


After a couple of hours I looked across to see that Dai was at last into something substantially larger with plenty of elastic streaming from his pole, but after a good scrap he had it safely in the net, an absolutely superb Common that rolled the scales round to 21lbs, a new PB that I was happy to photograph for Dai icon_smile_thumb.gif ......


I'd hoped that it would be the signal for some fish to get their heads down, but it was not to be icon_smile_angry.gif , so I re fed all my lines and gathered up the camera for a stroll round to see how others were doing. Scott over on Peg 5 was suffering as well, but he was feeding plenty into the margin next to empty Peg 6 and praying that the fish would turn up over the feed before the match finished ......


Alex had been more than happy to find Peg 7 was his, but had been brought back down to earth a bit as despite producing a couple of early fish they weren't coming at the rate he'd been hoping for .....


Simon had a double to show for his first ever visit to Rolfs icon_smile.gif , but had been left a little shocked by the power of the fish, having also been seen off by a couple ......


Terry was over on Peg 32 and was getting a bit of action, unfortunately he'd had the misfortune to have a top kit reduced to more than it's standard two parts by an angry foul hooker that smashed it and vanished with the rig and elastic icon_smile_sad.gif ......


Clive was indeed on Peg 13 icon_smile_evil.gif and at this point in time was suffering with foul hooked fish, but he was confident that sooner or later he'd sort it out and start putting a few in the net ......


Malc was tucked away in Peg 14 and seemed happy enough with his lot icon_smile.gif , while a chat with Dave Moore revealed a swim that resembled a jacuzzi, but although there were obviously plenty of fish there, they were reluctant to take a bait icon_smile_angry.gif . Looking across we could see Al on Peg 24 playing a fish on the pellet waggler, but as I raised the camera having warned him to be careful, it shed the hook, of course we were full of sympathy razz.gif as " Nobody likes to see that " but Al seemed less than pleased icon_smile_sad.gif ......


Dave was on Peg 18, obviously the draw bag had been kind to the organiser icon_smile_wink.gif , and as we chatted Dave dropped a ball of paste into the left of the peg and the float buried straight away, the fish steamed off and looked like it was foul hooked, and it had the last laugh when it did Dave under the right hand bush ......


Peg 22 found Paul happily playing a fish, he was having what appeared to be a decent day, ticking along nicely and regularly putting fish in the net icon_smile.gif ......


Mr Maggotdrowning himself Dave aka 'Webbo' was on Peg 26 but today didn't seem to be quite right for his Feederless Feeder and he'd reverted to the pole in order to keep a few coming his way ......


Nick was on Peg 29, and it was a case of steady away for him putting one or two fish together, but he'd also sacrificed a top kit to the cause today icon_smile_sad.gif ......


Back at my peg things didn't really improve for the rest of the match, in fact the only one to really do anything was Dai who managed another 4 fish during the course of the afternoon icon_smile_thumb.gif . I even spent a while on the waggler, but that was no more successful than my pole lines, However with an hour to go a look on my 7mtr line produced a foul hooker that headed of toward the Big Lake at a rate of knots leaving me with just a scale for a souvenir icon_smile_angry.gif . Kev finally managed to snare a carp over on peg 2 and with 45 minutes to go I finally managed to hook and land a carp that weighed 13lbs, however it was to little to late and just another couple of small skimmers came my way before John rang the fishery bell for the All-Out at 7pm.

