1st Jinx match

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Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
So are you saying if Gemma had been there you would have been minxed!!!!!!!


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May 29, 2004
I would have been MINXED but would have swapped it for being JINXED


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Aug 11, 2001
Heres the Results and i'll do a report later.

Full Individual Results

Dave Moore .................. 150lb 10oz
Anthony Haywood........... 145lb 4oz
Roy Ravenhill................. 139lb
Malc Doyle ................... 135lb 12oz
Brian Bevan .................. 109lb 12oz
Mark Causer.................... 93lb 4oz
Paul Roberts.................... 81lb
Nick Williams.................... 76lb 12oz
Matt Nutt ....................... 75lb
Eric Robathan.................. 72lb 14oz
Colin Sharrard ..................66lb 8oz
Peter Morton .................. 64lb 8oz
Fred Parker .................... 62lb 12oz
Steve Wilson................... 59lb
Clive Pritchard ................ 44lb 12oz
Keith Ashby.................... 36lb 4oz
Keith F (guest)................ 32lb
Nick Jones ..................... 30lb 8oz
Tim W (guest)................ 23lb
Simon Rowley ................ 20lb 4oz
Dai Thomas .................... 17lb
Dave Collier .................... 15lb
David Ashby .................... 8lb
Paul D (guest) ................. 5lb
Geoff Eggison ..................... 4oz
Jeff Hollidge ................. DNW
Nick W-P ................... DNW
Malc Hawkins ............... DNW
Dirk Williams ............... DNW

Total Weight On The Scales Was

Not in attendance today were

Kevin Lake
Dan Thomas
Mark Lake
Gemma Doyle

Sections Results

A Section

25..Nick W...76lb 12oz..1
24..Steve W..59lb.......2
22..Keith A..36lb 4oz...3
23..Dave A....8lb.......4
26..Malc H....DNW.......5

Total weight 180lb

B Section

30..Fred P...62lb 12oz..1
28..Keith F...32lb......guest
28..Nick J....30lb 8oz..2
27..Paul D.....8lb......guest
29..Dirk W....DNW.......5

Total weight 130lb 4oz

C Section

34..Malc D...135lb 12oz..1
32..Colin S...66lb 8oz...2
38..Peter M...64lb 8oz...3
36..Dai T.....17lb.......4
26..Nick W-P....DNW......5

Total weight 283lb 12oz

D Section

1...Brian B...109lb 12oz...1
2...Paul R.....81lb........2
3...Matt N.....75lb........3
40..Eric R.....74lb 14oz...4

Total weight 338lb 10oz

E Section

8...Dave M...150lb 10oz...1
9...Mark C....93lb 4oz....2
6...Clive P...44lb 12oz...3
4...Simon R...20lb 4oz....4
7...Jeff H....DNW.........5

Total weight 380lb 14oz

F Section

15..Ant H...145lb 4ozoz...1
14..Roy R...139lb.........2
13..Tim W....23lb.......guest
10..Dave C...15lb.........3
11..Geoff E.......4oz.....4

Total weight 322lb 8oz

I'll add the pairs and TEAM COLOURS results later.

band.gif band.gif

But i will say BIG WELL DONE TO DAVE for the win and for being the LATEST MEMBER OF THE JINX 100lb+ CLUB some nice Chub on your sheet as well Dave. (i've got all the weigh sheets from the scales).

band.gif band.gif

Pairs Results

1st..Dave M & Eric R .... 11 points 223lb 8oz
2nd..Mark C & Paul R .... 13 points 174lb 4oz
3rd..Ant H & Simon R .... 20 points 165lb 8oz
4th..Roy R & Dave C ..... 23 points 154lb
5th..Keith A & Nick W ... 24 points 113lb
6th..Colin S & David A .. 32 points 74lb 8oz
7th..Geoff E & Fred P ... 35 points 63lb
8th..Malc D & Dan T ..... 39 points 135lb 12oz
9th..Brian B & Mark L ... 40 points 109lb 12oz
10th.Nick W-P & Peter M . 42 points 64lb 8oz
11th.Gemma D & Matt N ... 44 points 75lb
12th.Clive P & Jeff H ... 45 points 45lb 12oz
13th.Malc H & Nick J .... 47 points 30lb 8oz
14th.Steve W & Kevin L .. 49 points 59lb
15th.Dai T & Dirk W ..... 49 points 17lb

Team Colours Results

BLUE = 693lb 2oz (1 DNW)
RED = 495lb 2oz (1 DNW + 2 No Show)
BLACK = 315lb 12oz (1 DNW + 2 No Show)

