Dog day dawning

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Apr 23, 2008
Do you ever get those "where am I moments" ?

My eyes blinked open early sunday morn, I had been awakened by a strange weight on my chest and a weird whining noise, slowly focusing on what turned out to be the the damp shiny nose of a small black dog just in front of my face, I realised I was still in the Comfy chair in the sitting room downstairs, with an impatient canine lying on my torso demanding an early morning let out,

glancing at the clock, I noted the hands were just indicating 4.05 AM !!!

The befuddled mind gradually got the old body into gear and off down to the kitchen to let the little bugger out for his ablutions and to whack the kettle on for coffee

Java made and slowly swilling round the life giving liquid in my mouth, I remembered sitting down the evening before, to watch match of the day and the exploits of the teams in the 3rd round of the FA cup, after that it was a blank

The first mug went down and a second was made before I felt any where near human, better get the gear together thought I, there wasnt that much to do really, The pole, topkits, spare long and short 4's had already been placed in the hardcase holdall,

the carryall contained the wetproofs, spare towels, groundbaits etc, all that needed going in there was the flask,

so I got to sorting the bait bag out

This weekends bait was a bit of a new one to me, after the trials and tribulations of trying to get fresh gentles over the holiday period, I had made my first On-line purchase of live maggot,

to whit, half a gallon of Willys worms "disco" maggots, these had turned up on the friday morning, less than 20 hours after ordering and paying for them, they had arrived in a cardboard box containg a plastic vac packed bag

after scissoring open the packet, I had tipped them into an old washing up bowl, they wasnt moving, looking all dead and stretched, and a tad smelly, adding some fresh sawdust, I shook the bowl about a bit and left them at room temprature for a couple of hours, returning later to find that they had ressurected, still a bit stretched but definately alive, riddling off the new sawdust and whatever the powder it was that they had arrived in, I noted that the colours had been transferred to the dust

Quite strong colours too, an almost flourescant orange reminisant of the colours of socks that the old teddy boys wore, a deep yellow, daffodil shade and a creamy bronzey tint to the rest

seperating out each pint, the wrigglers were stashed in two pint fox bait boxes and more fresh sawdust added to each box, then placed in the bait fridge for more attention later

being as it was as early as it was, I decided to riddle off the tub fulls again before todays match,they looked right nice, tightened up and chubby, 20 mins later and it was job done and the bait bag was complete,

3 pints of the disco maggots and a pint and a half of the plain whites I had left over from fishing wednesdays match, these were mainly the "brasem" infused ones, such a lovely smell to them, I hoped that the bream-skimmers would think so to

off to load the van up, my best mate responded to the term " Im doing the tools" which covers anything that means he sits in the bay window seat watching me stash whatevers required for the working day or a fishing trip, 15 mins later Im done and back in for more coffee and a bit of a play with him

On taking the Wench up a cup of tea, I found out that she had tried to awaken me and that I had been a tad gruff in my half asleep reply so she had just left me there, cheers my love !

it wasnt to cold outside as I shouted my goodbyes up the stairs and slipped out the house, far warmer than most of the early mornings this week, but I did notice as I drove up the hill from the harbour area that there was a tad of mist in the air, on to the bypass it got thicker, turnng off the roundabout I heading for the sign of the Golden arches, exept the arches wasnt illuminated, WTF, Maccy D's was closed ! what about my brekkie rolls, shut for refurb the sign said, what to do now ????

remembering that there was another 24hr drive through over to ashford 20 miles up the M20, the nose of the fishing was pointed in that direction and we got a tramp on

arriving there, two double sossy and egg baps ordered, we were soon back on the M20-A28 for the 15 minute drive to Chequertree fishery

Today was the 4th round of the NG Floats winter silverfish league,

this was the reason I had been out on the weds practicing earlier on in the week, arriving at the venue after negotiating very dense fog on the way, I had a quick wander around, it was still, mists rising from the water and not a breath of wind, at least there was no ice present, the temps this week had been varying wildly, probably in a range of 15 degrees or so, It didnt look great for any decent weights to come out today,

gradually the participents arrived, and the unruly mob gathered around Jonesy the MO's car, He then annouced that we had 7, yes 7 guests fishing with us today, that meant there was 22 of us on the lake, with the pegs we had booked, it was going to be tight, with pretty near every peg in, what also didnt help was the fisherys notice board had that only pegs 1 to 15 were booked and a couple of bivvy boys had set thier camp up on the best pegs on the point

still it is what it is and the pegging was set out and the draw commenced, in went my hand and out came the token declaring that peg 19 was my home for the day, (well peg 19 actually turned out to be permanent peg 22) two pegs down from the bivvy boys and in the shallow end of the point, Things didnt look good

the strange thing was, that the three of us that had fished a practice match on wednesday, all drew these point pegs with richie being two pegs closer to the start of the point and martin the first peg on the bank, Karma ????

