Help me get my head around Syndicates!

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Hi all,

As my previous thread mentioned I've got back into fishing again this year after a significantly long lay off.

When I fished as a teen, I'd buy my rod licence from the post office and just take off anywhere. Never needed to worry about whether I was allowed to fish there or not - you just could!

But now.... Jesus christ

Ive scouted out loads of places I'd like to fish and even places I used to fish including a very random and hidden spot in Cambridgeshire on the Cam I used to fish as a Teen in the summer but they're all controlled by clubs!

They all want a membership. I literally can't afford it, plus some of them are like the Masons. You can't get in due to a pee takingly long membership wait, or you simply can't get in.

I don't ever remember it being like this.

I am not such an ignoramus that I can't see the merits in controlling waters especially as it can help prevent idiots turning up, and especially help prevent the taking of fish (eating or just theft) but let's face it, I think its more what I've come to hear as "carp tax" - people just want to make money.

I totally get that you would automatically preclude said idiots, irresponsible anglers, thieves etc and make it easier to keep them away but you're automatically precluding people like myself who don't want to be tied in for a whole year when I can only really make one or two visits a year, and thats whether I'd even get on a membership which, by the sounds of it for some clubs, is YEARS!!

Since getting into fishing again, what I've found is its clicky, closed circles, and expensive.

It won't put me off, I've just got to navigate it all.

My prime example is Wimbledon Park - apparently its like an unbelievably "secret" society and they'd do well to remember it belongs to Merton Council and the tax payer!! Unbelievable!

So, im looking for you all to talk me through all this syndicate cobblers.


Christmas Break Fishing

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It’s pretty much that time of year again when a lot of people will have a bit of time off work for Christmas and will presumably do some fishing.

I’ve got work Tuesday and Wednesday this week but they should be fairly quiet so I consider my Christmas break to have started this weekend. Had a gruelling session on the canal yesterday to kick off with then planning on fishing the Avon tomorrow as been fishing well this week apparently although the temperatures have halved since mid week so probably going to be tough again now! Apart from that the forecast looks cold and wet for days on end so not really sure when I’ll get back out but will try to sometime somewhere whilst off.

What’s everyone else’s fishing plans over the next couple weeks if you’ve got time off?
The Match of the Season
The Match of the Season
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Those were the days eh! A pair of false teeth as a prize in a fishing competition

Not going fishing

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How often do you wake up having planned to go fishing and then decide you don't want to go in the morning?

Happened to me this morning. Various reasons.

- I checked my method feeders and the 20g ones I thought I bought have seemingly disappeared. Only have around 30g which I could see me crashing in at 13m where I wanted to fish today.
- I'm tired and although it's warm it's a properly grey day and Alexa reckoned there was a chance of showers.
- You only catch mostly Carp on Wafters.

- I didn't fancy getting red or green hands from the fishery pellets

So I'm going to stay at home, have a big cooked breakfast, clean my tackle and do some admin work.

It rarely happens, normally I can muster the motivation to go fishing, but as I've said, no point forcing yourself to go when you don't want to.

Winter dobbing.

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So guys my question to you all is, when you are Dobbing this time of the year, do you Dob full depth of the swim or just the top 2 foot or 3 foot or whatever?

I've been following the advice of the U tube 'experts' who swear dobbing bread is a deadly method.

Shot your rig with a bulk under the float so it cocks immediately and string the rest out so your bait falls slowly through the water and stops about 8 inches off bottom. Length of the lash doesn't matter so you can use the same rig for any peg and let the bait fall right to the bottom if necessary.

I've been doing this at the start of every session for about the last 5 winters and I'm still waiting for my first bite. Looking forward to reading any contributions on this thread.
Annual Maggot Drowning Match - Inaugural Executive match
Annual Maggot Drowning Match - Inaugural Executive match
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Just found this relic, consisting of the executive and die hard supporters at Lake view. (Unique auctions Lincoln 1 Jan 2022 - if anyone interested)

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