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Sep 29, 2001
Regular readers will know, that over recent years I have been going away twice a year for a weeks fishing.One week is spent with the Yam Yams and is all match orientated with league, sections and payouts each day. The other is a much more relaxed affair with a group of friends sharing the joy of fishing. No targets just pure fishing.
This year we were going to Weston Pools for the week, stopping on site in one of the log cabins. The venue has been receiving great reports over the last couple of years, not only for the fishing but for the complex as a whole. Caravans, Tents , Hobbit houses, Log cabins are just a few options for staying the night. A club house and Tackle shop on site adds to the attraction. Also with 5 lakes on site and an additional one about a mile away there was plenty of fishing to be had.
We agreed to set off around 6am enabling us to have a breakfast along the way. So it was that Vic, Mick and I set off onto ventures new. It was a really good journey and by 0820 we were pulling into the pre arranged cafe. We had arranged to meet up with Derek at the cafe and were not surprised when he was already sitting on a table with plenty of toast around him. Breakfast devoured it was off to the fishery. It was only a short journey to the Weston Pools Complex where an open was taking place.
Day one Saturday
Due to the fact that there was an open taking place, we were able to fish the Claypit Lake which is the one off site.

The Claypit

The complex has a policy of fishery only pellets, however you can use whatever pellet on the hook, so a couple of bags of 4mm and 6mm pelets were purchased prior to fishing. With directions firmly in place it took no time to get there and with others setting up or already fishing we settled into the first pegs as you arrive at the fishery, pegs 1 to 4.
It was a lovely day weather wise with temperatures above 22 degrees, the fish were cruising around in the upper layers and both Vic and Derek settled into pegs 3 and 4 and planned to fish the pellet waggler. Mick and I were going to fish the pole, Mick top three and myself long and shallow. I am no expert on this style of fishing but enjoy it, I am getting better each time and practice helps.
We all enjoyed the day fishing with Vic and Mick probably doing the best. Mick having a lot of fish from the shaded area close in.

Mick has a unique style, all to himself

Vic though was getting fish around the couple of pound mark from the pellet waggler lines.

Another one in the net for Vic

Whilst myself and Derek spent most of the day chopping and changing tactics to see which worked better.

Derek with a pole caught carp

Day Two Sunday
Troy and Pete had arrived later on the Saturday and made up the full compliment of anglers to six. We managed to get onto Weir Lake and whilst Derek and Vic were sorting out the pegs I purchased the day tickets. Again there were a few matches going on and this seemed to be a regular item. Each day we were being given a different lake and as a lot of the matches were rovers you could get tackled up and start fishing when all of a sudden anglers turn up and fish as part of the match. The weather was glorious, plenty of sunshine and shorts and T shirts were the order of the day. My peg was Peg 10 and looked nice, I could see a few fish in the margins with their heads in the reeds, why do they do that?
I set up rigs to cover 12m straight out, 5m in front and a couple of margin rigs either side. I also set up a now compulsory shallow rig. Armed with fishery 4mms as feed I was going to fish a standard lighter 6mm on the hook. I also had some corn for down the sides. One thing I noticed is the depth, lovely depths from 3 to 4ft on some pegs and good depths in the edges as well.
The day started off quite slow with only a couple of carp in the first hour, so I went for a walk to see some of the other lads also on Weir Lake. Del was getting a few silvers whilst Vic was struggling to get a bite. Mick was doing what does and nicking a few fish on a top three line. Troy and Pete were both catching silvers with Pete having a small barbel amongst his catch.
Back on my peg I was getting a few fish long fishing both up in the water and on the deck, all carp around the 5lb mark or F1s about 2 to 3lb. Good fishing. A switch to the left hand edge produced nothing despite seeing fish in the peg. A look on the right hand margin saw a couple of small F1s and Tench. The biggest change was when I went longer to the edge of the reeds with a shallow rig. Still fishing a 6mm pellet I would simply flick the rig out and ping a few pellets over it and leave it to drop through the levels and repeat. I was regularly getting bites and fish to 12lb from this line. In total I had 36 carp or big F1s for an estimated total between 150 and 200lb. Derek was also getting in amongst the fish doing the same from his peg, Vic had caught a few eventually whilst Mick, Troy and Pete had all caught well with mixed nets (figure of speech) of carp and silvers.

Mick definitely has the whitest legs I have ever seen, Does he wax them?

Day 3 Monday
Monday saw us all gathering around Jacks Lake, A gorgeous looking pool with a central island and plenty of willow tree cover. Again letting somebody place a bag on a peg whilst I got the day tickets worked. Peg 16 on the back of the lake. Vic and Derek were sitting on pegs 3 and 4. Troy and Pete were on 11 and 12 with Mick on 17. I opted for a line at 6m and a couple of margin pegs left and right. A shallow rig was also set up. Starting at 6m I had a couple of small Ide in the first ten minutes followed by a couple of skimmers. I could see Mick and he was planning to fish top three and both edges, one side corn the other pellet. A similar approach to me. I had fed both margins and after an hour had a look on the left hand side with pellet with three sections of pole. A couple of dips before an F1 around 3lb graced the net. A couple of small carp around 2lb also came from this side. A look on double corn on the right hand side on a top kit saw the float burying and me hanging on for dear life, these fish do pull a lot.A carp around 5lb was the culprit lightly hooked in the mouth. I could see both Pete and Troy nicking odd fish with Pete having a barbel on the tip in his catch. Derek and Vic were both struggling despite encouragement and coaching from the fishery owner, however Vic did have a big Ide as a reward. Mick was now in the margins and bagging up, every put in was met with resistance. I was catching well and still getting slaughtered, every time I looked up he was playing fish. I ended up with 43 carp and F1s over the 2lb mark, I had a lot of smaller fish in amonst them for a conservative weight of 150lb, Mick must have added another 50-60lb on top of that. The others all had between 50-80lb. Sorry no fishing photos during the day as phone was on charge.

Still the evening was spent in the clubhouse.
Day Four Tuesday Match 1
We had arranged a few knock ups throughout the week and with permission the fishery allowed us matches on Canal, Stretton and Belvedere during the week.Tuesday was the first of these. Canal Pool and pegs along the spit. As there were only six of us we had plenty of room, allowing us every other peg.

I drew peg 23 and I must admit it looked nice. I could reach the far bank with 12.5m and had a good depth across. I set up another line at 5m, a margin line and a shallow rig. Our match was split with a carp match and also a silvers match, no overall result except for the MK Nugget between Mick and I.
I started off at 5m expecting the fish to become wary as the day wore on and pushing back to the security of the far bank. Small skimmers and crucians came readily but as has been the case all week I look across to Mick and see him playing a carp. A look towards the margin saw my first carp around 3lb but no other bites. Troy and Vic were both struggling, Pete was getting odd fish but the fishing was hard by Weston Pools standards. I decided to fish shallow with around 2 hours left and after losing my first four carp, I changed the rig and hook-length and started nicking odd fish. Things had also improved around me with both Vic and Troy now catching. I was playing catch up also with Mick and felt I was always a couple of fish behind him. Those lost fish would count dearly. Still I was now catching carp and F1s slapping and flicking the rig before time ran out.
My weight of 30lb was only good enough for last place, with Pete winning the Carp pool and Derek winning the Silver Pool.

Troy in the Shade

Happy Vic

Last of the Summer Wines Pete

Derek had top weight overall with 42lb, Troy 41lb, Pete 36lb Vic 34lb Mick 33lb.

