i think I've finally lost it.

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Mar 28, 2008
just got back from my last day out 'early fishing' this year.
wet, no, bloody soaked yes.[xx(]
thankfully my protak suit stopped me getting wet, but everything else is drenched..
just needed that last day before packing it all away until new years day, my annual 1st day of the new year fishing expedition, not missed one for many many years.

although very wet, not really a bad morning.
put up the brolly, got the bait, my sarnie, coffee and rod all ready and placed the feeder spot on the small overhang i aimed at.
had a 'nudge' almost straight away, but nothing came of it.
then maybe 18/20 Min's later, small chub, roach and skimmer followed.

after 2 hours my great friend and fishing buddy had had enough, so had i secretly, we had maybe 6lb between us.
we shook hands, bid our farewells at the cars and left each other laughing in hysterics at the way we both looked and at what we are to go in this weather.. mental and f**king mad as hatters.

so its with a sad and heavy heart i must put my gear away till Jan 1st 2010.
at least it will be fully cleaned, dried and ready to go.

have a wicked Christmas and a brilliant new year all.


the bear-man
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