Conditions of Use

Please Read before using these Classifieds

Classifieds: Terms and Conditions of Use

These Classifieds are Free to use however there is a limitation placed on the number of posts a Private individual or Trade Seller can make within a 12month period, this limitation is currently set at 6 posts.
To lift this limitation simply upgrade your membership to 12month Site Supporter, click ‘Account Upgrades’ within your profile to do so.

Any ‘For Sale’ adverts placed without a Price will be removed.
All adverts older than 60 Days will be removed automatically.

Please be as specific as possible when placing an advert, include a description, photos, location and price. DO NOT include a telephone number, to do so is at your own discretion.

Only Registered Members can see your Profile to contact you. If you want your advert to appeal to Non-Registered Members don’t forget to add Contact Details, at your own discretion.

If we feel that any member is abusing the Classifieds, not limited to, scamming, false descriptions, over use, stolen or dubious items, we reserve the right to remove the advert and if need be lock the Member’s account


Warning:  Selling on the Classifieds, Known Scam - Please Read

It has been bought to our attention that a known scam has been operated by one or more individuals with regards to buying from members of these forums using the Classifieds section.

The scam basically involves a transaction involving a third party who is to forward the seller a cheque for a greater amount than required, often a large amount The seller is then instructed to send the balance, less handling costs, by money transfer to the buyer. Often the email is poorly written and sometimes mentions that the individual has their own shipping company

Do Not be tempted to accept such an offer as you will find out that after you have made the money transfer, the cheque will bounce as it is more than likely stolen. If the cheque doesn't bounce initially, it will be open to being recovered from the issuing bank at a later date - this means that you will be well out of pocket with little comeback

If in doubt over any transaction please contact us, and remember - if an offer is made that seems too good then often it is

Disclaimer is not involved in any actual transaction between you and the Seller/Buyer and does not have any control over and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of sellers to sell items, the ability of buyers to pay for items, or that the parties will actually complete a transaction.

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    Apr 20, 2018
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