A Tenchers Dawn....


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Jul 21, 2009
A little piece i wrote of an adventure last spring/summer will add the pictures later

Tencher’s Dawn
The coolness of a summer night hit me as I opened the back door of my kitchen the morning dew on the back lawn glistening in the moon light. Dawn was a hour or two away but with the stream rising from my morning brew I began to think of the new adventure to come.

I had recently re-joined a club I was a member of three years earlier, a time where stick float fishing on rivers completely dominated my fishing. The closed season that year had been spent on a mini quest on my written blog to catch a carp of over 10lbs. A small fish for so many but for me who had never fished for carp a 10lb fish was a healthy target considering I was to do it my way as in it would come from a natural venue.

The interim time I have done quite a lot of carp fishing and I like to feel I have done more than just dip my toe in the water. I was travelling to the bank in hope of tench on this trip and if I got lucky a carp would be the jewel in any trip to this venue. Their low density compared to the bream and tench would mean any encounter would be special.

The car loaded at 3am and Under the cover of darkness I made my way along the winding country roads to the venue my paths crossing with the patrols of a few foxes and the ever present adrenalin junkie rabbits playing chicken with my ford focus.

Pulling up at the venue it was clear I was the only one mad enough to be out on the banks chasing tench at such a barmy hour, a fact I am always quite happy with. The pellets are always the first part of my set up I get ready as normally by the time I my box and rod is set up and clipped up the pellets are ready to go.

My set up for the day was my Drennan 10ft Puddle Chucker, 12lb line on which a 24 gram Guru Hybrid feeder freely ran. A simple Korum quick change bead and a 4inch 10lb hook length to a size 10 hook. The bait for the session was a 8mil Bait tech The Juice Dumbell.

A good dose of the stinky stuff spray added to the pellets it was time to make the first cast.
The sun just creeping over the horizon to my right I remembered how beautiful a place this was to fish. The sun always rose to the right and being quite a flat horizon it was always a glorious sunrise as the rays slowly illuminated the tips of the lillies that blanket areas of this pool.

Despite the ghost like banks I had a feeling this venue was quite pressured by anglers and as such I knew my tactics had to be solid. Presenting a bait up the side of a patch of far bank reeds and fishing within a foot of them I knew I had a bait presented in an area the fish felt confident to feed in.

In no time at all the quiver tip pulled round and lifting the rod casually I was instantly in trouble as the fish surfaced just by the reeds. Coming quickly to my senses pressure was applied and luckily the fish on then other end read the script and started heading along the reeds and into open water. A stern fight and in the morning gloom it was not until the fish came under the rod tip I saw the orange glow of a tench eye peering back at me and a fin perfect olive green tinca was an early reward for my nocturnal efforts.

The fish returned back I quickly put out two more quick casts to get a baed of pellets down in the swim. I like the small 24 gram mould because it offers just a mouthful of feed but also because the little amount of disturbance it causes when it plops into the water. Accurate casting and confidence to then leave the bait in the spot knowing it’s a recipe that works you almost get into a mind set that its only a case of the fish finding the bait that means whether you catch or not.

A chap stopping by for an early morning chat as he walked the shop for his papers was more than welcome and it was great to get a further insight into what called this place home. I had seen a few carp the week earlier spawning so I knew a few where present and how ironic that as we talked about the carp the rod was nearly ripped of the rest.

Learning from the tench in the last fight I quickly applied side pressure to the point the rod tip was level with the bank to my left. This fish was instantly in another league and it was solid resistance that was testing all my tackle at the other end. A battle of wills was played out but trust ion my knots and balanced set up I knew I was in with a fighting chance.

The fish hell bent for the roots of the reeds I eventually managed to turn it and it then headed for the lillies to the right. 12lb line seems a bit overkill in some eyes and it is for 4lb tench but having the sense to know the set up can fool a carp that do go to over 20lbs in here you leave yourself with a fighting chance of landing any fish.

The tackle held firm and after a monumental battle under my feet I slip the net under a beautiful mahogany coloured common carp, only 9lbs but certainly a good double pre spawning the week before.

As the morning went on a few more tench and a lovely 6lb bream fell for the Bait tech juice and pellet combination in what was a fantastic first session as you can see form the collection of pictures below:

You can watch the full session on my blogs youtube channel on the link below.


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