Had a day with the lad


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Feb 21, 2018
Went to a new pond, a club we've joined, andd it's well stocked with carp, tench and some large perch! we had called on Saturday for a look and this guy was reeling the buggers in happy as larry.
so today we go and settle on a couple of pegs. the water was vile green, apparently courtesy of the wash off from a horse centre further up the field.
finding the fish was tricky but a trio opposite were pulling a few in fishing about 2' depth and on the method, so the lad started on the float and I went for the cage feeder with the bait popped up slightly because the bottom is very weedy.

we spent the day chasing fish, I managed a nice little carp of about a pound and a couple of silvers on the cage/method using corn and worm, and I took another carp to a pound on the float with worm on the drop. the lad managed a nice haul of skimmers despite forgetting his landing net head which made life interesting chucking a net between us when separated by bushes!

the other side of the pond were pulling the buggers in with gay abandon! even the daughter who knew n'owt about fishing and had her dad untangling her every 5 minutes was fetching them in up to about 4lb! an old chap some pegs further down on the same side from us was also doing well, again we were fishing the same depth and tactics but struggling.

interestingly though where the triumverate of terrors over the other side were fishing was where the guy on Saturday was also fishing :unsure:, and the old boy on our side was also where the pond starts shallowing out.

next time if we can get on there we'll try the other side, although I did notice late in the day I was fishing peg 13!