Coors Shakespeare Macmillan Charity Match 1.09.13


Bum Draw Master
Mar 29, 2006
Please find the results for todays Macmillan charity match, on the River Trent at Burton and Shardlow

The river fished very well, with plenty of double figures.

Most importantly, many thanks to the anglers and companies sponsoring us with prizes, we raised a total of at least 1,600. Special thanks to John Taylor, who raised over 1,000.

1st Colin Williams Coors AC Centre of Crown Meadow 18lb 14oz of roach on the wag and mag

2nd Peter Cobb Measham AC Just below the bridge on Municipal 17lb 11oz of roach on hemp and caster

3rd Stuart Palser Middy/Bagem High up on the Crown Meadow 14lb 9oz of roach on wag and mag

4th Reg Wiston Ferry Bridge Crown Meadow 13lb of roach on mag and wag

5th Paul Bick Shakespeare Sherratts 11lb 13oz of roach on mag and wag

6th Spig Shakespeare Crown Meadow 11lb 9oz of roach and perch, on worm, hemp and tares



Ferry Bridge

A Vaugham Hill 4 9lb 9oz

B Clive Lloyd 16 6lb 13oz


Dave Shakespeare 10 9lb 8oz


Paul Bick 26 11lb 13oz


Jason Owen 8 9lb 11oz

Crown Meadow

A Dave Howl 2 10lb 10oz

B Nick Atkins 8 11lb

C Spig 14 11lb 9oz