Fishing with licorice allsorts


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Jul 7, 2003
Actually there is no licorice I just put that for dramatic effect.
Because of ongoing changes at chez nous all my fishing gear is presently stored in a commercial lock-up which I can only access during working hours Monday to Friday. This means that I have to plan my fishing trips in advance and go to collect just the gear needed from the lock-up. Consequently last Friday I went to collect a float rod, waders, nets plus bits n bobs in a small rucksack so that I could go to the Ribble this morning to trot maggots for primarily dace.
Unfortunately when I went to World of Water on the outskirts of Blackpool Sunday afternoon to buy the maggots they were sold out! Quick improvisation I bought a tin of hempseed with snails for feed and then at home added a bag of liquidised bread from the freezer. Hookbait was a hastily chopped up block of Plumrose Bacon Grill.
Arrived on the riverbank at about 5.45 this morning. It was p*ss*ng down, the river up about 4 feet, rising and looking like Mulligatawny soup.
Four hours later when I packed up I had had one bite, was questioning my sanity but hey
Have a look at this


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Feb 25, 2016
....Should have tried/eaten the 'liquorice allsorts " Fred. ;):giggle:


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Sep 18, 2001
That's a cracking Chub to kick off the river season Fred. :upthumb:
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