Derek with a superb little Bertie

Mick en route to another nugget

So Mick took the MK Nugget to lead 3-2
Day Five Wednesday Match 2
Wednesday saw us fishing Stretton Lake, again another lake we had never fished before. We had been allocated six pegs at the far end of the lake which seemed very fair in comparison. I had drawn peg 26 on the far bank with Mick and Derek either side on 28 and 24 respectively. Vic was on the opposite bank not quite in the corner with Troy and Pete for company.
As this was a larger lake I thought a longer line at 11m with a top three line, a margin line and a shallow rig would cover it all. There was very little difference between top 3 and 11m so set up two rigs with different coloured bristles due to the light on the water. My margin lines was set up in 3ft of water but I did not want to fish it as fish were spawning down the sides and to be honest I did not want to disturb them. I would use this as a deep shallow rig. I started off by cupping in some feed on all lines and by the time I had done that Mick was already playing his first carp, how does he manage it?
My peg was again slow to respond but by pinging a few pellets on the shallow rigs both at 3ft and 18 inches, I started getting a few bites and odd fish. However this soon died. Mick was still catching well, Pete was catching and losing a few whilst Troy was struggling despite looking like a whirling dervish with his pole. Vic was starting to get a few fish which has been the story of us all, all week. Start off slow and catch later on. Derek was now targeting the silver fish and catching crucians, ide and skimmers down the side. I was still feeding the top three line and decided to have a look with an hour to go, A few carp were now on this line and helped top up the weight to 42lb overall. Mick had doubled that weight to end up with 94lb and best match weight of the week. Derek dedicated approach for silvers saw him win the silver pool with 27lb. Vic had a few fish late on and ended with 44lb whilst Troy threw back around 15lb and Pete weighed in 12lb of silvers.
Mick was now leading 4-2 and stretching his lead in the MK Nugget.
Day Six Thursday Match 3

Day Six and a first look at Belvedere Pool, again we were all in one end of the lake.

I drew peg 1 and it looked nice with a small island at around 14m which I did not fancy fishing as the fish steam off at pace and are a larger stamp in this lake. I did set up 11m though away from the island and a top 4 line. A couple of margin rigs completed the set up. I had Troy and Derek for company on my bank and could see Vic, Mick and Pete from my peg.

Derek with one he could ride​

And one he was advised not to

Mick did his customary trick and hooked a carp before anyone had fed their lines. I started off long whilst Vic opposite started off short. I did not have to wait long for a bite and soon black hydro was pouring out of the pole towards the island. Still I managed to turn it and felt comfortable playing the fish. Despite this I proceeded to lose and 6 more of his brothers or sisters before switching to red hydro. I never had another bite on the 11m line but I did switch to the top 4 line and nick a couple of fish from there to test the theory out that the black hydro was bouncing out of the fish. The Red being stronger kept things tighter connected to fish. I also managed a couple of F1s around 3lb each from the right hand margin on double corn. Mick was still nicking odd fish and I knew it would be close between us. Vic was getting a few on his short line and Troy was getting a few down the edge.

Love Ya​
Pete had decided on a silvers match and from what I could see was getting a few down the edges. Derek was also getting F1s next to the platform of the next peg and also had 22lb of silvers to win the silver pool all three matches. Pete weighing in 12lb of silvers.

Pete Thumbs Up​
I sneaked a win in the carp pool with 26lb of carp to Micks 23lb and reduce the deficit in the MK Nugget Challenge to 4-3.
Day Seven Friday
With no more matches and both Troy and Pete having to leave early, it was a day where we could go wherever we wanted, Mick decided on a day on Weir Lake fishing the tip. Vic, Derek and I fished the Stretton Pool again. Despite trying different things and playing with elastics we all struggled again to keep fish in the peg for a period of time. Bites would just come and go, try somewhere else and the same, late on the fish tend to come closer and can be caught well in the last couple of hours. I ended up with around 7 carp and good F1s with a splattering of small F1s and Crucians. Vic was catching well in patches but again the fish drifted in and out a lot. Derek had another mixed day spending time catching gudgeon, crucians and perch with odd carp thrown in.
Overall, I have enjoyed the fishing at Weston Pools, I have had two good days were I had over 150lb, the rest have been a struggle to be honest. The weather did not help with glorious sunshine and roasting temperatures 20+ at the start of the week, before halving to around 13 degrees and a bit more cloud. The fish did not know what to do, spawn, chill in the sunshine or feed. In the end I think they got the hump and did a mix of the lot. Add this to us not knowing how to fish it properly meant we would get lower weights than the locals.
The clubhouse was excellent throughout with plenty of choice and well able to cater for larger parties. Staff were all very friendly and helpful.

Look no hands​
The Tackle shop is well stocked and Darren was excellent throughout our stay, always at hand with queries, loaning us weighing in scales and buckets and offering general advice.
My only criticism is the accommodation, it was very basic compared to other fishing log cabins I have stayed in.There were only enough cutlery, plates etc for three people. No freezer compartment in the fridge.The shower was tiny and although I have put on weight it was difficult to turn around. Mick must have showered with the door open,😝😝, amongst a few other small gripes.

Mick 4
Keith 3


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Sep 29, 2001
With Mick being unable to fish this week I managed to sort out my days off to leave Thursday as a spare day. Vic and Derek were keen to have a go on the Pellet Waggler and Bomb in readiness for the upcoming Viaduct trip with the Yam Yams. These are methods we very rarely use, the waters we fish just do not suit. Occasionally the bomb will score, when all else fails but generally the rods are left in the bag.
A meet up at Jacks cafe just outside Towcester allowed us plenty of time to get to Meadowlands, which is situated this side of Coventry. Forty Five minutes later we were pulling into the fishery. Day tickets and a couple of bags of fishery pellet 8mms were purchased before we got the gear and walked to the nearby pegs 18-20.

Both in

I was on 18, Vic on 19 with Derek taking the last peg 20. I had deliberately left the pole bag at home, I know if I took it I would fish it.
So it was time to dust off the rods, Maver Powerlite 11ft Waggler rods fishing a 4AAA Drake to a size 16 LWG with a band in the hair to take an 8mm Jupiter or standard Skretting pellet. Reel line was Daiwa ST 6lb. For the bomb line I fished the 11ft version of the Powerlite Feeder system. Lovely and forgiving under the tip. A size 16 QM1 tied to 18inches of .20 Stroft and again a band in a hair.
I started off feeding 3 or 4 8mm fishery pellets at around 30m. The Drake soon followed with a 8mm Jupiter on the hook. However the wind was proving tricky, left to right, creating a large bow in the line. I was able to get the distance with both float and feed but connecting to bites was awkward.

Derek With a Meadowlands Baby

By constantly feeding it was a case of trying to hit bites with a large bow, the fish were not taking the bait as it hit the water, it needed to hang for a little while. I managed to winkle out 6 carp up to around 5lb before both Vic and I had a couple of good pound plus roach on pellet. Then something I had heard about but not witnessed before at Meadowlands, I started catching bream, not skimmers but bream 3 to 4lb fish, three foot deep and regularly. I had had skimmers before but not the larger bream and this was all on the waggler.
The bomb proved worthless for me, just one additional carp, however Vic and Derek had a couple of fish on it.
Next day out is to Tyler's Common on Saturday, not really looking forward to it but as my counsellor says " go with a positive mental attitude".


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Sep 29, 2001
It seems that I have been spending a lot of time in the garage lately. It all started packing gear ready for a week at Weston Pools, come back and replace it all for a pleasure day at Meadowlands before switching it all around again for the trip to Tyler's Common today.Oh the joys.
So Tyler's Common, I picked Mick up for the relative local trip to Brentwood, home to the Konchi's Pie and Mash shop that happens to do a cracking breakfast. The venue is only about 10 minutes away.

View from peg 14

We had booked Willow Lake for the day, 14 anglers plus one guest, Malc Doyle,the Jinx himself. So with pools paid it was off to peg it out. Both Mick and I managed to peg it so everyone had a bit of room 2 pegs miss one and so on.Whilst doing the pegging we did notice it was absolutely black with fish in the early pegs, the wind was blowing into this bank, so this may have been the reason. The draw placed Mick on peg 8, in amongst the black stuff, whilst I was going for a walk to the opposite bank, peg 14 and as far as possible away from the cruising fish.

