1sr french trip. Moulicent fishery

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Aug 10, 2008
After what seemed like an eternity, my 1st French trip finally arrived. Me (myself, Mark and Steve) booked for a week on Moulicent fishery after hearing loads of good reports a reviews. It seemed like the ideal 1st venue being only about 4 acres and maximum 4 anglers, although there would be only 3 of us on this week.
When we arrived we met Jon, the owner then he took us for a quick walk around the lake showing us the pegs, telling us the rules etc. We weren't to be disappointed when we 1st saw the place and were all stunned by the beauty of the place. It is surrounded by dense woodland and even though it wasnt all fully green yet after wintyer is was still a stunning looking lake and surroundings. All through the week we saw loads of wildlife with deer, cookoo's and loads of buzzards to name a few! Never mind all the weird and wonderful noises at night!! Lol.

We decided to draw names from a hat to pick the pegs. I was the 1st one out but somehow ended up picking last!![:0] Mark fancied peg 2 so let him have that one and I couldn't decide between peg 1 or 4 so let Steve decide. He went for 1 so I went in 4, even though the lad from the week previous blanked in peg 4, with 4 fish out between 3 of them. But the conditons looked good and it just looked right so felt quite confident.


Peg 4, my peg.
The 1st fish of the week came the 1st morning. It had been raining heavy ALL night but had just stopped when my rod dropped in a small bay to my left tore off producing a 36.8 mirror. A good start and boosted my confidence a lot.
I then had a take about 5pm that afternoon on the same rod producing a 29.11

Steve and Mark were still to get a run despite the fish clearly being infront of peg 1 and to the right of peg 2 in open water. They had been head and shouldering/boshing in this area for most the week. Mark finally had a run though early hours Monday getting one of 23.2. Both monday morning and tuesday morning suffered from very cold, hard frosts and it seemed to shut the lake down, but wednesday morning was frost free and helped produce another run for me around 8am (again, seems to be a bite time) but soon after picking the rod up could feel the line grating around something then I got cut off!! Gutted. But around mid morning I managed a 24.6 mirror from a nice margin spot I found up my left margin. Then in the afternoon (around 5pm, another bite time) I got another run on a rod cast over to the far margin, max a foot from it. This produced a fish of 34.2.

My next run was the following morning 'hot' period with a fish of 29.10. All the fish were very hard fighting with them giving very good accounts of themselves. I think it was the same morning that Steve finally got of the mark with his first fish of 29+

Mid morning I managed another of 24.15. Then during the afternoon Mark managed his 2nd fish that went 30.01lb and soon after I had a very fast run on my margin run.
Now, Ive had some hard fighting fish in my time, but this was ridiculous. As soon as I picked the rod up I was forced to let it run with it melting line off the spool at a crazy rate. All of a sudden the line just dropped slack. Sh*t, f#*k! Id been cut off again, or so I thought!! I started winding the slack in when the rod buckled over again and the fish was ripping off again. This happened another couple of times with the fishes turn of speed incredible. It was then trying to get in every conceivable snag, rock, margin feature etc. Jon suddenly appeared at my side with the net and after me telling him to cut down on the steroids he feeds his fish, we slipped the fish into the net. It was one of very few (4-5) commons in the water that went 28.15, a stunning fish!

Thursday night/friday morning saw a return of the very cold nights and we woke to a very hard frost and no morning bites for me, although Steve managed a fish of 25+ in the early ours then a scraper 30 at 8.30am. (after Id given him some rigs and a few pointers [;)]). He then proceeded to bag another of 28.4 mid morning. Top wangling fella [:W]. I had a very slow day with no more bites and the same for Mark. I wasnt holding much hope out for the last night with the skys clearing and it dropping very cold again! I was then woken by a very desperate sounding delk at 2.30am. I had all these plans to calmly slip my boots on at the same time as grabbing my head torch and coat (it was v cold). However with the left rod crying out for attention I ended up putting my boots on the wrong feet, forgetting my coat and putting my headtorch on upside down! So I was stood there playing a very angry carp, freezing cold and illuminating the tree tops [:I]! The result was a mirror of 30.08. Bonus, my 1st fish during the night and I thought the last fish of the session.

After managing to put the rod back on the spot (it gets v v dark at night with it impossible to see any far bank features at only 30yrds range!) Id just climbed back into the sack when I had a slow lift on my middle rod and at the same time I heard a fish hit the surface over the spot that the rod was fishing to. The bobbin carried on lifting and I was again stood with a fish on. Once again it was a crazy fight with the fish doing all its fighting on the surface making a right racket and letting Mark know I was in again. I finally got it beat and slipped it over the net cord, or so I thought! Id only bloody missed it. Numpty I thought, Lol. 2nd time of trying in it went. I looked into the net and the 1st thing I thought was, I recognise that scale pattern. I knew straight away that it was a 40+ that Id been looking on the net at only the week before on the Moulicent website and dreaming I might bag it! Up on the scales it went 40.03, a bit down on the 43.08 that it had been previous but still a 40!! Buzzing or what? Suddenly it didnt seem as cold anymore!


In the morning I woke gutted that it was already time to start packing up. It had gone very quick and I was loving it! Id packed all my stuff away and had just my rods out when to my amazment my right hand rod fished tight to the far margin had a slow but positive bite. Fish on, 30 mins before home time. With a shout of you jammy c*#t from Mark I slipped my last fish over the net weighing 33.1. A stunning, clean looking fish it was aswell with small starburst scales around its tail that the photos dont do any justice.

I ended with 10 fish 1 x 40, 4 x 30's and 5 x 20's form what had been quite a hard week and all bites ahd to be worked for!! But it was getting better as the week went on with the temperatures increasing and the days being sunny and very warm. Mark finished with 2 x fish and Steve managed 4 x fish.
I went home very happy with me already making plans for my next trip! Cant wait.

I would just like to thank Jon for making our stay superb and he is a top bloke that is up for a laugh and a chat. Cheers mate. He would do anything for you and was really helpful. I cant stress enough how much of a top host he was. Other french venues have got a lot to live up to. (not that Im planning on going anywhere else yet, I know where Im going next year!)
We had the food package while we were there that included a full english brekey and 2 course evening meal. We did however opt for a breakfast baguette that was more than sufficent and very nice, Jon would bring it down to the peg every morning for us so that meant we didnt have to wind in at the best time. The evening meal was different every day and far to good for carp anglers. We were never left wanting and even though we travelled back with a good few kilos less of bait, I reckon the van was heavier on the way back [;)]


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Jul 30, 2008
Originally posted by carpcruncher23

Thanks guys. 1 of my mates had 2, biggest 30.01 and my other mate had 4 biggest 30.0

and get you having 8? i hail theee simon [:D]


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Sep 18, 2001
Well Done Simon.[:T]
Time to change your signature,[;)]

Really enjoyed reading your report. Those French fish do have a very distinctive shape. The Common may not have been the largest but it's the pick of the bunch for me, a glorious looking fish.[:T]


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Aug 17, 2007
If I have half that many of half the size over the weekend I'll be happy!!!! Cracking fish!


Aug 8, 2008
Nice fish you've got there matey, but we grow 'em even bigger down south!![:)]
For any of you planning a trip over any time soon, you'd better be quick, as the little buggers have already started spawning!![:0]
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