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    Slider floats

    A standard match rod will do, just cast smoothly and the float will sail out. I used to use an original Shimano Diaflash when I did a lot of slider fishing. Possibly one of the softest and finest float rods made.
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    bolo rod advice wanted

    Kev You need to look at where you are fishing and what you need the rod to do. Over the years I've probably done more long rod fishing than most and the advice I would give you is that if you are going to be fishing venues primarily 10-14ft deep look at a 17ft rod but be aware you will need a...
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    Are commercials killing traditional fishing skills

    This subject always amuses me but if more people took the time to learn, study and master all the methods on each of the respective types of venue they would have a better understanding of what they are talking about and be far more qualified to talk about it. It takes years to master each...
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    1st time fishing the slider

    See this info When fishing a still water use a sinking line treated with washing up liquid. After you cast you should leave the bail arm open until the float settles and then sink the line by putting the rod tip...
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    Tamas Walter Slider Floats

    The slider is a method that too many people over complicate and don't fish often enough to understand the basics. The most essential piece of kit is the float and to be honest most of the shop bought floats, especially the continental floats with heavy loadings aren't right for the job. The...
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    A good quality Bolo will always be lighter than an equivelent length rod, however the disadvantage is line sticking but if you're fishing deep venues you can off set this with a heavier float which will help to keep the line off the blank. In the early 90's many anglers invested in Bolo's and...
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    Plumbing the stick float.

    Nick. Although I have no problem with fishing the stick 3 rod lengths or so out, the bolognaise or top and bottom slider at range on rivers like the Yorkshire Ouse, Tees and the Wye, I totally disagree with your comment, "once perfected the stick will heavily out-score a wagg in the winter, on...
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    The slider

    First of all let me state that the majority of articles you will read regarding slider fishing are wrote by anglers who fish the slider occasionally and not on a regular basis. When it comes to fishing the waggler slider the majority of the articles are wrong. I realise that this is a very...
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    waggler help!

    The key to fishing a waggler is to ensure that the bait falls in a natural manner, and that you feed regularly to make the fish compete with the bait. To be honest most anglers will only use half a dozen floats and the most common are straight and insert wagglers. Straight wagglers are generally...