The one that got away....

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We've all had those moments, you get a bite, strike and all of a sudden the reality hits back you've got something out of the ordinary, special, humongous even, on the other end.
You play it in taking care, looking around making sure the landing net is to hand, thoughts running wild with what is it, what to do next, how long will it take to get in, being under tackled for it, playing it too hard or not enough. The adrenaline pumping as you realise this is the one, and the moment of disbelief and disappointment as the hook pulls and the monster from the deep parts company :oops:

I had it happen twice in the same session within a short period of time the other day. I'm sure it was the same fish, possibly a Pike or even a catfish, whatever it was felt very heavy, a lot of weight behind it and no chance of stopping it when it tore off, then gingerly playing it back in, only for it to happen again, and finally part company.

What about you?
Not what i expected...
Not what i expected...
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Up and out early this morning and after a very painful fuel stop I arrived at statham pool for 5am. The sun still hadn't broken over the trees on the Eastern bank and the pool had a thick layer of mist across its surface. Unsurprisingly I had the pool to myself.

After choosing a swim on the southwest of the pool, I went and unloaded the truck, deciding to travel lighter than usual as the narrow, high track around the pool may have been awkward for the barrow.


even though i was travelling lighter than usual i knew i still needed a few things to make the day more comfortable. With a drainage ditch (like a swamp) runnig through the wood to the east the pool, it holds quite a few mozzies. It was also going to be bright and hot.

The carp rod was setup first as I noticed them in the pads to the right of my swim. I soon had them slurping bread but I never actually got to fish for them as I noticed others were also spawning.


my next priority was to remove some stray lily pads and weeds from the channel in the swim. It was time to unleash Poseidons lawnmower©

It worked a treat. It even gave a few clues as to what lay beneath the surface...

After the swim was raked I baited a spot along the edge of the pads with scopex flavoured micros and a few maggots before leaving it to settle down. My float rod was setup in this time. The setup consisted of a 10ft rod and 3000 size reel with 5lb mainline. A 2bb float on an adapter and hooklengths/ hooks from 12-18 and .15-.16ø depending on bait.


It wasn't long after setting depth and adding bait that small roach and perch began to show. One a chuck on maggot and worm.



After around 30 minutes of catching an almighty explosion went off in the swim when retrieving a small roach. I assumed it was the spawning carp, until i lowered my polarising glasses. Then I saw it...

Poseidons lawnmower© wasn't the only toothed beast in the swim!

From that moment on every silver became a target from multiple little demons on both sides of the swim. One roach was stolen along with the hooklength and I ended up having to swing them in and throw them between the pads to get them back safely.
A few minutes later the stolen roach surfaced obviously injured and on its last fins! This gave me an idea...


I had a small lure hanging from my rear view mirror in the truck as a garnish. I went and got the trace, removed the lure and attached a size 6 carp hook to the snap link on the trace the now deceased roach was hooked and the trace attached to the carp rod. Time for the predator to become the prey...

He was safely relocated at the other end of the pool and the float fishing was back on. Unfortunately it didn't last long before a new villain would show up. Again the same roach was used to trip him up.

A few good fish followed...


But unfortunately so did the Jack's. I repeated the procedure with another two pike before deciding to call it a day when I spotted a fifth larger one move into the swim. I didn't think it fair to have them keep running the gauntlet.

All said and done it wasn't what I had expected but it certainly wasn't a bad day either. I now know my winter pike venue plus I also managed to get a few nature shots in...





Brace yourself...
Brace yourself...
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I fished at the park this evening, had quite a few blanks and near blanks there.

Target species... Crucians.

I had one 1lb 8oz and was pleased with that, although hoped for one twice the size.

A couple of hours later I got my wish. 3lb on the nose.

2022-06-09 20.32.25.jpg

That's my second 3lber out of there since I discovered it at the start of the year.

Full report in 'Where You Fished Today' when I calm down a bit! (y)

Midnight on the 15th/16th

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Anyone out at midnight on the 15th/16th?

I finish work at 10pm on the 15th and plan to drive home, load up the car and get some bait in to soak by 11:15pm ready for the all-in at midnight :D
My new PB
My new PB
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Only been coarse fishing just over a year and caught my personal best today 8lb 8oz Common Carp. Caught it on my lightweight float rod it was near bent in 2 😂

Not a monster by any means but I'm happy as a happy thing on happy day at the happy Olympics

Also caught a 7lb 7oz which also beat my old PB

No one was around for my 1st one to take a photo 🙈

Tackle shops maggots
Tackle shops maggots
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Went for 3 pts of maggots at dinner and must say I’m shocked at what I got, does anyone else wonder how some tackle shops still trade with bait like this.

They got these out the fridge in the back so I didn’t see until I got home to clean them.

£7 for 3pts
2pts of maggot and a 1pt of sawdust 🤷🏼‍♂️

Casters In reds too 🫣safe to say won’t be returning.

Anyone else have shops they avoid as their bait is awful.

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