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Apr 23, 2008
related to the post

A couple of years back, the team that used to run ashford angling had a mahoosive sturgeon

the tale lies in one of the aforementioned team had told his wife they were off to france to fish a big carp lake, this was a common thing with the half dozen that made up the core of thier match-specimen squad

so she helped pack his bags and wished him well

off they went on the jolly boys jaunt

on thier return, there was the usual inquests as to if they had a nice time from the certain anglers wife, to which he confirmed it was just like normal love

a week or so later, the wife in question, was chatting to her mate and the mate mentioned that there was an article in this weeks local paper, a front page header no less on the trip the mob had taken

being the dutiful wife she was, she stopped at the paper shop on the way home and bought the paper for him to read later, this is what she saw

there was a bit of explaining being done as to the venue

(the angler in question was the guy in red, hard to miss eh !)


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Apr 3, 2017
The one near Parbold was called Woods Farm but it was sold and became Beacon View, not sure how many are left in there as the Environment agency wanted them removed. Several of the small fisheries in that area were stocked by a fish farm in the area which has since closed down.
People seem to have lost interest in them a bit now as Wels Catfish are the chosen exotic stock currently.
One of them from there ended up in the Leeds Liverpool canal. It was caught, and one of the local rags published it.
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