Bright But Cold Commercial Session
Bright But Cold Commercial Session
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Was back out with my grandad today on our local commercial that’s been the scene of our recent sessions over the last few weekends. Was certainly a different prospect today as whilst the previous sessions had seen air temperatures of 11-12 degrees and water temperatures 7-8 degrees both only hovered around the 6 degree mark today. But it was sunny and calm again so worth a go we thought. Seemed others had been put off by the cold as the place was deserted so we picked the same sunny swim of last weekends sessions as with the cold you needed all the sun you could get! The cold certainly slowed things up in the morning but normal service was resumed in the afternoon so was another good session.

Started fishing about 9 and fished about 4 and in that time I had 10 fairly typical commercial carp, 8 decent skimmers, 6 small perch, 2 small rudd and I’d guess about 45 respectable roach. Despite the silvers being slightly smaller and a fair fewer in numbers than my previous sessions the fairly plentiful carp added to them would have seen me clear the 40lb mark again so a pretty good result again.

Tackle was the same as the last couple sessions of the 13ft drennan acolyte ultra float rod paired with the 2500 shimano Sahara RD reel loaded with 3lb maxima to a 1g drennan loaded crystal insert waggler to size 18 to 2lb drennan silverfish hook to nylon set up at roughly dead depth in just over 5ft of water. Hook bait again was a single red maggot over loose feed of red maggots over frenzied hemp groundbait.

The temperature drop seemed to effect grandads peg more than mine as he didn’t experience the afternoon increase in bites that I did. Still he slogged it out for 3 carp, 3 skimmers, 3 perch and probably 30 odd roach for probably over 15lb.

All in all it was a bit of a shame that the silvers were a smaller and fewer than they had been on previous sessions but I still had plenty enough of them to be busy and the carp filled in for them well when they woke up in the afternoon after being absent in the morning. Certainly a better result than I expected given how much colder it was this week. That said it was still very comfortable in the afternoon sun so with plenty of fish thrown in it was another very nice day. Weather looks wet and windy next weekend so not sure when I’ll next be out but hopefully won’t be too long!

Few pics of the swim and a skimmer, a roach and a carp that were all roughly of the stamp.



New fishing rod licence images released
New fishing rod licence images released
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‘A reel good design’ - new fishing rod licence images released​

Brand new licence images have been designed and created by artist David Miller.

From: Environment Agency Published: 5 March 2021

The 2-rod coarse and trout licence features David Miller's illustration of a golden rudd.

The Environment Agency (EA) has launched new fishing rod licence designs ahead of another popular fishing season.
The new images, designed by artist David Miller, are now available to all anglers looking to renew their licences and to newcomers who are looking to join the sport for the first time. The images this year celebrate some of our most iconic species. The salmon and sea trout licence depicts a vibrant sea trout. A striking golden rudd is depicted on the 2-rod coarse and trout licence and a mighty stalking pike now features on 3-rod coarse and trout licences.

Last summer, the Environment Agency launched a campaign to highlight how fishing offers a fun, healthy and safe way to spend time outdoors and reconnect with nature as well as make use of the known wellbeing benefits of the activity. The Environment Agency is hopeful that the trend is set to continue in 2021 as the public are encouraged to see their licence not only a right to fish but as a licence to chill, a licence to connect with nature, and much more.

Kevin Austin, Deputy Director Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment at the Environment Agency said:

We are so pleased with David’s beautiful designs for this year’s rod licences. The income we receive from licence sales allows us to invest in fisheries and carry out vital improvements to protect and enhance our much-loved fish populations.
We hope David’s designs encourage even more people to take up fishing and recognise the beauty of our natural environment and fish species.
Rod licence income is funded directly back into the Environment Agency’s fisheries service across England and is crucial for the EA’s continued investment in fisheries improvement projects, supporting healthy fish stocks as well as improvements to angling services.

Rod licence income has also allowed the EA to deliver and invest in vital projects with partners dedicated to opening up rivers for migratory and coarse fish. This includes a flagship collaborative project, DNAire, which will open up over 60km of the river Aire for the first time in 150 years. The installation of fish and eel passes at: Armley, Kirkstall, Newlay and Saltaire are key to this project.