Packing away didn't take long as I took my kit back to the bivvie that was only about 40 yards away, and so onto the Weigh-In. Mitch kicked off with a hard earned 49lbs while my silvers added to the solitary carp came to 16lbs. Dai's 5 fish weighed a fine 70lbs icon_smile.gif . Kev had 5lbs to show for his efforts while Jon had all silvers for just over 13lbs. Scott had a couple turn up late for a level 26lbs. Alex recorded 61lbs with Simon managing 25lbs for his first effort .
Tricky(Richard) managed 54lbs from peg 9 on his Birthday birthdays.gif , while Steve had struggled with just a single carp for 7lbs on peg 10 icon_smile_sad.gif . Clive had indeed managed to sort it out recording 83lbs but it was Malc on peg 14 who would take the win on the day when he put 103lbs on the scales 1st.gif . For Dave Moore it was a case of what might have been with his fish weighing 36lbs, but he'd fished on for a bit after the whistle and caught 6 fish in 6 put ins fit.gif . Dave had 95lbs from peg 18 to take third in his own match 3rd.gif . Paul was the only other angler to record a 'Ton' with 100lbs to take 2nd 2nd.gif . Al with 65lbs and Nick with 67lbs were edged out by Webbo's 74lbs while Terry was last to weigh with 81lbs icon_smile.gif .


So once Dave had sorted out the results and payed out the monies from the day people dispersed to chat over the days events and sort out their food etc.
Al, Webbo, Paul and I elected to visit The Harvester for Dinner along with Richard and Scott and washed it all down with a couple of pints beer-toast1.gif before returning to the lake where the banter flowed along with a few more beers into the night as Simps, Gem and Budgie joined us ahead of the weekend icon_smile.gif .

By around 1130pm I turned in to get some sleep ahead of the Main Event. How would it go? We would soon find out. sleep.gif sleep.gif sleep.gif


I awoke around 7am to a lovely sunny morning icon_smile_cool.gif , and a cup of coffee courtesy of Dave soon had the desired effect. A dozen of us had decided that The Harvester was the best option for breakfast and we were there for 8am when it opened its doors.
Breakfast was soon ordered. However it has to be said that the service wasn't quite what we expected, the chef obviously wasn't ready for a dozen hungry anglers to descend first thing in the morning icon_smile_help.gif , and some of the orders went a little wrong, however eventually everyone was fed, though maybe not with what they ordered, but after a bit of negotiation by Dave Moore the bill for 12 breakfasts came to just 40 icon_smile_thumb.gif .

Back to the lake, and the other anglers that were fishing were arriving, making a total of 28 members of the Maggotdrowning forum (20 of them being members of this years Jinx Squad) assembled from all over the country to fish the Maggotdrowning.com Rolfs Pairs Tournament 2011. It's a 2 legged affair fished over Saturday & Sunday and this is the 6th year running that the competition has taken place icon_smile.gif .


There was plenty of banter flowing, with speculation about who would be drawn with who, and where the favoured draws would be. At 1130am the fishery bell rang signalling the draw for the Pairs which was done by Paul and I and produced the following Pairs............

Terry(Wily Coyote)Goff & Kev(The Catch)Loveland
Clive(black hydro)Pritchard & Tony(spamwham)Roberts
Dave(The Fish)Collier & Paul(NMLW's)East
Peter(mugger)Morton & Richard(tricky)East
Barry(Bazza C)Cullen & Alex(bagger j)Clark
Malc(The Jinx)Doyle & Al(al)Loader
Ant(antwood)Haywood & Gem(The Minx)Doyle
Keith(keith74)Powell & Mitch(mitchfish)Auger
Marcus(budgie)Burgess & Jon(hatchye)Hatch
Steve(steak)Akal & Dave(webbo)Webster
Dai(daifish)Thomas & Steve(smiler)Wilson
Pete(crayfishtraps)Tapp & Scott(methodgob)Weston
Simon(simple)Mound & Terry(auto)Pearce
Nick(Neo-1)Williams & Dave Moore

With that out of the way it was time for the draw for todays pegs, and with the wind still blowing up into the Big Lake, that by general consent was where everyone wanted to be, so you can imagine my delight to find Peg 2 in my hand when I pulled it from the draw bag icon_smile_sad.gif . Kev had fished it yesterday and struggled, but to be fair most of us had yesterday with only Dai sorting it out on the Little Lake icon_smile_wink.gif .


Back to my bivvie where I collected my gear for the short walk round to peg 2. It was going to be a warm one with the sun blazing down, but I could at least see a few more fish showing than yesterday so hopefully sport might improve today. Webbo was grinning like the Cheshire Cat icon_smile_big.gif having drawn Peg 34 which is tailor made for his favourite 'Feederless Feeder' approach, Alex was next up on Peg 35 while Simps had drawn Peg 37 and Terry Peg 38. Paul had drawn Peg 40, Dai's peg yesterday. Further round from me Ant was on Peg 4 and Gem (The Minx) was on Peg 5.


Settling into the peg the 3 rigs I'd used yesterday covered my needs today although I re-tied the 02g NG XT Power Pencil on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 16 Guru MWG for straight out at 5mtrs as I had around 4 feet of water, a NG 03 XT Sampson margin on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used to fish by the bush/grass to my right, and a 0.2 NG Edger on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used on top of the ledge tight to the bush on my left. With hindsight a mistake was to leave the feeder rod in its ready sleeve as I could have thrown a feeder to the trees on the left of the empty Peg 3 but I didn't error.gif . Bait was 6,8 and 11mm fishery pellets and a selection of various soft hookers, along with sweetcorn and some paste.

A quick chat with Paul about our prospects and at 2pm John rang the fishery bell to signal the All-In. A pot of pellet onto the 5mtr line and a handful into the 2 margin swims was the opening gambit, followed by a 6mm pellet shipped out to the 5mtr line. A couple of dinks and the float slid away, not with the hoped for Carp, but a small scale perfect Roach, but at least I was off the mark icon_smile.gif . Looking across to 34 Webbo was already into what was obviously a Carp.
Paul soon reported that he'd been seen off by a Carp fit.gif , so at least there were a few about and after half an hour it was my turn to latch into one and a few nervous moments followed before I slid it over the net, it looked like a weigher and Liam appeared and followed me over to the scales. 10lbs was the weight on the dial which Liam wrote on the sheet while I returned the fish icon_smile.gif .

By now Ant had started to target his right hand margin, tucking his float in tight under the overhanging bushes and was starting to pick up one or two fish......


This ensured that there was plenty of banter back and forth across the lake between him and Simon nana.gif . The two of them have had a bit of friendly rivalry going for a fair while and Simon currently holds the advantage, so it was a given that he'd try everything to stop that being whittled away.
With that in mind Simon was fishing long and shallow (one of his favourite methods at Rolfs icon_smile_wink.gif ) and was starting to put a few together himself ......


I managed to add another couple of carp myself before Jean arrived with a welcome cup of coffee icon_smile_thumb.gif .

Geoff Palmer appeared for a flying visit, having driven up from Wales along with Mags who's still recovering from a broken femur, the lure of Rolfs proving just to much to miss out on completely, having had to pull out of this event to help Mags with her convalescence.

Paul was still struggling with just a couple of skimmers to show for his efforts icon_smile_sad.gif , but it looked as if Terry was off and running as he carefully guided a Carp toward his waiting landing net icon_smile.gif ......


The next fish caught me a little off guard as after lifting into a bite a decent Bream leaped clear of the water 3 times like a Dolphin before shedding the hook icon_smile_shock.gif . The next one wasn't so lucky though and after a couple of prodigious leaps it was soon safely in the net icon_smile_wink.gif .

Time marched on and I realised I hadn't heard the customary scream from Gem yet, However I heard Malc arrive to see how she was doing and he was more than a bit disparaging about the rig she was using icon_smile_angry.gif and he let the whole lake know his opinion of it icon_smile_tongue.gif .

Looking over to Webbo, he was still putting a few together, but it appeared that he'd slowed down a bit, but he was still comfortably ahead of the rest of us in the Little Lake ......


Indeed Alex next door to him on Peg 35 appeared to have gone over to the feeder in an attempt to tempt a few for himself......


With around an hour to go I'd looked up and noticed an awful lot of orange elastic coming out from Gem's peg icon_smile_shock.gif , sure enough she got the fish in and a shout of YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! echoed round the bank side, leaving a few souls worried about a MINXING icon_smile_evil.gif . The thing is Peg 5 has a habit of throwing up big fish late on if they move into the margins, and when she slid the net under another big weigher a few bums were definitely twitching icon_smile_blush.gif .

