How do these work? Sensas Sliding Knot Stops

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A while ago I bought some 'Beads from China' from ebay. The hole in them is too big for a slider stop knot. I know some will say you don't need a bead and just leave the tag ends to stop the float, but I think I want a bead just as an extra buffer, seen Alan Scotthorne use a bead. A quick search for suitable beads recommends these Sensas one. Thing is, they seem to come with a piece of braid already tied into a stop knot?

These handy braid knots are easy to use when slider fishing. Just thread your line through the tube and slide onto your line. When used in conjunction with the mini bead supplied they are perfect when fishing sliding floats.
Fully Scaled Mirror Carp Question
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This may sound daft but does a mirror have to have total scale coverage to be classed as fully scaled? For example this fish has a small bare patch on one flank but would it still be classed as fully scaled or just a mirror?

My PB Barbel at last.
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Hi guys.

Ive been fishing Girton gravels below Besthorpe this afternoon. The Trent is carrying around three foot I’d say. I’ve had three bream and then I got not just a three foot twitch but a four foot twitch. Thought I’d hit a carp at first as it did not move. My PB barbel of 15lb 4oz. My heart is beating out of my chest as I write this. I need to take a breath. Yes, finally a fifteen. Get in. 👍 07E751D9-6949-4406-AC19-977D3F271707.jpeg

The Weather - Rain Cold, more Rain, Strong Winds, Colder...

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...but will it stop you fishing?

At what point do you say "forget it" leave the tackle where it sits and pick up the telly remote, or do something else ?

Laughing at the Insanity of buying the latest tackle !

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flittin through Facebook I came across another one of those, buy these advert little films

and what it was for had me grinning with the insanity of it all,

for a while now, pretty near every pole manufacturer has been plugging the latest add ons for thier respective best evers

one of these was "Short Kits" which according to the blurb and scuttlebutt, improve the pole no end once you have laid out your hard earned

this latest one though......................wait for it,.........................................drum roll,................................. was for

Extention pieces for those short kits, for when you need that bit more length

either Im loosing it or the worlds getting madder each day

Cheap trolley/barrow to carry my seatbox...

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At the moment, I carry my seatbox with the shoulder strap, but it starts to dig into my shoulder (even with padding) and is uncomfortable and unwieldy over long distance. Was thinking about a simple L-shaped trolley/barrow instead of a full-blown fishing barrow. Maybe something with a collapsible handle like on your travel suitacase. Anyone got any ideas ?

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