Chairman Dave has Rod's ear

My plan for the day was to catch as many fish as possible shallow before switching to the edges later in the session. We had been told there may be a need for a mid match weigh in so hopefully that is when I would switch.
I made up two shallow rigs to cover 12 inches and 18 inches, differing hook lengths one with a B911F1 hook in size 16 the other a size 18 B911X. I also set up a long line mugging rig. I also set up a couple of margin rigs to fish both sides on a top kit. Bait were pellets, pellets and pellets, 4s 6s and 8s were all on my tray and plenty of them.

Tony Roberts - Why is my barrow in the lake?

At the all in I started on the shallow rigs, feeding a few pellets and dropping the rig in amongst them, I managed a couple of fish but there did not seem to be enough fish competing for the bait. Upping the feed made little difference as I was having to wait for a bite after the feed had gone past the hookbait. I could hear Clive and John both catching well and felt as if I was going nowhere. I could even see Mick and Simon in the distance playing fish each time I looked up. An earlier than expected look down the edges proved a good move as I nicked a couple of fish from the left hand topkit and a couple of fish from the right. I would then try shallow again for 10 minutes before trying again, this time nothing to the left and another couple of fish from the right. I was now getting into a rhythm and rotating my lines, however two of the lines were not producing so needed to start another couple. I added another couple of sections to both my margin lines and hoped these would prove fruitful.

Troy preparing his meat

The Watkins Brothers -It was this big? Honest

Everyone on the lake could hear Tony R and Troy talking amongst themselves, I had this on pellet, I had that on corn, it was quite funny listening in. It seemed that the double pegging made for little two peg battles separate from the main match, no one angler was running away with it.

I just managed to get my head down and was now rotating my right hand edge lines, topkit, top three and top four, nicking odd fish from one and moving the rotation. At the all out I estimated I had around the ton mark and a quick chat with Clive, he reckoned around the same, it would be close.
1st Mick Wright 143-00
2nd Simon Watkins 142-00
3rd Tony Roberts 141-12
4th Troy Hillyer 130-08
5th John Holdsworth 119-00
6th Keith Ashby 109-00

Bagging pegs 7 and 8

Well done to Mick, Tony and John on the section wins.
The lake was very consistent and fair to be honest, I think we knew in advance which pegs were going to frame, although not in which order. I also stated previously that I did not like the lakes which was unfair, The lakes are fine, although a lot of the fish are in poor condition. What I did not enjoy was the amount of pleasure anglers walking around trying to find a peg or moving around from lake to lake.

Mick 5
Keith 3


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Sep 29, 2001
The last couple of matches have been a bit of a mystery, I have caught plenty of fish but no real weight. Another pound on each fish would have seen dramatic changes in my fortune. However, it is very hard to choose which fish will take your bait. Older and wiser spring to mind and I am currently getting the kindergarten stamp at present.
Mick's turn to drive and a long one to boot. Hartleylands means a 0500 start to get to the Knoxbridge cafe in time for opening at 0700. A full English washed down with a couple of cups of tea always goes down well and to meet up with a couple of others fishing the match sets the tone.
The short trip to Hartleylands was soon done and I was pleased to see a lot of work has gone into refurbishing the venue. Proper car parks, new lakes, solid platforms and good signage as well as a bailiff on site to answer any queries all looks good for the future. We were on Peartree Lake, having not fished it for a few years, I can vaguely remember fishing on the edge of one of the islands and catching late on, close in.
This lake has also changed and another island created and with the wind blowing into it and a lot of scum being created congregating into the corner I fancied it for a few fish. We had the far bank and the car park bank to play with and with only 12 in attendance, it was decided to peg out four pegs, miss one, four pegs miss one, four pegs.
As is the norm Mick drew first and peg 25 down the far end of the lake, close to where I was last time and the furthest away from the fish. My turn and peg 27, a bit further down and in the same section as Mick. Tony" the Reverend" ( Due to the amount of exorcising he was doing) Roberts was in between us with Chairman Dave on the end peg in the corner, no short walk for him today!!!!!!!!
I must admit I still fancied the peg for a few fish, they were cruising around without a care in the world. I set about setting up to fish 3 lines, 2+2 with a DT Diamond .3, size 16 B911X to .17. I had the same depth at 11m so would double up on this if required. A couple of margin rigs Derek Smith Diamonds .2 with same hook and line. I also set a light rig for up in the water and a heavier slapping rig. Bait was corn, pellet and meat.
At the all in I potted some feed down both sides and started off on corn 2+2. After 10 minutes I had a couple of liners to show but no fish. Tony had a couple of small fish but Dave and Mick were both fish-less. A switch to a shallow rig on the same line saw a small common around the 1lb mark. A few more followed before the line dried up. I re-fed and went out to 11m. Again the same sort of reaction a couple of fish before the line dying. Ten minutes down both sides saw a single mirror around 1.5lb. Others were catching further up the lake, and it seemed the further you went the better the fishing got. Still a section to win. Birthday boy Troy and Kris were neck and neck, both fishing the pellet waggler towards the island. Sometimes only feet apart according to the rumours.Simon and Gino were having their own private battle on the new island whilst John was bagging down the edge into the scum. I knew Mick was struggling despite him spending a whole 12 hour night shift making rigs. Tony was just picking off odd fish and still on the small side. By half way Dave was admitting to 10lb and although I had that already I was not too far ahead. I decided to just keep rotating and working my baits to try to keep fish coming to the net. They may have been small but they all count. It seems as if my run of small fish would continue. Mick's fortune did not change and he was destined to finish down the field. Dave's did though with a run of late carp pushing up his weight.

1st John Holdsworth 160-04
2nd Gino Exell 74-12
3rd Troy Hillyer 64-12
4th Simon Watkins 60-08
5th Clive Pritchard 56-00
6th Kris Old 52-08

My weight of 50-04 was enough for 7th overall, but I felt I had worked hard for the section win. Again another day full of small fish with nothing over 1.5lb. Well done to all the framers and section winners. Mick's weight of 11lb cost him a MK Nugget and a little bit of abuse at work. Dave's long walk never paid off with John having the remaining peg in the bag and winning the match. Ouch. Next match is in a fortnight at Southend Farm and another new venue for the satnav for both Mick and I.

Mick 5
Keith 4


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Sep 29, 2001
Another new venue for me, Southend Farm. By all accounts it is stuffed with fish, plenty of carp with a few horses in amongst them, add in good skimmer weights and it was a day not to be missed. Despite work offering a good package to go in, I could not let those around me down..
I had spoken to Andy Gregory over Facebook and I had a game plan for the day, I had shared this with a club.It had worked before and I was confident in it working again. Meat at top four, a shallow meat rig and a margin rig would see the pole only used if I was not catching on the Pellet Waggler. I had brought two rods with me and set up a Drake 4BB Waggler to fish around 30m at a depth of 2ft. I also set up a 3AAA Drake to fish the same line but I had this set at 5ft and was hoping they would stay still long enough for bites.I also set up a bomb rod in case the wind was too bad.
It was my turn to drive and due to the fact that it was a new venue and we were going to be trusting Tom Tom and Mick Mick to direct us Troy decided on following us down.
Leaving Mick's at 0600 we made good headway, entering the fishery at 0650. This was the closest we have ever fished with Marsh barring Alders Farm. A good breakfast was soon devoured, it was a nice set up, plenty of lakes, plenty of parking available, tackle shop and cafe.

With monies paid it was time for the draw.I was hoping for a low number, we had all the pegs along the far bank and round the corner to about 14 so anywhere between 2 and 6 would be beneficial. In goes Mick peg 9, Troy goes in Peg 8 I go in peg 4, happy days. This Positive Mental Attitude thing is working.

