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Feb 15, 2001
On the 27th January 2002 one of our members (Malc) posted the following to a new thread called "Where you fished today" :

quote:Originally posted by Malc

Hows about letting us all know where you fished today and how you got on.
I'm off to Drayton Reservoir in a min i'll let you know how it went when i get back.
Who would have thought that over 2 years later the same topic was still running but with over 68 pages and in excess of 2000 posts
It was suggested that it deserved it's own space on the forums and who are we to disagree

So here we have it "Where you've fished today" - the forum

The latest threads have been kept on top and the older ones have been moved into the Archives which can be found by clicking the links > Archives

There's also a collection of old tales that can be seen in the 'Been Fishing' part of the website >

Along with some of the finest reports from one of the best roving reporters >

So there they all are, If you have the time, take a look through them. They are a mine of information, covering venues from one end of the country to another, and some from even further afield.
Or if you're new, bored or just want to refresh a few memories, have a read of the previous reports and then lets continue posting.....

If you wish to include a photo feel free using the 'MyPhoto' but for the enjoyment of others, please crunch/optimize them to reduce your file size to less then 30,000bytes - the smaller the better as oversize photos take an age to load for those on a Dial-up connection.


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