Power gum.


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Aug 12, 2006
I'm replacing the rubber links on a pile of feeders with 8lb power gum. Never used the stuff before, so will it stand a good hard cast 60 meters or so, or shall l twizzle it to double it up. TIA👍

Nicky Dodds

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Feb 24, 2018
I've made my own cage feeders for a few years now and I always used to use crimped drennan powergum and it's never let me down. However it has a tendency to assume strange shapes when stored and not used for a while. Not a major problem but it bugged me. I changed to using fladen maxximus shockleader in 0.60mm bought from boyes department store. It's loads stiffer and retains its shape and has performed perfectly. It depends on what type of feeders you are using as this thick line might not sit right with feeders that have the lead down the side and have the link tucked under one end. Powergum may be better in this circumstance but I wouldn't twizzle it.