Paul had finally manged a Carp down on Peg 40, but I'd lost a couple of foul hookers, one of which had me fearing for my pole as it bottomed out the elastic and just kept going before the rig came flying back with a huge scale on it icon_smile_crybaby.gif , but I did manage another small Carp and a couple more acrobatic Bream before John rang the fishery bell at 7pm for the All-Out icon_smile.gif .

The gear was soon packed away and taken back to my bivvie before the Weigh-In got under way.

As usual it started from Peg 34 and Webbo kicked things off with a fine 138lbs and 2nd overall on the day 2nd.gif while Alex had 37lbs. Simon had a creditable 73lbs icon_smile_thumb.gif while Terry suffered with just 20lbs. Paul had just 26lbs and my fish came to 57lbs icon_smile.gif , while Ant's 89lbs gave him the verdict over Simon today razz.gif .


Gem's two weigher's came to 29lbs. Dai managed 78lbs icon_smile.gif and Terry 33lbs from Peg 8. Dave the Fish weighed a fine 82lbs from Peg 9 icon_smile_thumb.gif while Malc had just 3 weigher's for 48lbs, and Tony on Peg 11 recorded 56lbs. Peg 13 came up trumps for Steve(steak) with 114lbs for 3rd on the day 3rd.gif and put him and Webbo into a strong position in the Pairs icon_smile.gif . Clive followed that up with a fine 111lbs icon_smile.gif , but Steve W took the honours on the day with 161lbs from Peg 15 1st.gif leaving him and Dai well in contention. Kev managed just 29lbs from 17 and Nick had 64lbs from 18. Round on 19 Al was a picture of abject misery icon_smile_sad.gif with just 28lbs and a MINXING as well, but Scott just avoided one with 32lbs icon_smile.gif . Mitch's 63lbs just edged Jon's 62lbs. Pete,Marcus and Richard all had weights in the 40's, Bazza had 37lbs and Keith 73lbs icon_smile_thumb.gif , Dave Moore being last to weigh with his 82lbs equalling Dave Colliers weight icon_smile.gif .

So back to the hut for the results and the scores from day one, and once they were all sorted Webbo and Steak were leading on 5 points from Dai and Steve W on 9 points, While Nick and Dave Moore on 18 points and Clive and Tony with 19 points were well within striking distance icon_smile_thumb.gif .

With that people drifted away to sort out their gear or some food for the evening. Malc though took Julie round to his peg for a go with his gear, and she was soon demonstrating that here was yet another Doyle capable of putting a few fish in the net joy.gif ......


Jon got in on the act as well with young Sam getting a go of Dad's gear before he packed it away for the day icon_smile.gif .......


So although there hadn't been huge quantities of fish caught today, it had proved to be a good day that almost everyone seemed to have enjoyed one way or another, though it had to be said that little Ollie finally found it all to much and flaked out having found a comfy spot icon_smile_big.gif ......


The chat and drink flowed long into the night beer.gif , and was still going strong for some when I retreated to my bivvie around 1130pm and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow sleep.gif sleep.gif sleep.gif

Day 3

7am on Sunday morning and I'm woken from my slumber by Jean tapping on my bivvie to tell me there was a cup of coffee waiting for me icon_smile.gif .
There are a few sorry looking sights to be seen, as it seemed the drinking went on well into the night and words were had at some point over a radio being played icon_smile_angry.gif , however apologies had been offered and accepted and no real harm was done icon_smile_thumb.gif . Anyway first things first and it's off to The Harvester again for Breakfast Eating.gif . It all runs smoothly today as we ordered in advance before we left yesterday, so with the inner angler satisfied it's back to the Lake.

We are fishing from 12-5pm today, but the first job is to pack all the bivvies and tents away. Once again I manage to amaze myself by managing to pack the bivvie away into its unfeasibly small storage bag and get it and all the rest of the kit stowed away in the car icon_smile.gif .

