Inebriated Fish?

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017
I once read a book by the late Fred Taylor in which he was recounting some of his many and varied fishing experiences. One tale was about when he was fishing in the states and that a lot of lakes had a big bin of fermenting corn in a corner; anglers were encouraged to throw a ladle load of the corn into the lake every time they passed. The reason for this was that it congregated carp into one area thus making it easier to net them and remove them to other waters as they were classed as vermin. 20 years later I decided to use the information in a match. I put a couple of pound of wheat into a big bucket covered it with boiling water and left it for a month, on match day I scraped the scum off the top of the liquid and fed the resulting mush very heavily, using a single grain of sweetcorn on a 16. The results were spectacular, after a couple of hours the swim was heaving, unfortunately I was plagued by foul hookers due to having so many fish in the swim. My mate on the next peg came to have a look and he swore blind that he could hear drunken Irish folk songs being sung by the carp on the bottom as they were, in his words, p****d as f***s.


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Aug 6, 2011
Stewed wheat used to be a well used Roach bait when I were nobbut a lad.
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