Three rods Unheard of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the all in I started on the pellet waggler using the 4BB drake I was able to reach 30m comfortably but the wind was blowing right to left and creating a significant bow in the line. I was feeding 3 or 4 8mm pellets regularly and despite swapping between long and short up or down all I had to show for it was a solitary skimmer after an hour. Tony Watkins on the next peg was also on the waggler and had hooked and lost two good carp. So with fish in the area I persevered. The second hour was just as bad with a smaller skimmer on the waggler line( I was warned they may take a while to turn up). I had however started feeding my pole lines. I needed to put some fish in the net, even if it was only for an hour. Gino was getting a few fish so silvers were a distinct possibility for a weight if the carp did not show.

Looks Fishy
I started on a top four at depth dripping in 4 8mm cubes of meat each put in and was getting a few small skimmers and some chunky roach on the drop. I probably had around 15lb of pole caught skimmers after 3 hours but a look down the sides changed things. I was getting a few better skimmers around 2 to 2.5lb mark from the right hand edge and was starting to get into a rhythm when John appears behind me and says I think I need to weigh this one, a double figure fish and it would mean having to catch around 6 good skimmers to catch that fish up. Next thing I know Tony on peg 3 has hooked a carp and although not as big as John's would still need matching.

Never did ask why Mick had a cross in his keepnet. Divine intervention.

I had been catching a lot of skimmers to the right hand side all on meat and going well but felt it needed a rest, so I switched to fishing a top two ( same depth) to the left this time with an 8mm hard pellet. I stayed on this for around 10 or 15 minutes with no bites, until the float buried and a proper fish was on 14.5lb of mirror carp for my first Southend Farm lump.
Back over to the right and a few more skimmers and roach on meat, another look on left hand swim, nothing no bites.John pops his head round the corner again with another even bigger carp. 16.5lb, Tony was in again but lost it along with the whole rig. Out he goes again with another rig and the same thing happens, no one likes to see that happen. During my chuckles I managed to pinch another carp from the left hand swim, a stunning Ghostie tipping the scales at 11lb 4oz. Tony had now got his act together and had placed a couple of smaller carp in his net. I was now getting a skimmer nearly every put in and going well. I had started another keepnet at 1430 and during the last 90 minutes I managed to put 35lb in it all skimmers.
At the all out I was confident I had 50lb of skimmers and roach, Added to the 25lb of carp I reckoned on having 75lb of fish. I knew John had caught carp and had a few in a keepnet, the Reverand Tony Roberts was keeping quiet so I knew he had caught, whilst Troy and Tony were saying it was close.
1st Keith Ashby 97-12
2nd John Holdsworth 54-04
3rd Tony Roberts 42-00
4th Tony Watkins 38-00
5th Troy Hillyer 31-12
6th Mick Wright 31-08
Another new venue, well worth another visit, even if it is just to break the ton mark. Another section win for Troy. My silver's nets went 72lb.Another MK Nugget for me.

Keith 5
Mick 5


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Sep 29, 2001
There are a couple of matches that I really look forward to each year. The Yam Yams at Viaduct Fishery, Hartleylands Res, the JJL Match at Alders and the Marsh matches at the same venue. I have been spoilt this year as I can also add the Maggotdrowning Pairs event at Alders Farm to the calendar.
The good thing about all of these matches is the craic, I have been known to give out some stick to individuals on some of the matches I fish, but I do receive a fair bit of provocation as well.
I had not been to Alders Farm since November, but I had an idea of what was working and where I fancied to fish. Believe me this fishery is going places, and developing extremely well. The owners are welcoming, helpful and polite. If they can help you they will.The matches are under the guidance of Trevor Price who runs the fishery side for the owners. The balance works well with plenty of banter in the shop as well.
As this is a local event for both Mick and I, we decided to make our own way to the fishery. Mick having had to take two days holiday looked refreshed and vitalised and ready to take up the MK Nugget challenge.

What a beautiful venue

A full English breakfast was soon devoured, all washed down with a proper mug of tea. Monies paid and it draw time. We had pegs 1 to 10 and 25 to 30 leaving the dam wall to any pleasure anglers. As is the norm, Mick goes into the bag and out pops peg 1, believe me I have never in twenty odd years of knowing Mick seen him run until today.

Kris another of the MK anglers, had drawn well in peg 29, a shallow peg but does normally hold a few better fish. Me, well I go into the pot and draw end peg 10, with the wind blowing out of it and a couple of pleasure anglers in the corner pegs. However, I am a new man and have a PMA, belief that there is no such thing as a poor peg, just a poor angler fishing it.So with my head firmly being firmly held up by my belly, I trundled off to the corner of shame.
So I was going to be up against it. My section was a collection of reprobates from within the angling fraternity, Mugger Morton on peg 25 all on his lonesome.

Me on 10, Dave " the Paste" Pontin on 8 and the Reverend Tony Roberts on 6.
I set up a top four bottom rig, a top three bottom rig, a top two bottom rig which doubled as a margin rig. A shallow rig completed the set up. Fishing long was not going to happen today. Bait was to be corn down the edge, pellet on the longer lines 4mm fishery pellet for feed with 6 or 8mm hookers.
At the all in I threw a handful of corn down the left edge on a topkit and a handful of 4mm sinkers on the top three line. I then started fishing the top four line. I know this sounds strange but I have found this works if you want the fish to come closer. I can then follow then in rather than out.
I had a fish straight away with a banded 6mm hard pellet but then things got strange, I felt fish were in the peg as there was some clouding up of the water but I could not get a bite. Lifting and dropping, switching to a 4mm banded or 6mm expander made no difference. Changing to a top three, I could only foul hook fish and the elastics were too tight, changed them over and landed a couple but still only the first fish was hooked in the mouth. by the end of the first hour I was going no where with 4 fish. I tried fishing around the feed and this improved things a little with a few more hooked fish in the mouth. After 2 hours I had 12 fish for around 30lb. Dave Pontin was admitting to 4 fish but there was a lot of splashing noises coming from his peg. I could not see Tony or Peter but knew they would come good at some point. Word was though that it was fishing slow. Things may work out if I could keep those fishy things coming. A couple of quick looks down the edge brought a single carp around 2lb. Back out to top four and a run of fish every other put in. The bites though were very slight, so I dotted it right down and greased the bristle to help with surface tension. When that slowed I came in closer and again a few more fish for the nets. The only line that did not produce was the top two line. A switch to the margins with 90 minutes to go, saw a few better fish show and I managed another 60lb in that time. On a harder than most day it was very welcome.
At the all out I could not really put a weight on my catch, it was a strange one, I thought I had done a ton twenty but doubt crept in when I started the weighing in.
Starting at Peg 1 Mick was grinning like a cheshire cat, He had caught well all day and had 4 nets in place. The scales settled on 143lb. That would take some beating.
Jim lost out to his son in the father and son battle on pegs 2 and 3 with Mikey taking the honours 80lb to 68lb. Chris was on peg 5 and although he enjoyed his day was never in it, he is on the mend from a serious injury and with time will get back to full strength. Tony used his holy licence to sneak in with 96lb and another near ton. Mr Sparkle Dave Pontin was up next and was looking quite confident. However the scales confirmed a different story and 92lb.

Dave with part of his 92lb catch

I was up next and with three nets in and Mick in attendance I managed to scrape 145-08 for a sneaky MK Nugget. The section though was still up for grabs, only Mugger to go, and despite his best efforts could only muster 125-12.

