River Watch

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Looks like we are due a bit of Rain this week, the rivers need abit of a Freshen up, anyone wanting to keep a spy on their Chosen river for the weekend GaugeMap – Latest River, Flow and Groundwater Levels Map for Britain & Ireland is as good as any River level Spy on the net (y)

If yer venturing out on a river be safe Guys (y)
Which Feeder Rest ?
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Having a little debate with Peter about Feeder Rests and looking at the one I have at the moment, the Preston Fix-Angle, however it has been decided that it doesn't suit the look of my new box and the Guru Reaper Rest has been suggested as a viable replacement....

I do like the look of it, not too sure on their other alternative which to me looks like it belongs in the next century and a bit too gimmicky ....


However, I do like the look of the Matrix Feeder Rest but according to a few searches this is now 'old design' and is being replaced with one with replaceable ends incuding rod stops. which to me suggests that this design does have issues of rods being tugged off the rests when not looking...


The new Matrix Feeder Rest...


Anyone still use rod tubes?

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Like most people I’ve been sorting my gear out in the shed and garage.
I was picking up rod rubes and finding quite a lot were empty due to the fact that like lots of anglers these days I carry most of my rods made up ready for use and I can’t see me ever breaking them down and putting back in tubes, so they are destined for the tip.
Does anybody make up a rod from scratch on commercials these days?

Guru method feeder hook lengths review

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Usually tie all my own hooks and have always stayed away from ready tied hooks but these caught my eye.....
Bought some guru method feeder hook lengths on Friday and tested them on my Saturday match.
Size 14 mwg hook
.22 guru n-gauge
4 inch long
Quick stop hair
Never used the mwg hooks before but I do use n- gauge line
Price £2.75 for 8

I found them to be brilliant well tied with a bit of silicone to hold the hair in place.
Had some big old warriors out on them too which pulled hard.
The hair was perfect length for me and quick stops nice and neat.
The bait was double corn.
The hooks seemed strong and sharp
Bonus won the match ?
Will definitely use the again ?

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