Just for info.[:D]

There were 71 Carp weighed and returned during the match all over 8lb with 45 of those being over 10lb each.[:D]

Biggest carp of the day went 15lb 8oz and there were 2 of them 1 to winner Dave from peg 7 and 1 to myself on peg 34.[:D]

Dave included 6 Chub in his winning catch rangeing from 2lb 14oz to 5lb which added up to 23lb 2oz of his weight.[:)]
Also 1 bream of 2lb 4oz and 5 carp over 10lb with the best being 15lb 8oz.[:D]

Brian included a 5lb 12oz Orfe in his 5th place net.[:)]

And just for Gem here's a few pictures i took afterwards whilst wrecker waiting of peg 28.




She did not believe the level was up.[:0]
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Oct 1, 2002
Sad that I had to miss the match on such a glorious day aswell. i am sure you all had fun and it would have been nice to meet up with some old friends. the reason I could not make it was that I was doing my final assessments for my level 2 coaching qualification, which I passed with flying colours [:D] Will definately see you all at the next match to do some catching up.


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Jan 21, 2002
Ooooooh Geoff! [:D]

Gutted i missed the match- but these things happen in life!
Ill see you all at TBF- give some of you a battering hopefully [:p] [}:)]

Fished hard for alot of you by the looks of it [:(]

Well done to Dave Moore [:D] Great result. All those Chub [:D] [:0]

Matt, what happened?!! [:0] [}:)]


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Jul 21, 2003
Another great day out[:)] You had to be there to believe the rise in the water level, in just 9 days since my last visit[:0] That & with the spawning fish was a sight to behold.
A big well done to Dave on his victory from the peg next to me[:(] A large number of big chub too! So unaccustomed was I to witnessing silver fish weights, that when Dave approached with the scales for the first time, I naturally assumed a carp was in the weigh sling," the dials gone round once then Dave" I says, believing it to be a double figure carp, " No" says Dave " It's a chub" gesturing towards the sling, and so it was, around 4lb the first of what was to become many.
Well done again Dave.
Many thanks to Malc once again for making all this possible.
See you all at Tunnel.


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Sep 18, 2001
So here we were, back again for yet another Jinx Series.The banter was soon flowing as usual as most of the usual suspects were back again having been released back into the community along with a few new unsuspecting fools that had been attracted in the false hope of not being affected by The Jinx[:p].

The weather in the week leading upto the match had not been kind with heavy rain almost leading the lake to overflowing into the surrounding fields. Thus every peg was under water so with pegs 16-18 lost to the recent bankside collapse and 19-21 out of bounds as they had been fenced off to keep the fish in, a bit of repegging was nessessary to accomodate the 29 anglers present on the day.
Oh, and just to add to the problems the Carp had decided that today was the day for Lurvvvvvvve!!!!! love2.gif thrashing the margins to foam wherever you looked.


Well of course the planned 1130am draw was never going to happen, This is The Jinx Series after all, as Malc's car decided to self destruct yet again on the trip up from Wales, so it was more like 1230pm once the draw was done with the fishing to be done from 130pm - 630pm.
I had drawn 15, which in reality was somewhere around peg 38 if you had been able to see it, to my right for company I had Monkey (Nick W-P) and Dai for company while Malc had ended up in peg34 (stewards inquiry needed there i think [:p])

How to approach it was going to be the question as the conditions were like nothing I had ever encountered before at Rolf's. I settled for a margin approach just past a bush to my left which is normally on dry land surrounded by grass and also set up a feeder rod as i had plenty of space down into the corner on my left to throw to.

So 1230am and all-in sees me put a bit of meat onto the feeder rig and a plug of over wetted feed pellet into the cage feeder and lob it down towards the corner + 3 good handfulls of feed pellet are deposited in front of the bush. A couple of minutes later and the tip wraps round and I'm into a Carp [:D]. It actually felt strange to be using a rod at Rolf's, and despite some encouragement from Malc...."You won't land it"..... it was soon in the net. Well you can imagine my amazement on lifting the net to find not 1 but 2 Carp safely nestling in the bottom of it!!!!!!!![:0]
Apart from the weigher at 9lbs with my hook in it's mouth there was another of around 8lbs keeping it company!!!!! However I did the decent thing and put the 8lb'er straight back, a good start none the less [:)].

