Is there a pole rig how to thread

Jul 28, 2018
hi just back from an exiting three day visit to Broom fisheries and been informed that my current shakespeare cheap floats wouldnt really do athe best job for me. I did spend a good pole silammount of money there treating eself as you do and was give as a gift the Diawa 10 pole float pack with proper winders, some olivets and pole silicone tubing. So what do i need now.
I.E. rig line what strength what does 4x14 mean .
thanks for any info or steering me in right direction.


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Jul 31, 2016
Hi @The_Original_Tack4 Wow that's a big subject I am not sure there is but have a look at @Neil ofthe nene Tutorials

Guide to Pole Fishing Part 5

Few other things that will help.

Anglers Shotting Guide

Using a Dosiampiombo

Pole Float Conversion Chart

Just a word of caution if you get a float and it says 4 X 12 - 0.2g don't be surprised if it takes more than 0.2g to shot it how you like it.

I found a loop tyer useful for mainline > hook loop. for the other end I hand tie. Don't forget the magic double loop if you use a dacron connector,.

Line strength / type will depend on where you fish / species / Summer or Winter.

It will take making a few to get them how you want.

Hope that helps