Pointing feeder rod straight out

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I've seen a few anglers do this now when method fishing - cast out, tighten up, and lay the rod on the rest pointing straight out down the line rather than being at an angle to it.

I've used this style before when the bankside vegetation had been high, or when the swim is tight, but you don't get any bite indication as such other than the rod being pulled on the rest, or the drag slipping. Unless you fish a slack line to the tip and watch that for indications perhaps.

What is the reasoning for it and does it work?

4" or 6" Hooklengths?

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So after watching a winning ways on YouTube with Jamie & Andy, it was about pole rig shotting. However Jamie says he only uses 4" hook lengths now as it gives the rig more of method feeder style indication..... Is it better this way? I've only used 6" up to now? God its confusing this fishing lark.. ?

Do you ask if you can fish next to someone?

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Based on a situation I found myself in on the Severn.

It was a busy Saturday and most pegs would be taken by the end of the day. I was there early and had a bit of a walk but got a reasonable peg for trotting. Just downstream, probably 15m or so, there’s another well cut out peg. I was trotting down in front of that peg for about 10 minutes when someone else came and put themselves on that peg without saying hello to me.

I wasn’t too bothered as it’s another peg, but this left me in the situation of trotting in front of them as it was only just downstream. I continued to trot as he was fishing a barbel rod and I was catching probably just in front of him. Had he asked me I would have said “of course you can fish there, it’s a peg, but I am trotting so you might see my float”.

Was I right to carry on trotting or should I have accepted that he was fishing there now and I no longer had a trot? I did for a while anyway, but had to shorten my run through, and eventually got out a barbel rod instead.

Another situation I’m often in is on the weir I fish, there’s another peg just downstream and one on the opposite bank. You’re not meant to fish on the opposite bank as it’s private land but people still do anyway before they get moved on by the farmer. 90% of people will at least say hello and ask if they can fish one of the other pegs. I always say “yes, of course”. But to me it is just courtesy as from the one main peg you can be casting to the whole of the weir and have to shorten your cast when someone else fishes. It doesn’t really bother me but to me it is just common courtesy to ask as no one is ever going to say no.

I would do the same on a tightly pegged commercial if no other pegs were available and it was safe to do so.

Maggotdrowning Northern Fur & Feather 2020

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LINDHOLME LAKES, Saturday 21st November 2020, to be fished on Bonsai Lake

Lindholme Lakes Country Park - more than just fishing!

This match is open to all Maggotdrowning Members, the only pre-requisite is that you must be a member of Maggotdrowning.com before the time and date of this post.


Meeting at the onsite cafe around 8:00am, draw at 8:30-9:00am, fish 10:30am while 3:30pm

After the match there will be the Results and Chrimble Pressies


The cost is £15.00 per person which includes Peg fee and Furs and Feathers (everyone will go home with a pressie)

POOLS (payable on the day):

£5.00 Pools to pay out 1st and 2nd in each Section
(sections determined by final numbers) to give everyone a chance of winning

£5.00 Optional Super Pool to pay out 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall
(Anglers in the optional pool can still claim 1st or 2nd in section)

Fishery Rules apply plus all fish to be netted


Due to the current Coronovirus situation unfortunately there will be No individual presents/ Raffle Prizes this year, the Fur & Feather Prizes will be bought by myself as usual (okay, by my missus ;)) and will be fully wrapped and stored for a period of no less than 72 hours prior to the morning of the match.

The peg draw for the match will be carried out the evening beforehand and streamed 'Live' online.

Pie and Peas will not be provided after the match in order to reduce the risk of gatherings. However the onsite restaurant and bar will be open - please abide by their rules.

Social distancing rules apply in accordance with those set out by Lindholme Lakes.


The only pre-requisite is that you must be a member of Maggotdrowning.com before the time and date of this post
The closing dates for putting your name down are the Saturday before the match (14th November 2020) - Do not leave it to the last minute to put your name down to avoid disapointment!
Peg numbers limited to avoid overcrowding and duff pegs

** IMPORTANT (Everyone to Read): **

To confirm your place a £15.00 non refundable deposit* is required by the Saturday before the match
Pools money to be paid on the day of the match.
Pools monies will be collected in a sealed container and payouts will be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer the Monday following.

(* with the exception of cancellations due to Covid related self-isolation/quarantine)

Payment can be made by clicking the following link and selecting which match you wish to fish: 'Click Here to Purchase'

Your previous payment of £8.00 will be taken off the £15.00 entry fee - please can you ensure you click the appropriate payment link

If anyone wants an alternate payment method please PM me

If anyone needs a 'pass out' for their wife/husband, girl/boyfriend, partner, or a sick note for work these are available for a small donation


Everybody will be made welcome, and nobody will go home without a Fur & Feather prize/Christmas Pressie.

Accommodation on site is available at Lindholme Lakes if required but please make arrangements directly with the fishery lodge owners.
If camping or caravanning please make arrangements with the fishery


Dave (FL)
Wise Owl (FL)
Robert d (FL)
Peter (POD)
Nobby_nobbs (£15)
Brythebagger (FL)
ukzero1 (FL)
Steve King (FL)
Bluesteve65 (£15)
taffyb (FL)
Sly (FL)
Mr Bite (FL)
Dave Spence (FL)
Markywhizz (FL)
Nip (FL)
R6kid2016 (FL)
Pauln (FL)
fadgewacker (FL)
Stu (£15)
blues1875 (FL)
Lee Lambeth (FL)
Dealornodeal (FL)
Weewilly70 (FL)
Luke Cockerill (FL)
legs230258 (£15)

Van or car ?

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Been a bit of a chew on getting my gear in and out of the car mainly down to size, at the moment got a 4 door vauxhall astra and find im having to drop the back seats to get my holdall in then have to manoeuvre my seat box into position to enable carryall net bags etc to fit in, was thinking about getting a small low van or another car with a bit more space, dont want anything to big as i only fish maybe once a week, what are people using thats suited. Thanks

Returning back to the bank.

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Good evening all hope you are all well and given the current (declining again) situation keeping yourselves busy and a roof above your heads. Firstly a little about myself.
I'm getting old... I coarse fished for many years as a boy in Wharfedale, fishing the Wharfe for river and Knotford Nook for stillwater. All my summer was spent between the two disciplines for many years using hand me down gear and home made floats. Suddenly life happened and I was thrust into the realms of wife, kids, mortgage and motorbikes. The latter being as much a passion as fishing as a kid.
I lived in South Wales for many years and picked up fly fishing which I truly enjoy but my body now complains if I'm chest high in the Wharfe so I have decided to take up Coarse again.
Last weekend I grabbed my old box out of my parents garage and realised that my old Intrepid reels and split cane rod really are due an update and duly headed to Bobco in Leeds.
Several hundred pounds later I am now with trepidation heading out for my first day on a lake in 35 years. Mushroom lakes is where I am heading, armed with a Shakespear 13' match Agility2 for float that I have cast on the grass only and a Garbolino 10' picker feeder rod. I have been gifted a couple of more modern reels filled with new Maxima Chameleon in different weights and Stroft ABR for the hooklength. Why these 2 choices? They have held me well in my fly fishing so as the old adage goes "Better the devil you know".
Bait is a whole new world! Pellets!? Rubber bands that attach them to the hook? Sweetcorn , maggots and luncheon meat was all I had (if i could afford them) back in the day!

So with trepidation and excitement I await the sleepless night before my first foray out in 35 years.
Wish me tight lines!!

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