Looking at the lake today it's noticeable that the wind is blowing from the Big Lake straight down into the Little Lake today for the first time this weekend, so what's the betting I'll draw the Big Lake today icon_smile_wink.gif . I didn't have a long wait to find out as just after 10am the draw took place and I found Peg 10 was my home for the day.


Steak struggled for a single fish from there on Friday and Malc only had three from it yesterday, so I can't say that I was full of confidence as I made my way round to it icon_smile_sad.gif ......


I had Steak to my right on Peg 9, but he was hidden by the bush, however to my left on Peg 11 was Dave Moore......


...... and Clive back on Peg 13 icon_smile_evil.gif for the 2nd time in 3 days, and I have to say that the mustachioed one didn't look to be to excited about it icon_smile_sad.gif ......


However with the 3 of us in a line and in plain view of each other there was bound to be a bit of banter during the match icon_smile_tongue.gif .

Malc had told me where he'd fed yesterday so the rigs were set up for those spots. Two 5mtrs lines at 10 and 2 o'clock to the platform taken care of by a Sackup CX 4x12 pencil on 020 Ultima Power Match finishing with size 16 Guru MWG. A 0.2 NG Edger on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used on top of the ledge tight to the bank on my left, while a NG 03 XT Sampson margin on 020 Ultima Power Match finished off with size 14 Guru QM1 would be used to fish by the bush to my right. The usual suspects were on the bait table, 6,8 and 11mm fishery pellets and a selection of various soft hookers, along with sweetcorn and paste.

A quick stroll prior to the off found Terry(auto) back on Peg 8 for the second day in the row, shocked.gif Golden Hand or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was what was on the back of his box that made me laugh rofl.gif a subtle dig in Webbo's direction perhaps razz.gif ......


Midday and John rang the fishery bell for the All-In, a pot of pellet onto both 5mtr lines and a handful to the 2 others then I shipped a banded 8mm out to the right hand 5mtr line. The float settled and then buried and the resultant lift brought a pleasing resistance before a Bream of around 3lbs surfaced and slid over the waiting landing net. Disaster then followed fit.gif after unhooking it as it flipped out of the net, hit the keepnet in front, landed on the platform, flipped again onto the frame of my silvers net and back into the lake !!!! Looking round I could see Dave's shoulders shaking rofl.gif and I'm sure that Clive was grinning icon_smile_big.gif It looked like it was going to be one of those day again.

Next up came a hand sized skimmer, no real compensation, but at least I actually had something in the net, but as I looked round Dave was carefully playing what was obviously a Carp that he'd hooked on the feeder. Of course I wished him well in his efforts to land it razz.gif , meaning of course that the hook instantly gave way. Did I laugh?..............you bet I did rofl.gif .

Then a pattern started to form for me, I'd take a couple of silvers and then a Carp would be foul hooked and charge off at a rate of knots, before the rig would come flying back at a rate of knots with a scale attached to the hook icon_smile_crybaby.gif .

Clive was looking down his margin line, hoping some fish would turn up for him like they had on Friday, but it didn't seem to be happening for him today icon_smile_sad.gif ......


Dave was the next to join me with a foul hooker, and this fish was ripping lots of elastic from his pole shocked.gif ......


...... however the gods appeared to be smiling down on him as after a prolonged tug of war a double figure fish slid into his landing net icon_smile.gif ......


As the match wore on things never really picked up for me, it was just a case of rotating between my swims and hoping that something decent would turn up among the silvers icon_smile_help.gif ......


Of the leaders going into the second day, Steak was having trouble keeping fish out of the bushes, and although he got a few decent ones out he lost an awful lot more and smashed a top kit icon_smile_angry.gif . I couldn't see his partner Webbo as he was tucked away on 14. Dai was opposite on Peg 31 and while he wasn't catching a lot, those that were coming to the net appeared to be decent sized fish icon_smile.gif and his partner Steve W seemed to be taking fish on a regular basis ......


