12ft rod


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Mar 9, 2019
My Argon 2.0 is by far the best rod I owned regarding the price you pay.
I'm also fishing alot on commercials but here in Austria they stock up with carp up to 25 pound. When fishing for tench I caught some carp up to 10 pound...
My feeling tells me to go for the plus series, I just love the small blank the rod has, just hopping the big carp will ignore my redworm and corn 😂
Well, if they get excited it's a good start! Who says foreplay doesn't count!;)


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Mar 2, 2007
Regarding Drennan quiver tips, looking at their product range on the Drennan website it would appear the “ fast taper tips are discontinued. Perhaps RMNDIL can comment.
Correct. Some 1 1/2oz left. All Slow Taper in stock.


Feb 7, 2021
Be careful though. The more you pack into a fabric (cut & sew) rod holdall the more that they 'shrink'.
I just bought a few minutes ago the Preston Supera holdall, this normaly must fit with a 12ft acolyte or am I wrong ?

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Apr 5, 2020
I like the brand itself because for me it represents the traditional english fishing culture :) I've heard the after sale service is horrible because Drennan gives no guarantee for their rods, maybe I'm wrong with that...
I'm just not sure if I should buy the distance or plus series. My feeling says that I should go for the distance model because of the power reserves when having a bigger carp in fight.
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You can always get spares from Drennan. Even if the rodseries is discontinued. I got a spare mid section for my landing net handle four years after they stopped marketing it. They have their own production facilities. They are not just buying rods from some chinese factory, branding them as their own.