Shimano Rear Drag Removal

Martin R

Nov 10, 2015
Bored out of my mind so decided to do some reel servicing, got a pair of Shimano Nexave 4000 RB but I can get the rear drag knob off, it doesn't screw off and there' s no small screw to take off like the older models, there is two small notches either side of the knob which i think may have something to do with its removal but not sure, any help would be greatly appreciated. PS I will never buy shimano again, just plastic rubbish, take one apart you'll see what i mean.



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Oct 3, 2004
That's why I send mine off for servicing. You need the right tools to remove some of the parts. Most of my reels are Shimano and I wouldn't part with any of them. They get serviced every year without fail and are running smoothly and are reliable. I have 2 that wifey bought me for my birthday Aero GTE 6000B's and both still look brand new. The spare spools have never had line on them and I certainly wouldn't even dream of taking them apart. The same goes for the rest of my 'Shimmy's'.


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Feb 1, 2009
There is some kind of circlip to take out ( you can see it in the detailed reel components), but I can't get it out either.
Anyway, shimano reels are excellent, the only problem with these rear drags is that in case of strong rain, water goes inside and the felt washers expand, making the drag hard and impossible to adjust. Sometimes it can recover, but never as new. So in case of rain, protect these reels.
No problem at all with front drag reels. In any case felt washers are sold here for replacement if needed: