Guru Fusion Pole Holdall

Paul Cresswell

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Jun 14, 2006
Had this a few weeks after retiring my brilliant Garbolino G-max hold-all (zips finally went) and thought I’d give my view:

- this is a well made and thought out piece of kit
- the outside looks great and has a finish which looks easy to clean, may be water resistant (untested yet!) and is semi padded
- there are no outside pockets which means good for loading on the trolley and putting in the car
- there are 2 zipped inside pockets, you access them both from the top end. A short one and a longer one c5 foot.
- it’s fully zipped so you can open it flat on the floor and they are quality sturdy zips
- think it’s 1.95m long
- it’s described as 6 plus tubes. I carry the following in mine and I think it would be a stretch to put much more in (nobody wants the zips stretching every time you close it):
3 standard tubes one side with my pole, extension and margin pole
Other side has a Drennan tip tube (wider than a normal tube) 2 f1 top kits in a slim tube, my landing net handle (not tubed)
Small internal pocket 3 dolly buts, large internal pocket spare landing net handle and feeder arm
With all this it closes well, again not sure I’d want to try much more, certainly not another full size tube.
- nice handle and strap although would say the way I fill mine it balances forward slightly when using the handle (my old holdall was the same)
- nice small handle at the bottom to make putting it in the car easier.

I am very pleased with it, the right size for me, was £90 from Bristol Angling (delivered next day at no cost). I have seen someone with the larger 12 tube version, similar but huge!