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Dec 28, 2018
After a pleasant Friday up at Alders, me and the old man decided on giving Dani’s lake at How End a go for a bit of a change.

Being a Monday, we had the lake to ourselves, and having been told that peg 12 has been seriously bagging up of late, we opted to completely ignore that advice and go for the short walk to pegs 6 and 7. Every time we fish I can’t help but feel that Dad is stitching me up as something always tells me that he’s choosing the better peg. Today was no exception. Dad to peg 6, i took 7.

Peg 6 is to the island, with some little triangular inlets cut into the reed beds, into which pops was dunking the Method on his ancient custom made quiver from some time in the late 70’s. I have however given him one of my spare Centris reels so at least the effing and blinding that accompanied reeling in a fish has dissipated as of last Friday. As per usual, he bagged up, and I struggled.

That said, I don’t look upon the days that I don’t catch well as a struggle. Whilst I think I went into it with a good plan, Pole lines at 10m and about 10 and 2 O’clock with Chopped Worm and Casters to my left, hard pellets to the right, and maggots down the margin to my left to prime for later, and again, the Method to the left of the Island ahead of me, with Micros and a Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafter Bandem on a 4” Hook Length.

The Method line did great for the first hour, with a load of good Mirrors to about 8lb, then onto the Pole to the Choppy and Caster line, which resulted in an absolute unit of a mirror taking the Dura 12 Hollo out to the opposite side of the lake!

Thinking that that bode well for a further few beasties, the line promptly went dead. Nothing doing on the Pellet line either so back to the Method for most of the rest of the day, and a visit down the margin for the last hour that resulted in some lovely, if small roach, with the occasional common dropping by.

A lovely day out nevertheless and further learning opportunities. So as usual, never a wasted day.

According to the clickers at the end of the day. Pops lead with 35 fishies, with me trailing behind on 21. I will beat him one day!



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