Straight back out and a nother couple of minutes pass and the tip wraps round again but this time it's just a soltary 7lb'er that's in the bottom of the net. So 10 minutes in and 18lbs+ already, could this be a red letter day?
Unfortunately the next 40 minutes saw not so much as a flicker from the tip, so reluctantly it was out with the pole rig. Dropping it in to what is normally a shallow margin saw me being plagued by silvers that just whittled away the bait whether it was pellet, paste of meat with the occaisional one managing to hang itself just long enough to find itself on the hook [:(!].

Conditions were having an effect on most, I could see Eric on 39 fishing his "Margin" and giving what appeared to be some Prestons 19h or was it Purple Hydro? lacky a good work out


Brian on what is normally peg1 getting amongst a few fish by fishing up in the water, though he did loose a few as they dived under the sunken platform as he tried to land them [:(!], while next door to him.........


...... Paul was slipping a few in his net in the hope that he could finally beat Matt of the next peg as he was suffering from a peg that seemed to be solid with silvers [:(].

Directly across from me was Simon (me)........


.........who despite the sunglasses wasn't "Terminating" to many while next door to him was Clive......


.......who despite having spent countless hours over the last few months getting to know the venue by fishing in the various leagues was just having one of those days where it just wasn't happening for him..[V]

Dirk wandered along with his son who had come down to help him out with a tale of woe involving a 12lb'er and a landing net that split depositing said fish straight back in the water crybaby2.gif , while monkey having struggled for a bite finally hooked one only to have it strip his rig complete with his newly brought hydro straight out of his top kit!!!!![:(!]

Dai finally managed one but it did lead him a merry dance on what appeared to be black hydro, seeming to be ever so reluctant to get it's head up.......


.......While Malc having finally reverted to the pole was starting to put a number of weighers on the scales.

I finally managed to get amongst a few fish by fishing tight up against the bush in about 12 inches of water over what is grass with a big lump of paste, a tactic which saw me put another 9 fish on the bank though only the last was a weigher, though I probably lost a similar number that just bolted straight through the bush [:(].

Weigh-in time saw me end with 64lbs 8ozs for 3rd in mysection and 12th on the day, not the best or worst result on a day that has frustrated many.[:)]

Taking the honours on the day was Dave "Yorkie" Moore with a new PB match weight of 150lbs.


A very popular winner as Dave is one of the few originals left that has fished The Jinx since the very 1st series of matches.

So that's it for this 1st match, hopefully The Minx will be in attendance on the next match at Tunnel Barn Farm so that a few of us can reclaim some 1 coins that we have merely lent her.
We'll see when we do it all again on Saturday 30th June.[;)]


'The Minx'
Jan 21, 2002
CRIKEY!! [:0] [:0] [:0] Dad said the water level was high but i thought he was over-exagerating! [:0] [:I]

Great report as always Peter [;)]

I need my fishing fix- roll on the next match [:D]


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Jan 13, 2006
Some people refused to allow a spot of water to keep them off the platforms though [:p]



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Jul 24, 2002
Jammy1 Posted - Today : 6:28:56

Matt, what happened?!!

Gem, I can only apologise for letting the side down and fishing like a numpty [B)][B)]

Will someone please pass me the razor blades and a length of rope [xx(]


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Feb 28, 2004
I will apologise to all for shooting off so fast just after the weigh in but the Mrs as to be at work for 9.30 on a night and with the start being delayed (which was expected [:p]) was pushing me for time. I managed to get in the house at 9.20 after doing the ton all the way home so i could look after the kids [:)]. The middle lane drivers didn't help in the race home [:(!] (pr1cks).

Well after meeting my partner at the services to make sure he got to the venue OK to get us some points we arrive at Rolf's to find the place flooded. I'm sure if it had rained any more the car park pegs would of been fished off the car park [:D]. With all the banter starting the usual phone call came to Steve off Malc " i will be late [:0]" (what a shock [:D]) His put put was dying of the smell of his bait [:I].

He final made it, draw taken place etc i drew peg 21 ( real No 4). The peg was totally under water, so the question came, how goods the leaving system on the on box? how much do i trust it with 18 stone sat on it for 5 hours? I got brave or daft which ever one and set all the legs to their maximum length then waded out until the water was just below the open line of the bottom draw and sat the box down. Look OK, now the test sit on it [:I]. Yes it worked it held. The all in came i fed a few pots of prepared pellets then saw peter opposite into a fish then my hydro took off and my first fish was in the net, mote pellets in the same spot another carp. I got it to the net but the thing rolled and snapped me and i shouted my disgust in a funny language [:I]. All in all i landed 3 carp and 2 skimmers, but lost 5 carp all through the peg being flooded and the fish going under the peg or into the snags crybaby2.gif crybaby2.gif crybaby2.gif .

well roll on TBF ad lets hope the carp aren't more interesting in shagg1ng and we aint just had 3ft of water in 1 week [:D].


