16 metres plus Poles ???

robert d

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Dec 27, 2013
def need practice fishing at that length, tried to find the pole weight at 16m as ive never used it but looking at the net and the test, it has a decent review at 14.5m and 16m so just a case of practising fishing at that length i think, lots of good videos online covering fishing long pole and roller placement etc.

oh and def start with setting the box correctly or your back will be horrible (been there and done that!), simple thing to get wrong but Tommy P did a great video on just this subject.
Just to add to that a bump bar ,spray bar can be a great asset especially in wind


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May 9, 2008
I have an old 14.5M Garbolino pole. I tried fishing at full length - once! I couldn't keep the tip out of the water.
Longest I fish now is 11M or so, more likely to be closer to 8, otherwise it's running line.

Brian Lody

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Jun 9, 2018
Thanks all for the advice.
I used my old pole during the winter before the lockdown fishing in open matches at RBF.

I learn't that the true length of most poles is not what is written on them. My old Preston/Lerc is closer to 13m than 14.5.
Suppose if you used a match top 3 not cut down you would get a bit more length and be closer to the claimed length.

As i lacked the required length to reach the islands on most pegs i stuck to 5m, 10m and edges.
Often didn't work out that well in the Winter as the fish were on the island edges and were not moving close in.
Sometimes i would get lucky and the F1s would be balled up close in by a feature but mostly they weren't.
So i concluded a longer pole was required.

I have fished the same pegs the last few days and been bagging up on the topkit. !

I learn't to make sure my seatbox was level or you will be getting backache.
The seat has to be level, not leaning forward or back.
The seat height is good for me, my knees are at the correct angle.
I fished close to twelve hours with the pole yesterday with only a few breaks and my back was fine.

As to the rollers i learn't to place them correctly, get it wrong and you get a big bounce when shipping out and your cup empties. :(
Yesterday i was breaking down in approx 5m sections as this allowed folks to walk behind me.
In a match i would try if possible to ship the whole length onto the rollers.

Did have an hour fishing long yesterday., used thicker bristles much more visible.
I made up some floats during lockdown with 2.5 mm tips.
Although to be honest the float was mostly just along for the ride as the tug on the pole meant fish on.
I admit to keeping most of the 16m section behind me though as a counter balance.
Did start easing that out further and further but i wont be holding it at the end for a while.
Will look out for the mini but section so i have a bit more to hold onto. Seems to be hard to find though.

The big carp were cruising around on the surface a lot and not getting there heads down.
For fun i mugged a couple. 13m out.
Pole handled that just fine and was good practice.
Honestly didn't notice the pole weight at all when dangling bait on their heads. :)