Where you fished today (Part 20)

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Sep 18, 2001
All to soon the time has come to start yet another new thread, "Where you fished today (Part 20)".
With the season getting into full swing, and plenty of reports coming in this thread keeps marching on.[:)]

Parts 1 - 19 are now heading towards a total of 1800+ posts [:0] So,if you are looking for a bit of inspiration or even a good laugh, it's all there somewhere.

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So there they all are, If you have the time, take a look through them. They are a mine of information, covering venues from one end of the country to another, and some from even further afield. [;)]
So if you're new, bored or just want to refresh a few memories, have a read of the previous reports and then lets continue posting.....

If you wish to include a photo feel free using the 'MyPhoto' but for the enjoyment of others, please crunch/optimize them to reduce your file size to less then 30,000bytes - the smaller the better. [:D]


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Apr 27, 2004
A father and son day part 2 at Wetlands Fishery

We turned up early at this venue only to find out there was a match on ,but not to worry as it was only 20 anglers so plenty of room to pleasure fish.
We decided to go with the main lake as there were loads of carp just cruising the surface looked very promising

Set myself up with the pole close in feeding two pegs one either side and a groundbait feeder with hair rigged paste on my other setup
After seeing all the carp cruising expectations were very high
Looked over to my dad in the next peg who was fishing 10 mtrs on the pellet and he was in 1st chuck in only to lose the fish after 3 or 4 mins of elastic pulling action.
I put in baited both side swims up with some groundbait and pellet and proceded to lob out the feeder
10 chucks later not a touch
Starting to panic whats up conditions seem right just cant get a bite tried sweetcorn ,worm still no luck.
Went to see dad he was the same but he was getting bites from roach although not hitting most of them.
Now gone 3 hrs and still no fish missed a couple of bites tho so all is not lost.
Dad shouts over hes got a roach ,i quietly acknowledge him smiling
Damm now i need a fish cant be waterlicked dad would never let me forget it.
Finally i get a bite and hit it a nice tench slides under the net

Shout back to dad (just to let him know)
im encouraged now so plod on with the fishing
Another bite another fish this time a loverly coloured carp

I manage to get 1 more tench then the bites die again
With 1 hr to go the bites start to come finally for both me and dad.
With my new camera able to take two min movies and my dad now just struck into a reasonable lump i take the oppertunity to film him only it took 4 mins for him to land the fish so had to make it in 2 parts.

Wasnt the biggest fish at 7 pounds but after the wait for bites we were grateful.
Now it was my turn 40 mins to go (aint it always the case you nearly ready to go and the bites start comeing)

And 1 more nice carp

Although it was a very slow start we both enjoyed it
Pity we didnt have time to look at all the animals and birds they they have in the reserve
It would make a grt day out for the kids and adults alike
As this interested onlooker will confirm lol :):)

Will report back with part 3 thursday or fri from KJS in killamarsh Sheffield

The Catmeat Kid

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Mar 31, 2003
River Wear Durham rugby club strech

Well ive never posted on this thread before but ive had such a cracking few hours fishing today ive just got to write it down!

Got up this morning after the wife had left for work with the intention of working on the new bathroom but i caught site of my nets hanging on the line after yesterday's match and just couldn't help but go to the shed, get my tackle out, put it in the back of the car and drive off. Figuring it would be a good idea to get back before the wife returns home from work i decided to go and have a go at the wear in durham just down the road. Picked up a couple of pints of casters and maggots from the tackle and got down there at 10am, the river didnt look good crystal clear, deviod of features + i could see the bottom half the way across but i figured what the hell im here anyway. Got set up with a 4AA waggler and found 4ft of water about 2/3rds accross, fed a pouch of maggots chucked out and the float piled under resulting in a gudgeon. Well at least im gonna get a few gobbys if owt else im thinking so fire out another pouch full, chuck the waggler over the top and the next thing i know the float is long gone + the rod is being pulled out of my hands, i give it a little jolt to set the hook and 2mins later a chub of about 1 1/2lb is in the net. Next chuck and same again this time around 2lb, chuck after that, a brownie around a pound, chuck after that another chub even bigger than the last! I'd been fishing no more than 10 mintues and had about 8lb in the net. After this i had a stream of big Wear dace (they average about 5-6oz!) big gobbys and little brownies before having another run of chub finishing with 8 in total and a net of around 30lb! I had no more than 5 chucks that didnt result in a bite, the place is stuffed full of fish and its free fishing right on my door step!

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