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Jan 21, 2002
Awwww Matt lol, never the less you were still top 10 [:)] Your not at the TBF one are you so ill try my hardest to get a good weight [;)] [:D]

Lmao @ pic of Dad.... idiot! Your barmy, bet the wrecker man loved you stinking of fish in his truck! Yet again [xx(]
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Dec 19, 2003
Thanks for another enjoyable day.[8D]Well done to Dave and Anthony, who pushed me down into third place. [;)]A new PB for me 139lb [^]all up in the water with banded pellet.

Best Wishes to Rolf, hope he makes a speedy recovery.

See You all at TBF.

Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
I beat the 'ROLF'S MASTER' off the next peg .... 'smug mode' initiated!![:D][:D]

(Didn't quite get the 'ton' at Rolf's but I did do it yesterday at Meadowlands!!! [:p])

dave the fish

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Mar 10, 2003
Well this was my first proper venture into the Jinx series. I have had two previous experiences of a Jinx match, the first at Manor farm where I went as Peters Butler, Malc was late and we were on the wrong pool as the other pools were bagging all day. The second was as a guest at Rolfs last year when the fish didnt want to play and most struggled for fish, Oh and Malc was late![:0]

Look I know you all warned me beforehand and Ive read all the previous reports so I should have known what to expect but I was still not prepared for such a day.

I drew 26 which is real peg 10 and immediately memories of Clives trials and tribulations on the peg over the winter came flooding back. Still I my box at the top of the bank where there were only a few inches of water, and set up a rig for 6 to 10 metres, a margin rig and a paste rig. It only took me a short while to get my first bite at 7 metres unfortunately it was only a skimmer but at least I wasnt going to blank. Then nothing for an hour and a half, so I tried the margin with a 6mm pellet and straight away had a 9lber followed by errr nothing. An 11mm pellet finally produced a bite. a 4 inch roach.[:I] Last hour or so I decided to sit on the paste as close to the bush as I could, I think the normal tactics would be to fish under the branches but as I could only see the top of it that was a non starter. Still I did manage to get one more carp of 6 lb and that was it, the end of my first proper Jinx match.

Never mind it cant get any worse .....CAN IT?????????[:(][:(]


Nick Neo Williams
Apr 27, 2003
Originally posted by dave the fish

Never mind it cant get any worse .....CAN IT?????????[:(][:(]

Don't be so sure Dave, it's Malc and the Jinx Series were talking about here, anything could happen and usually does. [:p]

See you a TBF


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Aug 11, 2001
Well i just know you've all been waiting for this so here's MY report on the first match of THE JINX SERIES 2007

Due to the car hassles of the last match at Rolfs and the fact that it would mean 10+ hours of driving for me unfortunately Gem would not be able to attend as she is down Hayling Island for a few weeks.[:(]

Well with the car all sorted, (I collected it from the garage on Thursday) and most of Friday spent up the hospital with Jue and her ankle things were looking iffy as to if I would be able to make it either, but Friday evening all looked okay for me to make it so things looked up.[:)]

I left the house nice and early Saturday morning as Id had a bad week sleep wise and knew a kip would be needed on the way so 7am off I set for Rolfs (draw wasnt till 11.30am anyway) so i had plenty of time.[;)]

Well I got 30 miles down the road and was totally knackered so stopped off in the services for a little kip.
Woke up about 8.30 and felt fine so off I trotted again.

Got as far as junction 15 (Swindon) on the M4 and heard a familiar (but not wanted) knocking sound from the front wheel so turned off the motorway to check it out.[:(]

Well you can guess the rest and those that fished KNOW..

YEP it was the same thing as last week (something to do with the suspension) that the garage had already fixed TWICE.[:(!]

Decision time !!!!!!

Option 1,
Carry on to Rolfs via the motorway and risk it.
Option 2,
Go via Swindon (about 45 miles) to Rolfs.
Option 3,
Ring recovery and miss the match.
Option 4,
Turn around, try to get home and go straight to the garage.

Sensible people would go for option 3 but dont forget its me so I went for option 2[:D], (well its a days fishing isnt it).