Clive as always is a danger, and by all accounts had caught well from the off, there were rumours he was standing on his box to land fish but 141lb was good enough for his section. Dave unfortunately was struggling with arthritis and 38lb. Onto Kris, giggling his way around the weighing in, looking for every little plus point to take with him. 104lb and another ton for a genuinely nice man. John was last to trouble the scalesman with a good 89lb.
1st Keith Ashby Peg 10 145-08
2nd Mick Wright Peg 1 143-00
3rd Clive Pritchard Peg 27 141-04
4th Pete Morton Peg 25 125-12
5th Kris Old Peg 29 104-00
6th Tony Roberts Peg 6 96-12.
Overall a good day for me, A hard won win, good banter with Dave Pontin next door. A MK Nugget off Mick a good fair match, with no one running away with it. I cannot make the next match so that will have an effect on the league but that is the price I must pay for a week with the Yam Yams and a few rarely drunk beers.

Mick 5
Keith 6


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Sep 29, 2001
It seems that it was only yesterday that I was packing away all the gear and going off on my travels around the country in search of those elusive fish. The one event of the year I really look forward to is the Yam Yam week.It sees 12 anglers descending to Viaduct Fishery from all parts of the Black Country and Buckinghamshire. We all go with the same agenda, the chance to catch some wonderful fish, enjoy each others company and to get slaughtered both during and after the matches. It is a week where the banter is in full flow. Friendships that have been forged over periods of time, from way back in the Whiteacres and Stafford Moor festival days If you can understand them.
Our week actually consists of 8 days, a week at Viaduct and a days fishing at Goodiford Mill. Just to get us in the mood. So with an even longer trip than normal and an early booking at Goodiford Mill it was the sound of the alarm clock going off at 2am, I had arranged top meet Vic in Buckingham and we would travel down in convoy eventually meeting up with Derek at Taunton Deane Services.
Leaving so early enabled us to make good time and before long we both were sitting in McDonald's at the services waiting for Derek, and we waited and waited. A phone call allowed us to find out the reason. Instead of coming off the motorway at the services, Derek and his satnav took him off earlier than expected and although he could see the services he could not get to them. We agreed to push on and in true Top Gear fashion we left him to his own devices and headed to Goodiford Mill. His satnav must have fixed itself by now as when we arrived Derek was walking round the lake looking hungry. All of a sudden a mass of vans arrived and we were set, Our week had started and in true form so did the mickey taking.
Goodiford Mill 13.07.2018
Goodiford Mill responds well to pellet waggler tactics and this is a major strength with our Black Country friends. However although I can fish the PW I cannot get it to work as well as the others. I would give it a go for a couple of hours but would know at some point I would have a look on the pole.
I had drawn end peg on the bank, permanent peg 10 with Gongo and Nobby for company. Gongo would be fishing the Bomb with pole as a back up whilst Nobby would have a go at both Bomb and PW with a dabble on the pole with paste late on.
I set up to fish the PW for the first two hours then go on the pole if I was struggling. Bait would be 8mm skretting pellets on the waggler, 6mm skrettings down the edges with corn or double corn as a hook-bait.Vic had drawn in my section and as the top two in each section got a pay out we would be aiming for that pot. We also had Paul in our section, part man part fish.
I do not know whether it was us or not but the bottom of the lake our end was fishing hard, after the two hours on the waggler I only had one skimmer. It was getting better the closer you were to the entrance. Nobby and Gongo were nicking odd fish on the waggler, Paul was getting small fish, Vic was also getting a few but also losing a lot.
I needed to go onto the pole, I had fed it for a couple of hours and after 5 minutes one of Derek Smiths green floats buried and I was in. A good fish of around 7lb.10 minutes later another one. I was catching a few up. These fish were bigger than the 2lb fish the others were catching. Persevering on both left and right margins I managed to overtake both Nobby and Gongo.
The lake fished well considering it was baking hot, plenty of fish coming to the pellet waggler. Bob slaughtered the match with around 200lb and took the section first pot with Cotty coming second with 100lb. Our section was being won by Paul D with 140lb Vic in second place 92lb until I weighed in to pinch it by just over a pound. So a good start to the week with a section payout and money into the MK Hemel pot.
With all the gear packed away it was off to the pub to have a wash and brush up before a meal and a few pints. It was a long day, 2am start, really hot day, a few pints, a good meal, a few more pints and bed. I did sleep.
Viaduct Fishery Campbell Lake 14.07.2018
After a good nights sleep and a full English breakfast at the pub it was off to Somerton and the brilliant Viaduct fishery. We had booked a match on Campbell lake and with only the 12 of us on it we all had a bit of room. My home would be 119 in the top corner and a peg I had fished before. I knew there were resident fish in the bush right in the corner, but getting them out was difficult and I lost no end of gear fishing too close. I went with a plan to fish the open water shallow and down the edge at 5 sections, halfway to the bush. If I could get a few feeding fish at least I would have a chance of getting them out.
I had Frenchy for company, on 118 then Derek and Vic on 116 and 114. Cotty on 112 and Nobby finishing the section on 110. I could see Paul and Bob opposite so I could keep an eye on what they were doing.
I started off fishing shallow, slapping a 6mm pellet with a crystal dibber, this worked well for around 2 hours with around 10 fish in the net. Frenchy was matching my catch rate and it was to and fro.
The middle of my match was just about nicking odd fish and by switching areas of the peg, I sneaked another four of five fish out. Word was Cotty was getting a few fish and was the man to beat in our section. Paul D was bagging on the bomb to the first pallet, after getting a few shallow and some edge dwellers.
My last couple of hours were spent down the edge where I managed another 7 fish giving me 22 in total.
My weight of 146lb was enough to pip Cotty's 141lb with Derek getting third with 128lb. Everyone in the section had over a ton. On the opposite bank Paul blitzed the match and section with 259lb with Dave W second on 173lb and Gongo third on 155lb. Only Fred missed out on a ton but only just. Still I had an important section win and 1 point to start the festival in a good position.
Viaduct Fishery Lodge Lake 15.07.2018
Those of you who have read my blogs before may know that I dislike Lodge Lake with a vengeance, I just cannot get my head around it. Although there are plenty of fish in there, they seem to live in certain areas and are reluctant to move too far. I fancied a peg in the narrow section at the top of the lake. With brilliant sunshine, the carp were all cruising around the surface without a care in the world. I had drawn peg 56, on the lawn in front of the shop and not in my eyes a good peg with the wind going in the opposite direction.I had two good looking edges though and just hoped I could nick one or two dobbing and a couple of edge fish. I started off flicking a pellet in front of any cruising fish i could see but after thirty fruitless minutes I switched to a slapping rig hoping to provoke a reaction. I had been feeding the edges and after another 30 minutes with only a single roach to show for my efforts, it was time to have a look. A couple of small skimmers came to the right hand edge and although I fed two lines along the bank I could only catch skimmers from one of them and nothing on the longer line. I had also fed a line on top two/three to my left with corn and after re-feeding it noticed a swirl and went over it with double corn. Bang, the float goes and orange vespe is coming out of the pole. At last a proper fish. Safely netted I went back out and nothing. Rotating the margins did not work and I managed another fish and lost one at the net for 26lb and last in section. All my good work the day before was for nothing.I firmly believe it is a poor peg as others have had it over the years and nothing has come from it. Gongo won the section with 100lb. Soupy second with 88lb and Frenchy 3rd with 67lb.
Vic won the other section and the match with 129lb with Dave W second 103lb and Del third with 83lb. Still a few more coins into the MK Hemel pot.
Viaduct Fishery Cary Lake 16.07.2018
