2 days at the club lake


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Feb 25, 2020
I didn’t manage to get out last week due to family issues so i blagged 2 days this week. Went out first on Tuesday, after a week of dry warm weather the “summer” parking was available which was great. The winter car park is at the top of a hill and kills me everytime! I settled down on one of the first pegs and instantly could see plenty of fish. Started of on a hybrid feed to the reeds on the far bank but after 30mins not had so much as a liner. Id been feeding a margin from the off and could clearly see 4/5 decent fish head down tail up. This is where i stayed for the rest of the day. A topkit + 1 and an 8mm pellet it was liners constantly and very frustrating as i could see the fish having a good munch. I changed from a 6” to a 4” hook length and immediately started getting bites. Ended up with 6 fish for around 40lb not bad in 3hrs. Was exciting watching several fish come in eveytime i feed.
1DA183B3-D00A-402F-8EA3-60193FA767CC.jpeg 2B5CACFE-9011-41EE-A614-EC5FC729C312.jpeg 643BCABF-EBD9-4522-992F-B3983490D4CF.jpeg 00133425-B45E-4042-A8CD-6C81340D37F0.jpeg 6159ABB0-7847-4CA9-8C15-3810D44DEB22.jpeg 0422CAD6-B3C2-4186-86B4-D95ACAA62FD3.jpeg

Onto today and i was a bit later getting to the lake, so setup as i had on Tuesday but on a different peg. As i only had 2.5hrs i setup one topkit to fish straight in front and im my left margin. Both had the same depth. Fed the margin with corn and went on straight in front with 8mm pellet. After 10 mins of liners I could see mud clouds in the margins so went straight over it. The float dipped a few times before sailing away and a fish of around 10lb in the net 2 more smaller ones followed then i lost 2 fish, one was a good double and the other smashed me. I rested the margin and went back out in front and hooked another briefly before coming back with a scale. Things went very quiet before i saw a good fish just under the surface. I attempted to mug it but it swam away. Before i knew what had happened the elastic shot out. After a long scrap i just about managed to get the fish in my net and im sure it would have been a new pb, but i dont have any scales. I estimated about 17-20lb. I had 2 more good fish after both around 14lb then a few smaller ones and another lost fish. Id reckon i had around 75lb with 9 fish in just 2.5hrs and the lost fish would have put me around 100lb! All im all a great session and potential new pb that was big for the lake, 20lb is about the biggest known.


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