Daiwa 125 closed face reel


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Aug 21, 2010
Looking at it remove the outer cowl and pass the line through the middle, tie line to spool replace cowl and load as normal.
Pretty much how would do on the ABU.
Dec 3, 2018
How to thread line through the reel
Remove the outer cowl...it turns anti clockwise to remove.
Pass the line through the center of this and put it down.
Hold the reel and now undo the winding cup (or inner bell some call it) CLOCKWISE (the opposite to what you would normally do to loosen something).
You will need to hold the reel handle or there may be a locking button to stop the reel gearing turning.(I am unfamiliar with this model)
The winding cup then unscrews, put it to one side.
The spool should undo by gentle pressure on it's face and a slight anticlockwise turn..
Pull it off the arbour and then turn the reel handle.
Watch the plate that the spool fixes to reciprocate.
Make a note of the position that the handle is in compared to the reel body when the plate is nearest to the reel body (at the end of it's stroke). Try this a few rotations...It will depend on the reels gearing but ideally you want to know at what position the reel handle is at when the spool is as far outside of the winding cup for best distance casting with a light float.You cannot see this when the reel is reassembled.
Right, put the spool back on....
Keeping the line through the middle of the outer cowl now tie the line to the spool.
Put the winding drum back on and tighten it.
Put the outer cowl on ensuring the line is not trapped.
As you turn the handle the engagement pins will spring out inside the cowl (You cannot see them but you will hear and feel the click) and now wind your line on.
DO NOT fill a close faced reel right up to the lip of the spool unless you like to having the line wrapped behind the spool.
Keep taking the outer cowl off to check progress..you should be able to see the spool when it's at the bottom of it's stroke as described previously.
Once spooled up....tie a elastic band to the end of the line and put it around the cowl to stop it unravelling but more importantly you don't need to take the cowl off again if the reel gets turned in error and the line slips inside the winding bell.
When you come to cast...it is better if the spool is nearest the reel body and NOT up inside the winding bell so the line does not have an awkward path.(You now see why I said use the handle as a reference) Get used to having the handle in this position at each cast.

This was very longwinded and may seem complicated.
When you are used to how the reel works you could do all the above in less time than it would take you to read it.
I will see if I can find a video whilst you read this.. any questions just ask .......good luck .

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