Cary's or scary Cary's as the locals call it is a bit of an enigma, during our stay one of the huge larch trees cracked and fell into the lakeng off a large area around peg 81. The impact was that within a couple of hours loads of carp where seen within the branches feeling nice and secure.For my part I drew peg 100, not really where I wanted to be but I worked on the premise that the fish will want to get to peg 81 and to do that they needed to go past my traps. Two bomb rods and two waggler rods, one up one down and a top four down the edge. We have had some really good days on the lake but also our share of gruellers. So I was going to do something different to start with. I had Frenchy and Dave W either side of me with Nobby on the end peg flyer. I started off on the waggler fishing and feeding 6mm pellets. There seems to be a preference at present with a smaller bait, but after an hour I hadn't had a bite on the waggler so switched to the bomb. After 10 minutes on this my first bite ripped the rod off the rest and I was lucky to hang onto it. Slowly clawing the fish back I slipped the net under a superb common around 15lb. A smaller mirror around 7lb followed after another 30 minutes but it was slow going. A change to an 8mm pellet did not make any difference although there was a few more liners. Do not know why!!!. Still I was ahead of Frenchy and Dave W who both had 1 fish each. Nobby had caught 4 at this stage. Still plugging away on the bomb with 6mm pellets I sneaked out another two good carp around 11lb each for a total of 46lb. Dave had a good last hour and landed 6 fish in the time including one on the whistle. Nobby had slowed down and Frenchy had foul hooked and landed two more fish. Paul D won the section with 159lb from Bob who popped 91lb onto the scales. My weight was only good enough for 5th in section and together with last in section the day previous, my festival was over. I could only hope for a top 6 finish at best.
Fred had secured the other section with 151lb from Derek's 132lb. Vic was like me struggling and 5th in section. Still some more coin into the pot.
Viaduct Fishery Campbell Lake 17.07.2018
After having a good result on the opening Saturday it was back onto Campbell lake for the Tuesday match. I had drawn peg 128 next to the spit on the lake. A peg fraught with snags in the shape of brambles along the right hand bank and overhead willow trees impairing the bomb lines. I could still fish the pole comfortably but was hoping for the fish to come to me at 2+2 rather than me chasing them all over the peg. I had caught on the bomb in this peg before but this area of the peg was out of bounds due to the willow tree. I could only fish to the side of it if the fish would travel up that far.
I started off fishing the bomb in the area I could get to, feeding 6mms and fishing a 6mm on the hair. A slow start with only 2 small carp for around 7lb saw me try the 2+2 line. I had fed it with 4mm pellets and was hoping the larger 6mm would stand out from the crowd. A run of decent skimmers boosted my weight but was no good as everyone else was catching carp. I definitely got this day wrong tactically and feeding. I did catch some fish late on down to the brambles but also lost a lot of kit in the process. Not a good day all round. Derek was just up from me and with three hours to go was struggling and then they turned up down his edges and he managed 157lb for 4th in section only. Gongo had won the match and section with 312lb, Dave W in same section had 228lb and Bob with 192lb. The other section fished equally as well with Soupy 203lb, Cotty 187lb and Paul D 167lb filling the places. No pennies into the pot but a day where I got it all wrong and was glad it was over. Time for a beer or six.
Viaduct Fishery Match Pool 18.07.2018.
I was out of the festival by a long way but still had a chance of gaining a few places on those around me. My positive mental attitude had kicked in and I was going to do some damage. I felt the alcohol the previous night had cleared my head and would allow me to attack. The match lake was poor for me last year but I learnt a lot. It contained some large carp and some good sized F1's along with skimmers and roach. My plan was going to be slapping for 3 hours followed by 3 hours down the edges no matter where I drew.
At the draw I pulled out 49 a good peg. a bank of reeds although I could not get close I could get closeish and that would do. My edge looked good top three to my right. I had around 18inches here and a little bit more out from the bank.Bait was 6mm pellet and corn. 6mm pellet would be my prefered bait of choice for the slapping. I had Derek and Nobby for company either side but also had Gongo, Bob and Frenchy in the section. Taking on the F1 guys at there own game. I started off slapping in open water and had an F1 around 3lb second slap but is was a lone fish. I remember from the previous year though to keep switch lines and areas of the peg to keep bites and fish coming. I moved to the reeds and again a run of F1's and an odd carp. I was going well, the white hydro worked well in the conditions and everything was going to plan. Nobby and Derek had caught a few fish each, Nobby on the bomb to the island whilst Derek was on the pole margins. I had around 40lb after around the three hour mark and word was it was doing well. I had primed the margin with corn and a few pellets. First put in on this line saw a foul hooker. next thing again. I shallowed up to half depth and started connecting with fish hooked in the mouth. This continued until the end of the match, catching shallow with corn in nine inches of water and pushing the bait up the bank. I weighed in 117lb for the overall win and section prize, Derek was second in the section with 79lb and Bob third with 70lb. Dave W and Paul D kept up their great form coming first and second in the other section.
I had managed to overtake a few anglers on the day and created a gap from the chasing pack. A few more pennies into the pot. A celebratory drink was had by all.
Viaduct Fishery Thursday Open 19.07.2018.
To be fair I felt a little rough after the previous nights exertions but was happy when peg 123 stuck to my paw on the Thursday Open. I had Derek opposite me on 118 with Dave W and Nobby on 113 and 114. Paul D was on peg 130 and again was hopeful of a good day's fishing. Bob had caught well on the peg earlier in the week and I fancied it for a few fish.to the platform on the bomb.On arrival at the peg I could see the black silt bottom being churned up on the next peg at bomb distance. Unfortunately so did the lad on the peg. I would try to split the fish but did not fancy my chances. It was full of feeding carp. I set up a couple of bomb rods for the platform and open water and a couple of shallow rigs in case I could get a run together. My match was a bit of an anti climax, I would get one then wait too long before the next bite, changing to the pole did not seem to work either. However, the guy on the next peg and Derek opposite me destroyed me completely. Peg 124 had 266lb for the eventual match win after another lad on Cary went over on one of his nets. Derek had 157lb and did not seem to be catching well but to make matters worse he caught on the bomb late.
Nobby and Dave both had over a ton whilst Paul had 183lb and Bob 167 from Cary's and 5th and 6th respectively.
Viaduct Fishery Lodge Lake 20.07.2018
Last day of the festival and although I had sneaked up a place in the last match I could gain another improvement by doing well in the last match. It was back on Lodge Lake and I must admit I was not looking forward to it. The only saving grace was that my nemesis 56 could be changed to 57 if the angler drew it.
And guess who that was, yep me, again. This time i was going on 57 and although I would not see sunshine all match as it is very sheltered. I thought attacking it from a different angle may help me get more bites. Bomb, long pole, shallow pole, edges everything was catered for. Although I had only 12 inches to the right edge I could go along the bank and just off to find 18inches. My right hand edge was around 2 ft and was getting plenty of 4mm pellets and 2 tins of corn at the off. No messing around this time. (&*%^ or bust
To cut a long story short 3lb of roach to the right edge, 1 carp for 15lb 11oz, 2 foul hooked and one lost at the net for 18lb 11oz and believe it or not second last on the lake.
Believe it or not though, I was lucky enough to gain a place on that angler and managed to creep up the leader board.
Overall it has been a cracking week, plenty of banter and good laughs along the way. No one is safe.
But I must say a large thank you to all the lads who make it each year, they make us feel truly welcome and that means a lot. We are not going to set the world alight we our angling prowess, but we try and we learn from some of the best who keep nothing back. To Paul and Soupy who organise everything. All you need to do is turn up. Well done to all who competed. We have all won some coin during the week and can take away some prize money. It is about competing not winning.
On a rather surprising note we stayed overnight at the Old Pound Inn at Aller, A lovely old pub with bed and breakfast available. They said we could come back, whoo whooo!!!!! More than the last two places did.
Goodiford Mill again looked after us on the day and allowed a later start than normal due to the distances involved. We will be booking again for next year. Finally to Steve, Helen,Matt and Colin at Viaduct. Your welcoming hospitality knows no bounds. Always greeting us with a smile and bending over backwards to ensure our stay is perfect in every way. Even emptying our bins so we can get more empty bottles and cans in them. Next time can you arrange for me to catch some fish.
A brilliant week away and something I look forward to each year. Roll on July 27th 2019.
Overall Results
1st Paul Davis 13 points
2nd Gongo 16 points 2 section wins
3rd Dave W 16 points 1 section win
4th Cotty 17 points
5th Soupy 18 points
6th Derek 19 points
7th Vic 23 points
8th Keith 24 points 2 section wins
9th Bob 24 points 0 section wins
10th Fred 26 points 1 section win
11th Nobby 26 points 0 section wins
12th Frenchy 30 points

Next fishing for me is the MDs Pair's weekend at Alders Farm.


