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The Angling Trust | NEWS

This summer’s Fish‘O’Mania has been postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Fish‘O’Mania Final will now take place on Saturday, August 29th, starting at 11:30am at Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster.

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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Wow - I didn't realise the Angling Trust were quite so knowledgeable about the progress of the virus and know that movement restrictions will be lifted and social gatherings will be allowed in just two months time.

Don't know why they don't just bite the bullet and either reschedule FishO as a winter event or cancel it entirely for this year - could it be that it's a nice little earner for them and they need the income - or is that being a tad too cynical. :p



Some of the gear, No idea
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May 30, 2019
They should postpone it for Jan/Feb, be funny as hell putting it on Sky for them to be scratching for a few bits on a frosty morning :D


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Mar 8, 2013
:unsure: Rescheduled qualifiers starting on the 3rd June, they really do know something we don't.
Funny how they're telling everyone not to go fishing, till it suits them it seems.


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Aug 8, 2001
I can't see this getting off the ground this year


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Mar 19, 2012
The AT are living in a dream world, not for the first time. They seriously think we'll be fishing again by the beginning of June.


Mr Ginster
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Jan 27, 2007
i would be optimistic we would be fishing by then.

That's still best part of 2 months away which is more than time than China needed, plus

  1. We're into summertime when virus' normally subside
  2. We will have more recovered, immune people
  3. The NHS will have more than trebled (quadrupled ?) the amount of ventilators they have
  4. The original "herd" immunity strategy could start to take over because :
a) we have more beds to deal with those infected;
b) the more people recovered the less people can get infected

5.Business WILL need people at work or there will simply be no work for people once this thing is done.
6. Medication is likely to be avail (treatment, not vaccine)

Just my thoughts......

Billy the fish 1954

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Sep 11, 2018
We are in deep s**t, lock downs will continue, had letter today from nhs advising 12 week isolation advised to register in case things get worse, last thing on my mind is fishing need to keep family safe and take my grandsons fishing again soon, let’s all keep safe, have a good friend on a ventilator. Had a few beers tonight as not been out for 3 weeks hence the rant, couple of bottles then bed, change of plan large Jamos them bed, everyone keep safe


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Jul 7, 2012
Who exactly is the Angling Trust?

I know they are given about £100,000 a year by the EA to invest in our sport, but all of a sudden they announce they're our governing body too!?

I'm not saying they don't do good, because I don't know, but there lays my problem - who are they and where does my money go? Do I have to join them as well as paying my licence fee to get my say? Or, am I wrong expecting some direction where my licence money being spent by our 'governing body'?

Well Angling Trust - will you be campaigning to get our licence fees returned during this lock-down or is that another 'loophole' you've been ordered not to pursue?

Your mission is to increase participation through various schemes, yet not once do you mention the cost of the rod licence stopping potential anglers entering our sport: most youths are in school until 18 years old (not 16 when they become of age to pay), how do they afford a licence? £30 is equivalent to 2 weeks living cost for a student, they simply cannot afford it. This is when a person is most likely to enter our sport, yet they are being squeezed out before they even start.

Similarly, the unemployed or those on other benefits are also frozen out due to licence cost. Coarse angling could truly be a sport for all as it can be carried out on the smallest of budgets, but it is currently a sport for only those who can afford it. If the Angling Trust was really concerned about increasing participation, they would first campaign for raising the age of requirement and for more license concessions... or is opposing the fee that pays your costs, out of the question?

Any body which is truly concerned for the welfare of the angler would start with those who cannot afford to go.
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