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Jun 1, 2017
Hi Chervil,

No fishing tackle ?? How much space did the good lady need in the car for Xmas presents ?? Nottingham was always the premier place to go for shopping between the two cities, although the Highcross centre has re-dressed the balance a bit. Next time your up my Good lady has said drop your good lady at ours and they can both go here Boundary Mill which we leave us free to go fishing - result. :)
We always drop into Boundary Mill. Came up on Sunday, stayed in premier inn in Grantham and dropped into Boundary Mill and then Gates Garden Centre on the way to Eye Kettleby on Monday. The car was full!


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Aug 21, 2010
When yer mate pops in on his way down south and he drops you off a box of the greatest snack ever......48, 10 gone within 5 minutes ....bloody wife n kids :mad::mad:
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Reminds me of going to see my Aunt Agnes in Dunragit. They were always on the table not had any for a while or the Teacakes.
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