Looking for rod recommendations.

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Back again ..

I need to buy myself a couple of rods but am way out of touch with what's available nowadays. Happy to shell out a couple of hundred or so for each rod. I've always preferred a faster action rod and can't really get on with these 'rubbery' things which bounce all over the place when casting with them. I used to use the Dam Carboron rods (yep, that's a while ago 😁) Had the 11ft ledger and the 13ft stick and found the action on those just right. I'll be fishing mostly stillwater silver fish venues but will doubtless encounter the odd carp too so an 'all rounder for both the float rod and the tip rod would be good. From what I see, the local waters I'll be using are all fairly small so an 11ft tip rod will suffice for everything I need. No need to be chucking 6oz feeders anywhere. I'll probably pair the rods up with a couple of Shimano reels but again I'm open to...

Does anyone want to own their own fishery....?

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Here's a starter if you've got the right money tucked down the back of your sofa...

Lockdown prep 👍

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Got a nice delivery of floats today. At least I’ve got something to do now tying these up, ready for when I can get out again 😂 C6F366D7-4178-4F70-A226-1A1869F38949.jpeg A0647D1C-022D-45A0-B376-0BAD09B32EE4.jpeg

Are newcomers missing out on vital skills?

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An article from the AT again I thought would make good discussion.

I have my own thoughts on it and what is most likely to get anglers hooked for life but I was lucky I had a good Junior Club that took us to all manner of venues.

Think Tommy Pickering has it spot on in this article though when he says...

“The most important advice I can give to a newcomer is to enjoy it,”

The fish that got you most excited/relieved/nervous etc

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A thread inspired by reading @Stewie74's match report which included that always exciting first fish after blank last time out. That got me thinking about those fish you catch now and again that you are just so excited/grateful/relieved etc to see end up in the net. I'm sure everyone must have had those special fish (be they PBs, match winners, blank beaters or just a nice fish you weren't expecting or had put real time and effort into catching) that just get your heart pumping a bit more.

Two examples for me were both chub that were and are my PBs. First one was a roughly 4 pounder that I had on the feeder to beat a blank on a borderline flooded and freezing cold Hampshire Avon a couple years ago. Wasn't that fussed about it then being a PB was more that I'd spent the time and money to fish the Avon for the first time only to find it in such bad state that it...

The piece of tackle not invented yet...

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We've all been there, need a whatsit or thingy to do a particular task but it's not been invented yet or no one makes them....

What bit of tackle do you need that's not been invented yet :) ?

I'd love a self levelling box, something akin to putting the box on a peg, pressing a button and all the legs adjust themselves to level the box instead of reaching across all four corners and a platform faffing about to get it level :D

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