Poundland Bait range trial


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Jul 10, 2019
Think I'd rather just spend an extra buck and get something I know works well and consistently while also supporting a local tackle shop whom I actually need to stay in business.

£2 for 750g of GB? I can get 2kg branded for £4.50-5.00.
£2 for 500g of Pellets? Not a chance, Can be had way, way cheaper in the tackle shop, or I could just head to my local Dickies pet centre and buy 1 KG bags for £2.50-3 a pop.

Sure, handy if you don't have a local tackle shop but other than that I'm not impressed with the range and especially the pricing. IMO, not competitive at all and I'd be willing to bet this flops within a few months.

Ken the Pacman

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Aug 24, 2015
Copdock do not manufacture pellets they just resell Skrettings or Coppens pellets but they do bag their own variations of groundbaits which are a similar price so it would not surprise me if it was sourced from them, Daiwa do not manufacture pellets or groundbait but sell an increasing range now.
I think the retail anything brigade have cottoned on to the fact that generally anglers buy bait frequently were they might buy a rod or reel once a year so I can see more of this type of thing happening but once they realise its going to be a flop it will soon vanish from the shelves.


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Oct 3, 2004
I've posted this on another thread regarding Poundland selling baits...

Just to update this...

I went into Poundland, Wakefield this morning and no sign of any groundbait, flavours or pellets. The first one I went in (The Ridings shopping centre) didn't know anything about them. The 2nd Poundland I went in (on Trinity Walk) had no sign of them either. I asked the supervisor when they would be getting them in and was given the reply..." I've had no notification on these, otherwise shelf space would be made available"
So there you have it...not available in Wakefield...(yet).

The Ginger Bread Man

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Jul 3, 2018
I know a few years back, Poundland was doing bags of 4mm Copdock Mills pellet. They worked very well on waters round me at the time. But what would you class as a natural? Take our club waters for example. They are approx 160 maybe 170 years old and built to feed water to the pit (long gone now). It has never been a day ticket water so is not a commercial, it's members only. It was never built as a fishery, it was built for a purpose but fish were put in when the pit closed quite a few years ago. So is it a 'natural' or something in between?
I'm off to Wakefield Thursday to see if Poundland has any of the groundbait or pellet and if so, will try them out.
I used them on the canal in vitalin to prebait for the bream with great success. 50lb+ bags at the time (2009)


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