2 hour floater fishing with Big_Stoo

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aka Common_Carp
Jul 30, 2008
Just a quick report from last night. Went floater fishing for the 1st time in about a year. [:D]

started with a size 10 kamazan hook and banded dog biccies, well, most here would think, yeah, nice sized hook for floater fishing [:)]

well your wrong.... [xx(]

out of the 1st 6 takes i landed 1 common.

so i upped the hook size to an 8 and fished chopped down 14mm cork balls while feeding biccies. After using a larger hook i didnt loose anymore [:D]

got bored of the cork balls so used 2 rubber pellets and again landed everything [:D]

i was fishing next to snags and trees so using a larger more stronger hook helped me bully them out after each take [:T]

ended my 2hr session with 12 fish. 11 commons and 1 chubb

poor stoo got a battering by me, he landed 2 carp and 1 duck [:W][:W][:W][:W]

No pics as stoo was round the other side of the lake [:C]

all carp was around the 5-8lb mark with 1 around 10 ish

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