It is set to also provide placements for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduates and construction trainees alongside an environmental conservation apprenticeship to help young people secure employment across the sector.

Enjoy fishing and make sure you fish legally. Annual rod fishing licences are available from only £30. It’s easy to buy online. Get a fishing licence on GOV.UK.
Old MW pole floats
Old MW pole floats
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Going back 20 years ago I was really into my match fishing. Out 2-3 times a week on evening matches and weekends fishing opens, winter leagues and club matches. Then a house project followed by marriage and 2 kids came along so my gear had not seen the light of day really for a good 10+ years. Decided to get my old Boss Box out the garage at the weekend as was invited out to a local club lake with a friend. To my surprise I located a float tube that’s dated 2009 full of old Mick Wilkinson floats that never made them onto winders! Having a quick look around it looks like these are now sold under the Guru brand ? Take it MW floats are still as popular as ever ? Not even sure some of these designs are still made but as the weather warms up I’m looking forward to getting some of these back on a winder to see if they still go under !

Condensing your tackle...

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Having gone fishing today and loaded my trolley for the first time since the first lockdown when I did a four wheel conversion on it, it struck me just how much gear I actually take - and this is without keepnets and rods :eek:

Seat box plus stacker units
Side tray, too big really but you never know
Bait bag with a mix of baits and groundbaits
Roller bag packed with all sorts plus two rollers
sandwiches and flask
Pole holdall
Brolly (just in case)
Landing net on it's own

Despite looking at it, short of strip out everything I know I won't use but might need so take it just in case, what can be done to condense tackle to a reasonable, if not sensible, amount? - and that was just for a pleasure fishing session ;)

This Post is dedicated to Pompous Git

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I hope the next zander you catch bites your knob.
@Pompous git gave me this warm fuzzy blessing just before Christmas ;) (If you missed the thread, there was a lot of tongue and cheek, although a definite different side of the fence regarding a certain silver predator)

Now, it's been an odd week. I went out all day on Monday for the first time since early November. I was after some good old Esox, but unfortunately, good old Esox didn't know I was at the party.

So, being a teacher and on half term week, I decided to give it another crack yesterday. I only gave it three hours and before my 2nd rod was out had a belting run. I was into a good double, and lost it at the net. Rude words may have made an appearance. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long to make amends and ended up with 4 pike on the bank: 2 small jacks, one at about 9, and a lovely river pike of 14lb 6oz.

Today was the last one. Planned to be my last predator session of the winter (it may or may not be), I went out for the afternoon again. I had a feeling it might be slow, and I had to wait about three hours for a run. It was feeling kind and a lovely pike just scraping a double graced my net. I had decided to fish up to dusk, knowing that there were some good sized zander around. As the light dropped, I switched two of my three rods to small roach deadbaits, with a fat sardine on the third. Nothing. Nada. I gave myself the 'right, ten minutes' talk and then my sardine rod absolutely screamed off.

it was only as it got to the net that I set my eyes on the biggest zed I've seen in the flesh, let alone caught! It totally ignored the zander rulebook (other than biting at dusk), but beat my old PB by exactly 3lb - my first double figure zander at 12lb 8oz.

And don't worry @Pompous git - my tackle is still intact, and I gave it a big sloppy kiss from you as it swam back into the depths :)

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Groundbait, groundbait, groundbait - is it for the angler or the fish?

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Okay, I've got itchy fingers this evening, starting to get pre day's fishing excited even though it's a few days away yet - bet i don't sleep tonight now :D

But, anyway, I've just been milling around the online stores looking at groundbait - I know what I wanted but was absolutely taken aback at the amount and variety of groundbait available now - one store alone boasted some 115 different types of groundbait!

To me there was always fishmeal based and non-fishmeal based, natural colour or dark/black, but now it seems you can get every flavour and colour under the sun.
I thought, simples, a bag of Sensas Roach & Silver fish, but now I'm bamboozled with more options than I'd know what to do with :D

Is groundbait to catch fish or is it to catch the angler? Are we going down the Boilie path with Groundbait?

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