Sonubaits oily floaters(16mm)


Jul 26, 2012

I have been using Sonubaits oily floaters 16mm for about 3-4 years now and i use them for free-lining on the canal.
I have half a packet left so i went online to get some more but i dont think they make them anymore in 16mm but they do 11mm.
I use the 16mm on a Korum quickstop bayonet hair or simular manufacturers hook and i can cast the floater nearly to the far bank without a controler float. I have used a controler in the past but i think the noise can spook them so i have stuck to freelining which i do like.
I have tried using sonubaits 11mm floaters but i cant cast as far with 1 floater and if i use 2 11mm on the hook the carp don't seem to take them.
Does anybody know if there are any place where i can get these 16mm floater from or any other makes/brands i could try or even an suggestions on what other bait to use like floting trout pellets maybe. I have used pop-ups trimmed down but not had that much success as on Sonubaits.
I have tried 2 local tackle shops that are still going near me but no luck.

Any help/advice welcome.