Are there any disabled anglers....


Life Survivor
Jan 30, 2007
[:)] Still alive and fishing??,with the decline in the numbers of disabled match anglers,and the complete silence in the disabled angling forum,which at one time was thriving,it appears that either there are no disabled people,which goes dramatically against government figures,or the disabled no longer go fishing,either for pleasure or matches,come on guys and gals,there is no reason as far as I know why we have to stagnate in complete and utter silence,until we get the call to attend the line outside the pearly gates to make the final draw.I for one are looking forward to the ukdmfc pole only match at the end of this month,so if your health will allow,get your tackle dusted off and evict all the spiders and webs,I'm sure jimmy b will be happy to see you if only for a days fishing and the craic on the bank,who knows you may even discover that you like fishing and get a new lease on life again!!!.[:T]