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Sep 29, 2001
Sorry lads no photos as my phone SD messed up during the trip home. Lost all my music and photos not a happy bunny.


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Sep 29, 2001
Yesterday we had a prelude match on Pines Lake as a taster for things to come on ash over two days. I had performed well considering the abuse I was receiving from the Reverend Tony Roberts, although I must admit some of it was deserved as I may have responded to the provocation. Mugger Morton on the other hand was shocked to the core with the language and profanities coming from the clergy.
Day One
Still as the good book says I must turn the other cheek and moved forward to today's match. The format is quite simple everyone draws for a partner. He is your partner for the two days. The overall winners will be decided on points based on your position in each days match. So the winner will get 1 point and last place 20 points.
Who do I get to be my partner, yes you guessed it The Right Reverend Tony Bloody Roberts. Could have been worse, I could have drawn Simon who has secretly been negotiating a one to one training session with a certain B911 Trevor Price.

And to be fair Tony did alright on the prelude match on Pines so we were hopeful of a few fish on day one of the Pair;'s event. Tony went into the tin nice and early whilst I hung back. Peg 27 was to be his home for the day. My drawing arm deserted me and I ended up on 10. Many thoughts flashed through my mind as I strolled to the peg. I had thoughts of fishing 2+2 and bringing it close to the tree in the water, a few fish down the edge, hang on where has the tree gone, it needed pruning ok but all I could see now was three stumps still in the water.
For company I had Terry Pearce on 8 and John Holdsworth on peg 12. At least we had a bit of room. The wind and rain would make feeding a long line difficult unless it was in a toss pot which I do not get on with, so it was a case of fishing shorter than planned. I plumbed up lines at 2+2 and 2+1 and the edge to my left. I did go past the stumps to the right, but felt the feed would go everywhere if fished as I wanted, so it was a reluctant get out of jail line. I set up a couple of MW floats for fishing on the 2 plus lines and a couple of DS Green floats for the edges. Bait would be corn or 6mm pellet feeding 4mm fishery pellets.
At the all in I started off on the 2+2 line feeding short due to the wind, a couple of small carp, before a skimmer showed its face. Another net in the water makes four. It did not seem right, the float was moving around too much with the tow and getting dragged all over the place. I had a look on the left hand edge early using the 2+2 line float and found this a better fit. So changed both the DS green floats for the more stable MW floats for the edges. I placed a heavier DT Diamond on the 2+2 set up and was able to read bites easier. Never be afraid to change if things do not feel right.
I was ticking over nicely, not setting the world alight, but still catching. John was having a nightmare, loosing fish and getting tangled up in the bank-side foliage. I would have shouted some abuse over to him, but it would have been wasted so I waited until he was up close and personal. Terry was getting a few from his paste lines and I could see Dave Fatpike getting amongst the carp down the edges. I kept out of the edges for as long as I could but after 4 hours I had to have a look. I had 60 minutes to sneak into a better position and break the ton barrier. I could not win the section, Dave Fatpike had that honour, but I could try to climb the ladder as those around me were all about the same.

Terry with part of his 80lb net

At the all out I felt I had just over the ton and was not far away with 113lb. I had done well in a section that was not the best. The cafe bank and the shallows all fished well and unfortunately my weight gave us 11 points plus what ever Tony had caught. His weight of 130lb was good enough for 8th overall so we ended the day in 4th place on 19 points. Trevor Price won the match with 299lb from peg 2 and his partner Clive ended up 5th overall with 153lb. A cracking performance to end up with 6 points.
Overall Day 1
1st Trevor Price 299-14
2nd Trevor Drakes 199-03 PB
3rd Bagger J 188-00
4th Godber 170-12 PB
5th Clive Pritchard 153-00
6th Dave Pontin 139-08
All in all a cracking day and considering the lake had been fished throughout the week by a club from York, it had fished well.
Day Two
Day two opened up as we had left off, high winds and pouring rain, still we were awake and fishing. Lads who had slept in the cars and tents overnight were feeling the strain whilst those who opted for the comfort of hotels and bars were bemoaning a lack of sleep due to the local nightlife.Me, no such issues as it is a 15 minute journey to the fishery from my own bed.
After a wonderful breakfast served by the lovely people at Alders Farm it was again time for the deciding draw. The only peg I did not want was peg 2, this is where Trevor piled nigh on 300lb on the scales. That was a pressure peg today.Peg 1 though was another matter and this was to be my home for the next 5 hours.

Pegs 1 and 10 were a recent poll I asked on Facebook to decide which was better due to an MK Nugget battle with my Nemesis Mick. The result was a resounding peg 1.
I set up a couple of top kits for fishing the edges both left and right plus a line at 2 plus 1 and 2 plus 2. I would start off here and move to the edges as the match progressed. Starting off on corn and feeding it regularly, I started getting a few proper bites after 10 minutes. On orange vespe they were taking a while to land and the peg recovery time in the shallow water was slow. So I switched to red hydro and this seemed to work well in the peg. When bites became iffy or non existent I would feed some 4mm fishery pellets over the top and this would spur things on a bit. After an hour I had 15 fish for around 40lb. I had been feeding pellet down to the cafe wall and gave it 30 minutes and 7 fish before coming back to 2 plus 1 line. Resting the peg saw a succession of fish come to the landing net and with the red hydro I was always in control of the fish.
With peg 1 the main issue is you cannot gauge how you are doing against the rest of the field. The cafe shields the elements from you a bit but also hides the rest of the lake from the angler. I could see Godber on peg 30 and knew he was catching. Clive on 27 was also doing the bit for his team. I could not see Tony on 28 but occasionally I saw his elastic and knew he was getting a few pulls.
It was a case of head down and keep going. I was taking fish from the left hand edge and 2 +1 line pushing it out every now and again. Still the fish came.
At the all out I was knackered, three days of good quality fishing, great company, good banter given, good banter taken. What more could you ask for, a great weekend and one I will attend next year.
Overall Day 2
1st Alex 244-06
2nd Keith Ashby 184-00
3rd Godber 157-04
4th Clive Pritchard 147-00
5th Trevor Drakes 142-04
6th Trevor Price 139-04

Overall Pairs Winners

Trevor Price and Clive Pritchard.
These sort of events in my opinion are the way forward for a lot of people. We have had a great weekend, at the start I knew half of the anglers, by the end I go to know a few names and could now put a face to them. There are some exceptional anglers on the MDs forum. Dave and his team of moderators work tirelessly for our benefit, not only on the forum but arranging events like this.It is not forgotten and I am grateful for all you do. Stand up and take the applause.
Trevor Price, aka Cliff Richard, congratulations, by the way. found time in his busy schedule to fish all three days and his knowledge proved invaluable as many broke their PBs along the way.
Alders Farm, what can I say that has not been said before, the team and ethos behind the fishery are amazing, everyone leaves your company in a better place.Thank You


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Sep 29, 2001
As a prelude to the eagerly awaited MD's Pairs championship there is normally an individual match to act as a loosener. Set for later in the day would allow people to travel from far and wide to the prolific Alders Farm Fishery. Names were being taken after last years match such is it's popularity. And to be fair it is more about an angling community getting together towards a common aim. Enjoyment of our great sport.
The Monk Family kindly allow the MD's to form a tented community( more like a Greenpeace camp than the jungle of Calais) during the evenings and have welcomed us with open arms.
I had placed my name down early and booked the day off work. It was a local event and for once I did not need to take loads of holiday to attend.
I decided to get there early, I knew there was another match on Ash Lake and thought Trevor may be under a bit of pressure to get everything sorted, how wrong I was.

