Ireland 2019


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Apr 22, 2014
Kniteforce , spot on , and most of those Roach are probably small hybrids , what a stupid statement Pigmeal .

Tinca Mad

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Jan 25, 2019
If you are planning a trip to Ireland, the last two weeks of September and first two weeks of October is the time to go.
Days are getting shorter helping day light levels and a greater chance of some cloud\wind\chop on the water to give the fish some confidence\cover in the zebra mussel clear water.
I know from fishing the Shannon at Banagher the roach\bream\hybrids really get their heads down to feed up for winter at this time. I think it's very unfair to judge the fishing on bright days and crystal clear water.
Would you expect to catch large amounts of fish from the same conditions on the Thames and the Avon at Evesham?
These are wild fish and you must think like them and hunt for them. This may mean early mornings and evening sessions.
You can always have a big night and fish the following evening or stay quiet and fish a morning and evening session.
This is why people who ''get'' fishing for these hard fighting fish return as the challenge and since of reward after outwitting them gives a sense of achievement in beautiful surroundings, good company and Irish hospitality.
At the end of the day, fair play is good sport.........
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