So a slow careful drive between 30 and 40 miles an hour and I pulled into Rolfs around 20 past 11 (i was still EARLY)[:p]

Nick W-P had a quick drive (hes a Pug Mech) well he actually got about 10 ft and in his view it was knackered.[:(]
So again it would be a wrecker trip home, but Id worry about that AFTER the match.[;)]

Right on with what you want to hear about.THE FISHING

As Oxfordshire had seen a lot of rain in the last week Rolfs had taken on a LOT of water and every peg was under water and the bottom end was totally submerged.[:0]

So it was a case of a quick walk around to peg the swims that were accessible and fishable, so Paul R took the pools monies and I went off to peg out.[:)]

The picture below was taken after the match but shows the fence that had to be put up to try to stop the carp swimming off over the field behind peg 19.


Just to keep things in line with ALL JINX events the draw was late so start time was adjusted to 1.30.[:I]

Everybody made their draw and I ended up with peg 34 in the small lake so at least that part of the day had gone okay for me.[:)]

With 34 being the peg that Steve W took 193lb off on the feeder last week I thought what the heck and just set the feeder up which would allow me to fish any where (plus it would not hurt my back to much).[;)]

Setting up was easy as the normal fishing platform was under about 3ft of water up went the waders and in I went.

Thanks to Clive for the picture of a days paddling

Tactics were going to be simple medium cage feeder up to the buoy (3rd from the end) and the odd drop in the right margin to see if anything was there.

Baits were to be Corn, Meat, Pellet, Paste and Boilie depending on what they wanted.

Well Id love to say I sacked up on the feeder from the word go but after almost an hour all Id had was 1 bite which was a small carp of about 6oz which I returned.[:(]

About 1 hours in I had a proper bite which resulted in my first fish which went 12lb 8oz so that was me happy.[:D]

I plodded on with the feeder for about hour more (1 more little carp about 1lb) then went off for a walk as my back started to ache.

Whilst walking it was evident that most were struggling due to the high water and fish spawning.
Although Ant & Roy on pegs 15 & 14 were catching a few as was Dave on peg 8, no one else in the big lake was doing much though.

Brian and Eric in the small lake were hooking fish but loosing a lot as well.

So I wandered back to my peg and as the feeder was not working I set the drag n net up to fish to the right margin in front of the bush.[:D]

Me being me the rig was simple (same one I used last week) all I needed to do was add 2 ft of line to it (cowboy i know) and plumb up.

From the second put in I was getting bites and ended up taking another 7 weighers from the swim (why did I not fish it originally) along with 6 that went in the net and a couple of skimmers.

Ended up feeding 4 bags of pellet in the margin and had most fish on punched meat wrapped in Paste (meat or paste on their own just resulted in a skimmer) with a couple shallow on corn.

When I called the all out I was happy with the way things went and guessed I had around 132lb as I had 94lb+ in weighers, after being weighed in I actually had 135lb 12oz which won me the section.[:D]

Dave Moore had a good day with Chub to 5lb as well as Carp and was the overall winner with 150lb 12oz, which was great to see as Dave is 1 of only 5 of the original JINXSTERS left.
And that also allowed him to join the exclusive JINX 100lb+ club of which there are now 11 members.[:D]

Well with all the results sorted it was time to sort the wrecker out to take me home.[:(]

Finally arrived back home just before 3am Sunday morning due to having to wait for 2 hours at Severn View Services for the second wrecker on the relay.[:(!]

So 20 hours after leaving I was back home.

I had 100lb+ of fish, Missed my club match on Sunday, but had a good day in good company and was now again without the car.

The car went back to the garage this morning (Monday) and as I finish typing this out it is now gone 10pm Monday and its STILL at the garage[:(!][:(][:(!]

Who says that THE JINX isnt real.

Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Malc - hopefully you'll be ok to fish Boddington this Sunday (let me know if you can't) [:D]

Dave Moore

Paste King
May 9, 2002
Fellow Jinxers and Minxer

Well what can I say 'yorkie' done well...

Cracking reports as usual, well pleased with the result and 100lb jinx club member to boot...

I have to say that the peg screamed feeder, with the left hand bushes as back up, and is no different to what the rest of you would have done on that peg...

Also thanks to Jeff H who kindly went to sleep in his car for 2 1/2 hours thought it was something I said, so I had vacant peg for half the match...

Hats off to John Bennet for keeping the place running in the absence of Rolf, hope hes on the mend...

Looking forward to TBF, are we on the Top Pool for round 2??

Speak soon...

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