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Jan 30, 2010
3A4EBAAE-31D5-4EF8-88E8-96ED5C18DBD1.jpeg Just saw this on another site
the story QUOTE ...

. never fall asleep with a heater on in your bivvy.. buy a proper sleeping bag
.. Stay safe guys .
I was witness to some horrific events Sunday evening whilst fishing.
The dangers are there for all of us using stoves and heaters in a bivvy. My mates bivvy ignited while he slept,
he appeared in my swim with some nasty burns
. The remains of the bivvy and his stuff are in the pic.

He's really lucky that it wasn't worse but still faces months of recovery with the worst of the burns to his hand and foot.
Get well soon mate. And to the rest of you, take extra care on the bank!!
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