Chub and Snow Water
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How does your River fare after a Snowfall ? I've had some good Days on the Wharfe a day or 2 after snowfall for them Chub.

Rig length and extending rigs.

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What length is your average length to you tie rigs to ie paste rigs.
Does anyone ever extend rigs on the bank.
My reflo power stock is shrinking

Would you ever shot a stick float like this?

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Just for curiosities sake. Say you have an 8 no 4 stick float, would you ever use a single SSG shot to cock it? Maybe with one dropper?

Personally I'd side on a bulk of no4s instead for versatilities sake but I can't see why not if using a simple bulk? I know a lot of people prefer no 8s.

Looking for rod recommendations.

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Back again ..

I need to buy myself a couple of rods but am way out of touch with what's available nowadays. Happy to shell out a couple of hundred or so for each rod. I've always preferred a faster action rod and can't really get on with these 'rubbery' things which bounce all over the place when casting with them. I used to use the Dam Carboron rods (yep, that's a while ago 😁) Had the 11ft ledger and the 13ft stick and found the action on those just right. I'll be fishing mostly stillwater silver fish venues but will doubtless encounter the odd carp too so an 'all rounder for both the float rod and the tip rod would be good. From what I see, the local waters I'll be using are all fairly small so an 11ft tip rod will suffice for everything I need. No need to be chucking 6oz feeders anywhere. I'll probably pair the rods up with a couple of Shimano reels but again I'm open to...

Does anyone want to own their own fishery....?

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Here's a starter if you've got the right money tucked down the back of your sofa...

Lockdown prep 👍

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Got a nice delivery of floats today. At least I’ve got something to do now tying these up, ready for when I can get out again 😂 C6F366D7-4178-4F70-A226-1A1869F38949.jpeg A0647D1C-022D-45A0-B376-0BAD09B32EE4.jpeg

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