none of the three of us held out much hope of having a baggin day, but hey ho, you fish what you draw

setting up, I elected to fish with 4 kits today

kit 1, was the workhorse rig again, NG white 6-10 laccy, 0.6 finesse glass stemmed float, 0.14 rig line, 0.10 hooklength, size 18 drennan siver fish maggot hook, bulked at 12 in above the hook with a no10 stotz dropper, this is set up to be fished "to hand" on 4 sections

Kit 2, was a mirror image of the above, but fished to hand again on just the top 3 sections

kit 3, was NG white 6-10, end tackle as above but with an NG gimp 0,5 float set to fish 4 inch overdepth at 8 sections, the skimmer rig

kit 4, was NG white 6-10 again, set up as a margin rig with an NG sampson 0.3, lines as above

plumbing up around the swim I found that I had 30 inches of water out at 8 sections, 24 inches at 3 and 4 section lines and between 24 to 30 inches close in on the margins

the margin to the left had sedge reeds overhanging all along the bank to the next peg and to the right the same with a rat hole about 4 sections along

ALL IN, came the shout and out went a good handfull of maggot on the 4 section line and to each margin, the workhorse was swung out, and the float settled, and sat there, and sat there, and sat there some more, twitching it, provoked no response, lifting and dropping was the same result, nada, nowt, bugger all, 10 mins after the shout, I had my first bite, lifting in to it, I felt the rattle then it came off, bugger, bugger bugger

in, fresh maggot, out again, more feed and it twitched, firmer strike this time saw a fish not much larger than a fry swung in, this became the pattern for the next half hour, switching between the top 4 and top 3 rigs, I managed to tempt about 6 ounces of fish, still I was doing better than the fella on the next peg who had had nowt, richie and martin further up were both struggling too,

fetched the rig in, sat there poured a coffee and had a smoke whilst thinking what to do,

out with 8 sections of pole, cattying loose feed and 3 maggot on the hook, looking for a skimmer, wrong choice, the three maggot did howsoever wrestle a two ounce roach and hold on to it long enough for me to ship in and net it

feeding the rat hole I dropped the rig right in the middle, and recieved an instant response........ from the tiniest perch you ever did see

out went the workhorse again, the float hit the water and down went the bait, and continued going down, the laccy started stetching and I was in to a decent fish, a short tussle later and 8 ounces of roach was being fed into the landing net

pinch more feed and out again, same response, another around 4oz, half hour of this and I had 5lb in the keepnet, then it switched off, just 1 small skimmer of 6oz in the next 10 minutes

looking at my left margin, where the sedges over hung what is already an eroded and undercut bank, I decided to have a go there, after I wasted another 10 fishless minutes in the rat hole to my right !

dropping the rig just off the sticky ups, I pulled it in as close to the reeds as I dared, pinch of maggot over the top and it buried, fish on, a good one too, the laccy tore out the top kit, all I kept thinking was it was a bloody carp, until the golden flanked, green backed, red finned beauty broke surface, a good tussle this, I managed to get the net under it and in he came, a wondrous fish, a good one and a half pounds of immaculate conditioned roach fish,

out again , pinch maggot, float zooming under, another about 8oz

a good hour passed, the old boat race was wreathed in a cheesy grin, my hands were getting well wrinkly with the cold water dripping off each fish

time was passing, my butt cheeks was hurting from sitting awkwardly on the corner of the vintage boss box, but who cared, I had found a mine of magnificent fish, each one as prety as the previous, wonderful beasts, I was in my element

couple of times I got too eager and got caught up in the reeds, breaking a pair of hooklengths, and having to retie,

too soon the whistle came, and I had to shout fish on, the last fish of the day must of been a good pound in weight, it had been ace after a poor start

the highly flouro orange and yellow maggot had done the best, hooker wise and I had fed around 3 pints, tempting the roachies out from the undercut

around came the scalesman, had I done enough to beat my personal best all roach match weieght on the water, I had to have two weighs, the first whacking the needle round to 17lbs 11oz on the ruebens and the second weigh settling on 12lb 8oz, giving a total of 30lb 3oz

woo hoo, little jigs of delight, cheesy grins, a PB , yes siree, I love this pond !!!!

30 mins later, it was announced that I had come third overall in the match and second out of the league anglers

a nice little envelope for the second match running and a shedload of league points

happy, you bet your sweet self I am,

5th round next sunday at Monks lake 4, can I make it a treble ???

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Trevor B

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Dec 27, 2012
Hot or what ? Well done and another great write up


Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Another cracking read Mick, and a great result. Well done mate.


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Oct 25, 2014
I see on FB Rob Tilbury landed a 20lb carp.

Bill G

Dec 26, 2006
must have been on a shedful lol.
well done chippo, great result mate .


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Sep 18, 2001
Nice one Mick, really enjoyed reading that.
Well done mucka.[:T]


space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
I must admit Nick, that between you and mr charnock,

you helped me loads, with the feeding, methods, plans of attack and tackle


Nov 3, 2010
Nice one Mick you did awesome from that peg, your pounds in the post.
Sad that the guests are not even in the league get to fish in the better pegs and those in a league can't compete with the ****e pegs put in Sunday with carpers also fishing swims that we should have been fishing, madness.
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