Dave Moore started to pick up weigher's as the day wore on, and he walked past me with every one of them, this one proving to be the best of the bunch at around 15lbs ......


I could see my partner Tricky up on peg 19 along with John on Peg 20, but it looked as if we were on our way to finishing nowhere in the scheme of thing, just like last year in fact icon_smile_blush.gif ......


Clive finally found a few fish, and was lead a merry dance by one of them as it dived under his keepnets, undaunted Clive managed to extract it and finally had it safely in the net icon_smile.gif ......


As the match wound down it was Carp 8 Peter 0 and the scales on my sidetray weren't enough to complete the jigsaw of a whole Carp. I did manage 3 more decent Bream before the end, but if I'm honest I was quite relieved when John rang the fishery bell for the All-Out at 5pm.

I soon had my kit packed away and back to the car park before I set off to catch up with the Weigh-In icon_smile_wink.gif .

It had started from Peg 34 as usual where Dave the Fish had put 48lbs on the scales, Simps had 39lbs while Pete(crayfishtraps) on 37 recorded 20lbs and Nick 36lbs from 38. Malc had made the most of the Wind blowing into Peg 40 with a fine 121lbs that would take the honours today 1st.gif . A shock was that Gem had only a single fish of 4lbs from peg 2 saving us all from a MINXING cheerleader.gif . Bazza followed with 40lbs and Kev had 57lbs from Peg 5. Alex only managed 35lbs on Peg 7 but Terry had 71lbs from Peg 8. Steak was ruing lost fish with 40lbs icon_smile_angry.gif and my silvers registered just 13lbs. Dave Moore ended with 59lbs and Clive just 21lbs. Webbo's fish weighed 62lbs and Budgie just 5lbs from Peg 15. Tony had enjoyed his day on Peg 18 with 94lbs giving him 2nd today 2nd.gif . My partner Tricky had 27lbs with Jon just behind with 26lbs. Al had a better day today with 56lbs icon_smile.gif , but Paul could only muster 11lbs. On 25 Scott managed 44lbs but Steve W's 71lbs gave him 3rd overall 3rd.gif . Keith had a level 48lbs and Terry 55lbs. Dai finished with 56lbs and finally Ant had 66lbs to get another result over Simps icon_smile_wink.gif .

With that it was back to the hut, and after a brief wait while Dave worked out the results we were finally ready for the results to be read out, pools to be paid out and the trophies awarded by Mr Maggotdrowning himself , Dave(Webbo)Webster to the winning team of...........


1st.gif Dai Thomas & Steve Wilson 1st.gif

Congratulations to then both, coming from 4 points behind on day 1
to take victory from Steak & Webbo by 5 points.

Finally a few words of Thanks are due to the following people.........
John, Pauline & Ollie for allowing us the use of their superb fishery during the weekend icon_smile_thumb.gif .
Dave Webster, for bringing us all Maggotdrowning.com and organising the whole weekend icon_smile_thumb.gif .
Finally, all those Maggotdrowners that took part, the weekend wouldn't be the success it is without you icon_smile_thumb.gif .

Pairs Result

Click table for full size version.

Saturday Individual Result


Sunday Individual Result



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Aug 8, 2001
It reads like a book,,,, and nearly as long [:D]



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Jul 21, 2009
Top report sounds like a great time was had by all!!!

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Jun 14, 2009
Great report Peter, how about a film next year ?[:D]


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May 20, 2011
Awesome report! a great couple of days by the sounds of it, well done to all.


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Just added in the peg plans from the 3 days.[;)]


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Brilliant write up and photos Peter [:T]
It sounds like it was an excellent 3 days [:D]

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Jun 20, 2005
it must have taken as long as a 5 hour match to compile that report. Brilliant !! well done to one and all.


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It certainly wasn't thrown together in 5 minutes. [:D]
I quite enjoy putting the reports together though. It's nice to look back on them though at a later date, when it's dark and cold and you can't get out on the bank, and the pictures help to recall the events of the day.

There's something like 240+ reports on my blog now, going back to April 2002, so plenty to look back on.[:D]

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