Remarkably attired for the normal ragamuffin look, he look the ultimate professional. Answering everyone's queries with the same answer. Top two plus two plus edges maggot pellet corn. Do not use that horrible paste stuff.

I have over years though developed my own way of doing things. It will not win a lot but is fairly consistent. After a full English and a couple of mugs of tea, we were ready. 19 eager souls awaiting the instruction to pay your money and draw.
I had peg 5 fall at my feet, I was happy with that. I had not fished the lake for a long time but was hopeful of a few fish. I had good friend " The Reverend Tony Roberts" on my right and a new face to me, Trevor Drakes on my left. I had an even older face further to my left in Peter " Mugger" Morton. There were plenty of familiar faces on the bank and it looked as if a lot of the Marsh Lads had come along for the weekend, Simon, Gino, John, Terry and Clive were all packed around the lake.

I set up 6 rigs but realistically there was only 4 as two of them were duplicates. I planned to fish up and down at 2+2 with corn and a bit of pellet as bites dropped off. I also set up a couple of edge rigs to the left hand margin. A shallow rig for fishing long and a mid depth rig for the 2 + 2 line if the fish came up in the water.
At the all in I started with 4 grains of corn and lowered a single grain through the water column. A bite fairly instantly and the first fish in the net within a minute. A few more followed through the next hour and i reckoned on having 15 fish for around 40lb in the net. However, both Pete and I agreed we would go sit behind the Reverend to offer words of comfort or solace for a few moments.
We agreed that the congregation congregated and as Tony was wearing wellies we thoughhe may have wwelcomed his flock to his alter. How wrong could we be?
Back at our pegs Pete was ruing lost fish and tackle. Trevor was starting to get a few good silvers amongst some good carp shallow on the maggot. I could see opposite and it was so different to our pegs, Trevor Price, Alex,Terry and Mark Skeggs were all catching well. We were having to keep switching and changing things around. A couple of fish down the side boosted a quiet spell at 2 plus 2 but it was not long before I was back out and catching. I thought Trevor had done me going into the last hour and was just planning on catching a few to the end but his swim went a bit quieter on him, Pete started catching and I had a few better quality fish. It shows how quick things can change around. Simon had decided to fish just a top kit as his number 4 was floating around an island as a fish pulled the sections apart.

The lengths the man will go to to get dressed up!!!!!!!

As the all out sounded the rain which had only just started was not too bad considering the expectation of thunderstorms and hale.
1st Mark Skeggs 218 - 11
2nd Trevor Price 211 - 14
3rd Alex 206 - 12
4th Godber 167 - 05
5th Keith Ashby 160 - 14
6th Trev Drakes 155 – 01
Overall a good match, plenty of fish caught and a lowest weight of 59lb with plenty around the 100 mark. I must admit I felt a bit for Trevor, 158 was his personal best weight and he has weighed in 155 today, one fish. Also Pete had to part with one of his shiny pound coins to Dave. Reluctantly.

Be a good boy Pete and let go!!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the pairs event. I will update as and when I can.


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Sep 29, 2001
I got to thinking about this match around a week ago when an angler put an amazing 525lb of Lake 2 fish onto the scales. The culmination of a very good angler on a very good peg. People will say it was a one off and it possibly was, but then I started noticing the back up weights and it was clear to see that not only are there some very good anglers fishing the league but also the fishery was fishing its nuts off.
Not to worry lads, Marsh AC will give the fish a rest. We had pegs 45 to 77 and plenty of room enabling 5 anglers on each side of the spit and 5 on the road bank. I had done quite well over the years with help from Mike McMillan, Mark Hathaway and Pete Upperton all giving sound advice over this time. Today was different I did not want to be swayed one way or another and went with gut instinct and the knowledge it was fishing well.
Mick had arranged to collect me at 0545 and with the S Max loaded we were soon on our trasvels to deepest Kent. Arriving at the fishery we were greeted by Gino and Simon, fresh from their grovelling at Alders Farm. Still it was good to see them both smiling and informing me of any tittle tattle they could muster. Breakfast were a couple of bacon and egg sticks between us and was down with a couple of mugs of tea from the van.
Mick and I had both been speaking of the power of Positive Mental Attitude during the drive and agreeing there is never a bad peg and that fish swim. I must admit though I thought Mick would take some stopping today when he drew peg 47.

Troy had drawn on the old barbel peg 45 and I knew my nugget was not very safe.

Still when peg 75 stuck to my hand I was relatively pleased. I had done well from 77 before they filled it in, so knew a little about the area.

I was going for a pellet and meat approach with a bit of corn and maggot in reserve in case it switched off completely.Top three and fours were assembled along with a couple of rigs to cover both margins at top two and three lengths.A shallow rig was also set up in the event I saw any cruising fish.
I started off feeding the margins as I expected to fish them earlier than normal and the top three line. I opted also to fish shallow for the first half hour and with only a couple of roach and a solitary carp of 3lb I soon sacked this off and spent the next 30 minutes down the RH edge. A few good skimmers and odd carp came to the onion sack.With an hour gone I had around 8lb of skimmers and roach and 6 carp for about 24lb. Clive on the next peg was catching well and even had to go back to his car to get a larger landing net head as his was not big enough. I could hear Terry catching well but could not see him on 73 but he was admitting to "just odd small carp and skimmers". I was going alright and was now ready to have a go at the deep line at 2+2. I had been feeding a top three line and my plan was to fish past the feed and eventually bringing the fish closer where it shallows up a touch at 2 plus one. After a couple of minutes I started getting odd bites and fizzing in the peg. I picked up a margin rig and tried this over the top with a banded 6mm pellet and nicked one fish but soon realised the bait needed to be on the deck.
I would get a couple of skimmers followed by a carp or an F1 then I needed to re-feed and sit on it lifting and dropping the rig regularly.By moving in and out of the catch zone I managed to keep fish coming but all the time they looked smaller than Clive's.

The Reverend Tony Roberts was behaving himself today, must of been catching, with only the odd curse word being muttered from his breath. Chairman Dave was nicking odd fish throughout the session and proving the adage of a good angler on a good peg.
Both Troy and Mick were into fish but it was John doing the damage on the road bank, catching high up in the water column with floating baits and no float, just letting the hook sink the baits. Simon was just being Simon and after last week's episode where Trevor Price needed to get togged up in his wet gear and retrieved Simon's top three and four, he was throwing his number four into the lake this time around.

I felt that with a good finish I could muster around 200lb of fish at the end and push Clive all the way. I was still catching but the quantity was getting slower, they were still good fish and all throughout skimmers were still coming to the net.At the all out I had borrowed another net from Dave and felt I had a good 200lb net.

1. John H peg 51, 342-12lb

2. Keith peg 75, 278-08lb
3. Clive peg 77, 161-04lb
4. Troy peg 45, 149-00lb
5. Gino peg 66, 141-08lb
6. Tony R peg 56, 140-00lb
7. Simon peg 49, 139-08lb
8= Mick peg 47, 119-08lb
8= Terry peg 73, 119-08lb
10. Gary (guest) peg 68, 115-00lb PB
11. Chris peg 67, 102-00lb
12. Jim peg 53, 85-08lb
13. Dave peg 58, 83-08lb
14. Tony W peg 64, 72-08lb

15. Rod peg 60, 25-00lb
So the lake has continued to give up its fish, 11 weights over a ton is not to be sniffed at. Mick had to give up another of his treasured nuggets.
Next match is Orchard Place in a fortnight night, so tight lines all.
Keith 7
Mick 5

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