Ever wished you'd just stayed in bed?

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May 19, 2002
Ever had one of those days where you wish youd stayed in bed?

Think I experienced one yesterday I was heading for our club water adjacent to Mount Grace Priory for the sixth match of the season the float only Tontine Cup. Up and car loaded I turned the key and click, click flat battery I guessed, jump start required. Called Kev who would also be heading for Mount Grace and he was happy to divert past mine. Fortunately, the girl next door was already up and dug out her other halfs jump leads. Kev arrived and we were soon back on our way.

We were one regular short for this match Steve on approximately his eighth holiday of the year down in London watching the cricket (and crying at the price of the beer[:p]). The lake has eleven permanent pegs used to be 13 but we were forced to remove the two on the roadside for health and safety reasons theres a peg at the car-park end of the lake, one at the far end and the other nine in a row along the north bank. I drew peg eight which is towards the end of the north-bank and adjacent to a peg that George rebuilt at a work-party earlier this year. At the work-party we also did a significant amount of tree pruning, some quite sizeable branches being removed. It would appear that we largely missed peg eight cos there was a considerable amount of foliage right overhead.

I had Kev to my right on peg 7, Frankie should have been to my left on peg 10 but for reasons best known only to him he walked past it and plonked himself down on peg eleven I wasnt really bothered peg ten (aka the slates) is normally far superior to peg eleven.

George was on peg one (the same peg hed won this match from last year) and Tink on peg three.

This was our float only match and since I was in rather a constricted swim I just used my new 12 Acolyte waggler rod and 4 sections of my superteam whip. A 5BB Glowtip Antenna was my float of choice on the waggler, all the shot around the float other than two no.10 droppers and single maggot hookbait on a size 20 B611.

A pinch of pinkies cattied into my swim followed by an underarm flick - all I could manage due to the trees overhead and after a 30 minute or so wait a little roach came safely to hand.

I was still getting snarled up in trees and various other undergrowth with depressing regularity and a malfunctioning reel wasnt helping matters so I was getting well cheesed off by half way through the match. I then managed to impale my finger on a shard of carbon from my landing net pole (the arse end of which is still stuck firmly under the skin[xx(]) and then to make matters worse I stood on the no.3 section of my whip, smashing it in two places.[:0]

Elsewhere the fishing was proving to be a little slow the strong sunshine probably not helping matters most had half-a-dozen fish of varying sizes (all small) until just before the end Kev hooked something that pulled back a bit and eventually coaxed a nice bream (later weighed at 4lb dead) into his net.

Id wrapped in well before the 3pm end I reckoned Id probably need a new battery for the car so needed to get to the motor factors just round the corner from my house before they shut at four.

This match other than being float only is decided on a points basis one point per ounce + one point per fish this can sometimes throw up some strange results but made no difference today. Frankie only had a couple of perch for 4oz, my three roach and a perch only went 9oz but Kevs fish together with the 4lb bream puled the scales around to 5lb 4oz equalling 96 points and an easy win.

Tink clinched second with 1lb 9oz of silvers (including a rudd of which there arent many in the lake)and scoring 34 points and George got third with 9 fish for 11oz.

The battery on my car was flat again so I needed a shove to get going and I made it to the motor factors with about 30 seconds to spare the shutters were just coming down and the lights were out. Sixty quid for a new battery was the perfect end to the day not.[:(]

Next match is July 23rd at Ingleby Road Pond Im away and Steve is on his 9th holiday of the year, so Kev will be officiating should be room for a guest or two though. [:D]

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